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  1. Well I finally got the last trophy I needed in Mercenary and was thinking of starting Shadow Fall, Not so bothered about the DLC trophies but would like to get the base game done but I fear I might have left it a bit late judging by the replies in this thread.
  2. I managed to get it today, I got about 300k but I just did the first mission on demolition Veteran, Was in the top 50 on the leaderboard if that helps anyone. I think what bothered me most about this trophy is... The information on it is so spread out, It can be a little confusing if I'm honest.
  3. Checked this morning and it popped so thanks for the heads up 👍.
  4. Yes you can, You can just go back to the main menu and then jump into the challenges. I had to re-install it and I didn't bother backing up my save so I did it from a fresh install.
  5. Ah thanks, I haven't played it for a few years so wasn't sure.
  6. Has it been fixed? I've got 515.99m but no Diamond Cup.
  7. Do you know if it works the other way around? I bought it yesterday but I've only got access to my PS4 at the moment, Thanks.
  8. I've had a few glitch on me and unlock early, Like for Thirfty, Didn't purchase a Primary weapon and like 2 or 3 rounds into the game, It just... unlocked.
  9. Same, I'm missing like 4 trophies but none of the one's mentioned bugged out for me.
  10. tbf, This one to me it seems more do-able because I'm not relying on other players and I've been playing since the series began.
  11. Just... two, One for Solo and One when I was playing with friends, Haven't got a crown since 😂.
  12. Will I try? Yes, Will I succeed? No. If it wasn't for the 5 wins in a row, I could see myself getting it, I mean I've gotten 22/35 so I can't be that bad at this.
  13. Yeah I'd prefer if it there was separate playlists but at the same time I'd also like the option of playing both if that makes sense, Like I could hold onto my tail for the entire round and still lose due to teamates not holding onto their tail.
  14. Download is 7.95GB.
  15. The game itself is buggy, It's crashed on me a few times so far.