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  1. it hasn't been delisted yet.
  2. ... how do you know any of those things are true?
  3. I enjoyed how the gameplay felt, the levels and enjoyed E7N, however, I find the story and characters are some of the most overhyped shit I've ever seen. The villain literally had the dumbest, most underwhelming death I've probably ever seen in a videogame.
  4. Oh damn, so I was like a month too late for Thorough Trickster it seems? Damn...
  5. You forgot to mention that you need to do the Merciless Victory 5 times and the Expert & Skilled Generalist 8 times.
  6. holy fuck. It's an effect that results in a yellow progress bar. For example; something like 'Prove Thyself' or 'Leader' from Dwight *should* result in progress. The first allows your close allies to repair gens faster, and the latter allows increased Healing, Sabotaging, Unhooking, Cleansing, Opening, and Unlocking to your close allies. Like every other new trophy DLC, it's intentionally made to be accomplished easiest if you get the newest character(s). Since Mikaela's boon totems' sole purpose is team buffs. I am surprised they made two trophies tied solely to Mikaela. I mean, yeah, you can technically get either of her two Boon perks via the Shrine. But previously Ash & Bill only had the Adept tied exclusively to them and then the other two trophies were simply easier accomplished by using them, like the new 'Humanitarian' trophy.
  7. The achievement trophy “Where Did They Go!?” has been changed to “The Key to Escaping” Not sure what the other trophy requirements that got changed are that DaniDa1985 mentioned. Edit: The trophy isn't even 'The Key to Escaping'. It's 'The Key to Escape'. on Steam too. Good job Behaviour :5heads:
  8. Are just going for Platinum? If so, Zombies means nothing as it's purely DLC trophies
  9. 3/4 of the codes are still redeemable. However, the 3rd code tied to 'The Thorough Trickster' seems to have been a timed promotion and can't be redeemed. So you won't be able to get Kasumi's, Akechi's and Haru. I got Castle of Lust: Seized in January 2021. However, the other 3 trophies I earned all in September 2021. I didn't reach out to PS Support about not receiving them until September/2 weeks after the trophy had unlocked. If anything doesn't make sense. Let me know. So you got all 4 codes?
  10. Yeah, they definitely retconned the movie. That's also what they did with Deadshot. Said the one in City was just an impostor. Which I think is a beyond flimsy argument. Multiple Flash's, Green Lanterns, etc have all been established prior. Usually through multiverses. If they would've established it a decade ago it would've been different.
  11. ... what? How did I spread false information?
  12. It's tied into the Arkhamverse. Deadshot was white in Origins & City but here he's black. King Shark died in that tie-in movie too but I guess Rocksteady didn't count that as cannon. The skin colour is obviously not an actual issue. It's tied directly into the Arkhamverse. I don't think this nor Gotham Knights are live service despite initial assumptions that they would be.
  13. ...
  14. Yeah, I think the Villager being attacked is a sweet spot. I could only get it to work when a Zombie was attacking a Villager.
  15. It'll continue to be a thing as long as it keeps getting money.