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  1. I have a map thankfully, took my forever to get one that had the necessary trade. I’ve walked for 2 hours so far. Have yet to get to it ;/
  2. The seed is irrelevant to the tutorial. They used the world & made the stuff. You might be able to transfer but when I tried it just spawned me in the ocean, along with every other world I’ve tried to convert.
  3. I’d imagine they did. They added almost all the trophies PS4 didn’t have & it’s now on Bedrock. I’m 100% sure it’s fixed.
  4. PS4 has 123 trophies. xbox only has 107 trophies. thats a 16 trophy gap. Xbox doesn’t have any of the mini games so that’s the 6 + 7 DLC trophies. But that only equals 13. That’d only add up to 120. What are the 3 trophies PS4 has that Xbox doesn’t not counting the mini games?
  5. If it works... I was trying it for a good 4 hours & couldn’t get it to work. Some people say it works perfectly & they have no issues & it seems others have the complete opposite experience. It’s going to be sometime today. (just speculation here, but my bet is that at State I’d Play (9am ET) it’ll air during or right after it ends) I hope at least... Edit: it’s going to go live at 8am PST
  6. Bedrock is the superior edition (not including Java) it’ll mean crossplay with all the others versions (minus Java), “infinite” worlds (like 65 million x 65 mil or something) the garbage marketplace & it’ll mean no long waits for updates. There’s still some things exclusive to Java, but it’s an improvement from PS4 edition imo.
  7. As per the PlayStation blog. It’s dropping tomorrow. From then on everyone that purchases the PS4 Edition gets the Bedrock one. Current owners of the PS4 edition get upgraded when you launch the game.
  8. Sweet! I'll check it out soon. I played the game without installing any patches & was wondering why it wasn't working. It doesn't help the game was super buggy so now Blackmask's sidequest is completely unbeatable for me.
  9. I started the game without installing any patches (1.00) and I have completed 3 missions of the Combat Training with 3 medals, 3 stars on one mission in the Ranked Challenges & 2 stars on a map in the Custom challenges. (Aka I’ve almost 100%ed every challenge I can do so far) people said you can complete this without having the DLC. I’d love some help
  10. I’m confused how to do this glitch. I’d rather not spend $7 on some challenge packs. I’m able to play the game without any patches (I have disc) but I’m not sure which mission(S) I’m supposed to get 3 stars on. I’ve got 3 stars on the first 3 Training Missions,3 stars on one of the ranked missions, & 2 on the custom.
  11. I just recently beat COD WAW on Veteran and was wondering how comparable this games is. Probably the hardest shooter campaign I’ve done. edit: alright thanks. I’ll pick it up whenever I have time. It seems it’s about being slow & steady. It sounds like it’s like WAW but without BS enemy grenade spam that you really can’t do much about. If I remember I’ll come back to this post & update my experience with the game & it’s difficulty.
  12. Okay, so if I play on a second account and get absolutely everything setup, then go to my good account, play for 33 hours get that trophy and then get all the other survival related trophies would that be the fastest way? (not counting just joining someone’s world and getting them almost instantly)
  13. You don’t realize that most people on here don’t game for fun, they only do it to boost their trophy score. It sucks that the trophies glitched but I’ll gladly still play the game. Yeah, some trophies can be quite buggy but the only unobtainable one is the 7 Seas.
  14. Yeah. Back in June I managed to get every trophy, the only buggy one I remember is the villager bell, but yes this is the only unobtainable trophy.
  15. Hopefully it fixed it. I’ll check when I get home... but probably didn’t get fixed ;/