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  1. They glitch if you hop into multiplayer or the create a map mode. Or if you do it in the menus.
  2. Hey! If you haven’t achieved it yet hopefully this’ll help. I also couldn’t get it & went to like 7 different villages, didn’t work with any mob or while the raid was happening. I rang it like 30+ times, it EVENTUALLY worked when I had like 25 zombies in the village. Almost died & rang it and it actually popped up. Try rounding up as many mobs as you can and then try & have a go for it.
  3. Yeah it was weird, I got the prompt & then got no connection on PS4 & accepted it, redid it & then it worked. Tried closing program after a while of it not downloading any updates despite it saying I had an internet connection. I’ll just wait til a patch is released. Shame I could’ve had fastest 100% 🙁 Had same problem. Even just regular updates that I hadn’t messed with wouldn’t connect. Thankfully an update will probably come in less then a month
  4. Yeah, didn’t have a problem with situations, they let you learn about the game & non of those trophies were annoying or grindy. Regardless I think they’re moving away from any offline/ solo components for fully online. It happened only about a week ago... maybe less. It was a major revamp though Shouldn’t mess with any of your time stamps. I got the platinum in a year and a little bit (almost had 100 defend wins but they made it a single win of the one defend mode) and none of my time stamps looked messed up.
  5. So you saved someone .1 seconds
  6. Couldn’t you just delete your game & go offline? Then you’d be patch less.
  7. It’s a Bethesda game, don’t ever plan on bugs getting fixed.... ;/ back when I played I had a bug several hours in where the door just wouldn’t open & my only choice was to completely restart the game... ;/
  8. Those are all way easier & atleast fun unlike Terrorist Hunt. If I knew a revamp was coming I would’ve completely held off on Terrorist Hunt. Boo boo. I did all the terrorist hunt trophies and am glad no one has to do that shit. It was boring & unfun. Some of these still require some skill. Calm down cause you spent your time doing something unfun and are annoyed at change.
  9. Ummmm when did they do this? I didn’t even know this was possible with trophies? Like almost every single one is different, didn’t look at every single one but is there even a single terrorist hunt trophy now?
  10. I’ll try again tomorrow I guess..... I could see all the activity in Charles & was able to do the remote step, I’m pretty sure it was all good; pretty sure at one point I disabled my firewall & I don’t think it changed anything. It was weird; yesterday I got an internet connection but was still unable to install any updates....
  11. Couldn’t get it to work... could never get an internet connection with the proxy & computer IP address entered ;/
  12. I’d really appreciate if someone would let me use their world for map room; I don’t have anything to give in return but if you could sweet
  13. Does being in your friends world count?
  14. Just unlocked the the other day on my 2nd attempt (got it back when the game came out on a different account) worked fine for me. I personally used the IGN Brutality video both times & it popped almost instantly.
  15. Nope It’s also a grindy looter shooter, not a battle royale. Therefore it makes sense to add trophies