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  1. Thanks.
  2. Going solely off the top of my head & solely from the base deck; there are NINE(9) missable cards. There used to be 11 or 12 but the developers changed some & allowed places to pickup invade you missed them. Quest for Zoltan - He will ask you if you want coins or (3) cards. **take the cards!!** Gwent Tournament - Can’t entirely remember how you come across & if it’s a main or side quest, but it’ll be a Gwent tournament. Make sure you save. If you win the tournament you’ll gain (3) cards. If you lose, reload a save otherwise you’ll be screwed Mini Gwent Tournament - There’ll be a masked party with Triss with a hedge maze & a ton of party guests. There’ll be an icon & there’ll be a mini Gwent tournament. I believe you’re able to lose infinitely (not 100% sure). hope this helps Edit: I’d recommend using the website It’s super useful even if you’re just tracking unmissable cards as some characters give specific cards whereas Innkeepers, Shopkeepers, etc will have a random pool to give.
  3. In multiplayer you can die an endless amount of times. I survived for 15 days and then died, so my journal is now at 0 days. However I carried on and now I'm back at 12 days, but my save file says 31 days. Does it track based on my journal or the save file number?
  4. Thanks for the reply! Super helpful. Just double-checking, I don't have to do
  5. What the hell is this? 😆
  6. My unforgettable moment was when I had completed all the Side Missions which would be my second last base game trophy, but the trophy didn't pop. It appears it's because I forgot to talk to the quest giver for Max's toys' so when I had completed it didn't register. Yeah, not a fan of Bethesda's buggy ass games.
  7. I’ve tried searching on YouTube but haven’t seen anything. Do you earn creative simply when you’ve Saved Timmy? What exactly is Creative mode? Do you have infinite health? Can you spawn any items you want? Is there enemies? Do trophies unlock?
  8. I don’t think dominoes, five finger fillet, etc count. I did those games in C2 & 3 along with fishing & robberies. In C4 I played a game of dominoes (didn’t quit) and the trophy didn’t pop. I did the Bank robbery that comes with the Ultimate Edition & then it popped.
  9. Nope. TLOU1 was mainly about story & gameplay was kind of there. I bet it’ll be the same thing with TLOU2 & the story is... something else, that’s for sure. I’ll pass.
  10. Thanks. I got it in the end. Made a super long push from level 36 to level 50. But I’ve got it & that’s another online trophy/game scratched off my backlog. Thanks for posting this, acted as a reminder that they’d probably have 3XP for Star Wars day!
  11. Let’s see if I’ll finally make the push & get the XP I need
  12. Minecraft currently has 123 trophies. The maximum is 128 or so. They’ll either add only a handful or add a bunch & have to add a second trophy list. With all the new additions coming to 1.16 what do you think they’ll decide to do for trophies? Maybe; Discover a Ruined Portal Discover every new biome in the nether/ discover every Nether biome Ride across a lava lake while on a Strider Loot all the chests in a Bastion remnant Play the ‘Pigstep’ music disc Create a banner with the Piglin banner pattern Breed two hoglins Make a trade with a Piglin Transport a Piglin and/or Hoglin to the overworld
  13. I can now confirm that it is *not* glitched. Sadly I earned it (wanted this game to be my 50th platinum). But at least now you know it’s not bugged
  14. It’s not like COD or something but it’s far from dead. Being a killer sure helps queue times drastically. But it all depends on the time you play, if I play during mid day I find solo queues in a few minutes. Whereas if I try playing at 2am it’ll take half an hour.
  15. Probably used the Tutorial world. That thing has everything, Elytras, beacons, rails, tons of gold blocks, diamond blocks, emerald blocks, etc