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  1. Are you using the sacrificial hooks? (The ones scattered throughout every single map, these are these are the most common way to “kill” a survivor. However, the devs toss around terms and sometimes retract what it means). Because that’s not how you obtain the kill trophies. In the trophy list anything referring to killing means doing the kill animation (Whther you bring any of the Mori offerings, Rancor (perk), and maybe others that I can’t remember) but in the ingame archive challenges “killing” means using hooks, letting them bleed out, die to endgame collapse, die to a Reverse Bear Trap, or a kill animation whether that’s because of a Mori offering or Rancor.
  2. charlieINTEL just posted the roadmap for ‘Season 1 Reloaded’ which includes the next Zombies map (as expected). Guess only time will tell if it’ll have trophies, basing off past Treyarch & COD titles with zombies it will most definitely. Unless they go the route of MW 2019 and there’s no post launch trophies despite the awful Spec Ops mode getting new content.
  3. I think it’s due to many factors. Firstly, most guides I’ve seen for this game rank it at like 5/10, but personally it’s much more difficult than that, I’d rather play Crash 1 blindfolded than this game. The lives system is generally considered an outdated game mechanic & this game seems to punish you heavily. It only truly saves every zone, therefore if you find Zone 1 Act 2 extremely difficult you’re going to have to continue to reheat Zone 1 Act 1 to get back to Act 2. The game also doesn’t really explain anything, it definitely feel likes an old school game, and honestly it seems like a detriment to me. But clearly not everyone feels this way as most people consider this to be one of the best Sonic games. The level structure also means it’s really difficult to gauge how far into a level you are & if a trophy requires you to get to _ it’ll be difficult to follow even if you watch a video guide.
  4. I had that issue occur two or three times. Seems to happen on Nuketown, Holiday Onslaught & Pines. One of them randomly appeared the one day so idk
  5. I wish they didn’t bring back any trophies for Hitman (2016) & Hitman 2 (2018). I think it’s lame that they’re trying to reuse content for a third time in the case of Hitman 1 & a second time for Hitman 2. I really enjoy the games but their lists are poorly made. It’s basically ‘This many trophies for each map & there’s a trophy for getting level 20, beating it once, getting however many assassinations, using a starter load out an Easter egg one and maybe another. Besides the Easter egg trophies all the trophies felt extremely bland and uninspired. This reason alone wouldn’t stop me from buying the game, but they didn’t make a steel book version so I don’t feel compelled to get it physically, I’m moving over to PC & they did a deal with Epic for exclusivity. That alone isn’t the only reason i won’t play the game personally, that’s actually quite far down my list.
  6. Extremely disappointing list. Besides the platinum trophy this is just another cookie cutter trophy list. Third time for the Hitman (2016) maps and a second time for Hitman 2 (2018). I'll pass and pickup the game on sale on Steam if it ever releases there.
  7. I’m not gonna try and pretend that WB is some saviour or anything, but it’s good it’s acknowledged and will be fixed. It’s a shame Mad Max was just tossed into oblivion
  8. Yes. If I remember correctly starting a world on a new update then deleting all patches & relaunching the game will instantly pop the trophy. Pretty sure that's happened once or twice on the multiple accounts I've played on over the years. Might not work anymore though.
  9. According to this post you do need PS+ for the co-op mode (the 3 trophies becoming unobtainable) You can still get 100%. The entire game can be played in online or offline mode (singleplayer). The game encourages you to play in online mode and pretty much tells you stuff may not work offline. I only played in online so I can't say if there are trophies that wouldn't unlock if you played offline. Playing online does not require PS+. There are three multiplayer trophies and they require PS+.
  10. > game patches has a historic of breaking trophies Shouldn't it be 'history' of breaking trophies?
  11. Base version doesn't have Hantu Port (The Pen and the Sword), New York (Golden Handshake), Siberia (Crime and Punishment) & Haven Island (The Last Resort). There are more items but those are cosmetics, contracts and whatnot that aren't tied to trophies whatsoever. The DLC Pass has all four of those "DLCs" two of them are regular maps and two of them are the co-op sniper maps (the mode that's getting turned off sometime this month). And the gold version is the base game + the pass. Basically if you already own the base game if you want the remaining content buy the pass. If you're looking to buy the game and want to be able to earn every trophy get the gold (I'm assuming it'd be slightly cheaper than if you were to buy the base game and the DLC pass) Hopefully I was able to explain that in a non confusing manner. If not tell me and I'll try to go more in depth. On the note of the two trophy stacks are you referring to it having absolutely all of Hitman 1's trophies? Or it having the 'Hitman 2: Additional Expansions'? Because it having the additional expansions had to do something with Sony or PS4 or PSN or whatever where trophies couldn't have more than like 120 something trophies in a list. Edit: Also, if I had to guess from what I played of the game only three trophies are going to be unobtainable come the shutdown of co-op. That'd be 'Deadly Duo' for the Himmelstein sniper assassin level, 'Double Trouble' for the Singapore sniper assassin level and 'Two for One' for the Siberia sniper assassin level. Don't quote me on that but those are the only online trophies I remember... although Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018) are really weird and are always online, so I guess the entire game is technically online(?) I *really* hope Hitman 3 doesn't have Hitman 1 & 2's trophies. I enjoy them letting the content being accessed from the one game with the updated systems but the trophies being literally duplicated from the first game was ridiculous.
  12. The base game & 99% of the DLC trophies aren't difficult. The AR challenges can become pretty repetitive but I preferred it to Arkham City and Origins. The hardest trophies are easily the Community Challenge pack. If you're able to accomplish that you've beaten everything difficult with the game.
  13. It was made available January, 28th, 2020. It's been available for almost a year now.
  14. Thanks.
  15. Everything that you said makes sense to me, but not this part: Increase your avatar odds a bit by doing this in the bonus ratio time that happens when weekly event has finished early. Could you possibly explain this more?