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  1. Surely if a deletion mechanic was implemented they’d be held for 30-90 days for manual review before getting completely removed from their servers.
  2. Yup. It's true. It's the same thing with Bubba, Billy, and many other killers who rely on thier powers for downs. You'll want to use Trickster's ability, but sparingly. Don't even bother with his "ultimate" it's awful. So you'd need a 12 hook game? Or four hooks would be enough since they'd go from 60s>struggle>sacrificed?
  3. If you're looking to boost the trophies then that wouldn't really be relevant...
  4. So, Minecraft has co-op for default Minecraft, and then multiplayer minigames that have matchmaking, but does this shutdown mean you wouldn't be able to invite any friends to your matches? How does that work? I know it's included in the 'tested' but Minecraft's minigame trophies are fairly annoying assuming you're solely relying on randoms and can't invite friends.
  5. It's not listed on the 'Server Shutdowns' thread, so I'd make an educated guess that it's still active. If that's the case, setup a boosting session, don't ask in threads.
  6. How? How are these actually going to be better for business? Maybe somehow its good for short term profits, but screwing over your fan base doesn't work well long term. Sony seems to be going the PS3 route and Xbox could easily capitalize on that this generation.
  7. I'm a shareholder (not a major one by any, any, any stretch. Probably like 0.00005 or some shit). But I don't like his leadership. I don't see how under him share holders are benefitting more than under any previous person in his leadership position. Oh right, because Xbox giving away quality content for practically nothing makes you a clown. Go lick Sony's boots while they continue to kick you down.
  8. Currently you need 100 24+m downs with Huntress’ hatchets for the achievement. And while they still haven’t changed the amount needed (to 20 like Steam and Xbox) they are making some nerfs to her add-ons in the next Mid Chapter update. While Soldier’s Putte won’t do anything, the nerf to Iridescent Heads definitely will. The good ol’ carrying 3 Hatchets and being able to insta down are days of past, so assuming these changes get kept for the update then you’ll want to do it prior to it. while Soldier’s
  9. How is educating a worse solution than your proposed "safeguards"? Because it doesn't sound you want safeguards at all. You're vouching for the complete removal of them. Parents have so many options, easily implementable ones at that that makes it so their kids can't just spend a bunch of money. Parental settings have only gotten better over time, parents just need to spend fifteen minutes once to completely curb that spending. "nope, gAmEs baD! mIcRoTraNsActiOns hAve No PosiTivEs. iTs the ComPanIes fAuLt nOt tHe cOnsUmerS!!!'
  10. But... that'll never happen? 🤔
  11. If kids are seriously robbing their parents highway style that's 1) The fault of the parents. Parents need to teach their kids about money. 2) The fault of the parents. If you don't put in the most basic parental features than your kids are literally unable to waste money on absolutely useless shit. Ah yes, the government intervering with games is just what we need. That'll solve all our issues. 'Do it for the kids! C'mon guys, don't be the bad guys!'
  12. I mean, yeah. Nobody doubts the power of the CELL processor. Issue is every game that wasn't developed by a first party developer got shafted and the PS3 version is the worst place to play it on. It's the reason PS3 isn't on PS4/5 and PS3 games on PS Now aren't downloadable. Wouldn't have mattered if it was a pre Nintendo Switch Nintendo console where first party games were the bulk of the software. Power doesn't mean anything if people can't use said power. You aren't serious... right?
  13. I simply had to delete my save & relaunch the game for the Car Collector trophy to pop. If you’re still working on other trophies that require stats make sure you backup your save to the cloud or USB first though.
  14. I know I’m not the first to say this but... what the fuck Sony? Why? That’s what Te secret San Diego team was working on? Firstly, why. Secondly, why switch and give it to Naughty Dog. Thirdly, why deny Bend Studio for a sequel to Days Gone and then switch them to this unnecessary remaster, and now they’re working on whatever the hell. what a joke. Sony’s really on a roll with dumb decisions.
  15. Really didn't spoil it for me. If you don't care about the awful Online, don't play it. It doesn't ruin the phenomenal singleplayer.