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  1. Nope It’s also a grindy looter shooter, not a battle royale. Therefore it makes sense to add trophies
  2. Only a BREACH charge works, not ash’s breach launcher, not there’re. A regular breach (L1) can only be used on wooden floors, ceilings, etc. You’re clearly using a tjermite charge
  3. I got this trophy months ago, after never thinking I’d get it. That was a couple months after I had got it on my old account. Today I jus witnessed a random kill a dude with a breach charge. You’re proven wrong. As soon as I started going specifically for the trophy & using strays, I got it in no time
  4. 12K coins, you’ll unlock both by lvl 50 as long as you don’t waste them on skins & stuff. You getb12K coins first at lvl 23 & than 43(?). Also in March when the battlepass comes out there will be more characters.
  5. 😴 I don’t think anyone actually plays to escape reality & have a good time. Everyone is just blood hungry dogs worrying about if a game has a platinum or not. *SPOILERS; nobody cares if you have a platinum that took 15 minutes & required no brain power or skill.
  6. Geez complain about something else, this is one of the most competently put together BR’s to date. Theirs issues, but most are those that require feedback and aren’t game breaking bugs or incomplete game but rather balancing changes. If you don’t like t move on, they were acquired by EA & therefore they don’t have the choice of what kind of game they’re gonna make. They could’ve improved the movement mechanics but the didn’t, maybe that’ll change. The games been out for a day.
  7. Sadly no platinum, but whatever. How difficult are a lot of the trophies? Some of them are super basic like using a certain class & winning or doing damage, but is their any stats (for the damage one) and is it difficult to level up? Like for lvl 50 is it like comparative to a Prestige in COD or?
  8. Still doesn’t change it. I had EVERY specialist except a Firebreak, which was broken for the last several weeks. So even though I spent forever going to them now I just look like everyone else who just got it auto popped. When in reality I went out & spent Time & effort towards them. :/ Not for Firebreak. That man was glitched for several weeks. This games platinum is a joke. The Prefyigiing 25 weapons was glitched for ages & added so much time to peoples platinum.
  9. Man what the fuck. So glad I spent hours & hours grinding to unlock every Specialist just for some fucker to load it up & get it in a few minutes why do I even play this fucking game. Still takes time. I’ve spent 600+ matches and only found Firebreaks item twice. If I knew Treyarch would just slap their cock in players who spent tons of time getting the characters. Fuck Treyarch
  10. Just know that the crimes are boring as hell and take forever. If the game didn’t have as many, or had more variety other than like 5 & there’s like 100+ of them, tha t wouldn’t be as bad. Go at whatever way you want. Personally I started getting a lot of collectibles early on and that shortened the tedium at the end of the game. No missable, no glitched (to my knowledge) and some miscellaneous fun trophies.
  11. They could be, back where I did them the weaponry popped fine but I needed like 15 or 16 with equipment before it popped. I believe some don’t count. I just recommend firebreak for both trophies; his flamethrower is good & his atomic canister is god tier for objectives & normal gameplay. They can be a floor above you, throw a wall and behind cover and it’ll still damage them. Also; they can’t heal for quite a while after being affected.
  12. I’m not hating on the concept of it; I found it enjoyable like in Origins when you had to get all badges & I’ve enjoyed challenges on other maps. But when you HAVE to use the wonder weapon which by the way you HAVE to place at one of the two towers with the grated so you can melt the zombie head with acid that’s just ridiculous. They could’ve made it once you get all the parts you could build it everywhere; maybe a price to build it once you’ve built it already or make it so you can dismantle it and place it elsewhere. But if you’re also trying to get other trophy’s such as the one to kill a zombie at all acid spots it’s impossible for 2/4 spots... I personally think the Wonder Weapons Acid Trap is poorly designed & wasn’t thought through.
  13. For both these trophies it says to just get 10 medals based on either Specialist Weapnry or Equipment but that’s not accurate, I got a medal for sticking someone with Batterys cluster grenade & that was my 10th Equipment Medal, but the trophy didn’t pop. So it looks like currently it only counts for the ones that require you to get a double kill or higher while using/with the item
  14. I was playing casual; and got every other weapon & such and kept going back and couldn’t see the numbers for the spoon, apparently in custom or casual matches you can’t see the numbers.... just thought I’d let people know if they plan on going for the trophy.
  15. I’ve been on the new Japanese styled map twice now & thankfully I’ve got the trophy already; there is offerings you can ge to get chances for this map. The map is about medium sized & to obtain this trophy you need to go to the Family Residence (This is the largest building on the map it has several rooms all pretty open.) once you repair the generator in there & sucessfully escape you’ll earn the trophy. To get a better look at what the building looks like view the trophy icon. Hope this helps