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  1. ~~While I initially thought the ability to earn items after every match was removed, now I’m not too sure. While I wasn’t able to find when the Wiki page had last been updated on the~~ Fandom Wiki Page for Rocket League it stated: Common items can be obtained by completing matches in offline or onlineuntil they are all unlocked. It doesn't matter if the matches are won or lost. Each customization category (toppers, wheels, goal explosions, etc.) has a different amount of matches required to unlock the items. Though there’s a chance the F2P update removed this feature and the Wiki page has yet to reflect this change. *This does seem accurate after I’ve read all the information, it seems regardless of it’s an online or exhibition match you’ll earn progress towards items, and after you’ve completed however many games you’ll earn all those items in that set* Edit: After further reading it seems you’ll earn a “loot box” style item everytime you level up. The Rocket Pass (free or premium) will give tons of items. If you’re using the free pass to you can earn a few items and a few loot boxes which will result in a random item. If you’ve purchased the premium rocket pass then you’ll earn at least one item a match. (I’m not entirely sure what counts as an item, because the flag antenna definitely doesn’t count as 150+, nor does it seem that any items you’re automatically given. Though legacy items you were granted by playing prior to the game going F2P definitely count as items and towards the trophies (I got the 50 items trophy this way)). Edit 2: Wiki Link Item Slots and Common Items We’re also changing up how Common items are unlocked on your account. In the current system, you earn one Common unlock for every match you play until you’ve unlocked everything. In the new system, you’ll unlock all of the Common items for a particular slot instantly when you reach enough matches played. For example, you will unlock every Common Topper after 15 matches.
  2. Can confirm also. I made sure to backup my save files to a USB prior (if you have PS+ you can do it to the cloud) and the trophy popped before the main trailer even played.
  3. Surely most of the content is saved on their servers, what data would you be losing by deleting the save file?
  4. To my knowledge, (and the guides add to the confusion due to them being outdated). If you played the game prior to it going F2P you’ll automatically earn all the old paid DLC items (Dominus, Takumi, etc) however, if you’re a new F2P user you have to complete the ‘New Driver’ challenges. (After 5 challenges a new set of challenges will appear, I got the Dominus car on the 4th page of challenges I believe. (You might also be able to earn these items via the loot box things)
  5. Hopefully Psyonix will make a change, but currently if you’re a F2P player then you have to purchase credits in order to be able to trade. Thus making it so you have to spend like $5 to get 100%. Definitely not as bad as when there was three paid DLCs but still kind of annoying. They could’ve just made it two factor authentication or something.
  6. You need to complete the challenges to earn the DLC cars. On the main menu press R1 to access challenges. You should see a set of 5 ‘New Driver challenges’ after you’ve completed like 3 or 4 pages worth of challenges the Dominus challenge should appear, it’s requirement is to complete 10 matches. I was extremely confused at first too as all the guides are outdated and I figured they put all the previously pay wall cars in your inventory automatically. Hope this helps
  7. I usually hop on, test if I can find a match and if not I get off. Which is a large amount of the time. I've rarely been DCed during games but getting into matches is ridiculous. Other online games work perfectly fine.
  8. I revisited the game back in May/June however one of the scavenging locations bugged out, therefore making trophies requiring multiple steps to be unobtainable. I just now heard about the server shutdown coming and was wondering if someone who’s platinumed the game could give tips about bugs and things to look out for. Currently I’m wondering if my save from before my game bugged is truly “bug free”.
  9. What about GTA V was unfinished? I can understand disliking GTA online & the fact Rockstar won’t develop any post launch singleplayer content as it won’t get them easy money... but why was the game unfinished?
  10. From the first moment I saw the game I didn’t like the look. It looked like a lazy cash grab. I ended up playing the open beta for 3 hours and don’t enjoy any of it. The enemies were generic, the gameplay felt repetitive as can be. I wouldn’t buy this game for $10.
  11. I've enjoyed my time with it. I don't think it'll keep me playing it for months or years to come but for a completely F2P game, it's worth a shot. I mainly played with a duo (which meant having awful randoms) which lead to lots of final circles but not winning. But then I decided to check out a solo match and got the Pacifist trophy on my first attempt. I really dislike the meta however, it's very obvious which weapons and hacks to pick out. Like Ball is by far the best hack, basically, like slam except you have protection, the same goes for other mobility abilities like Teleport. My loadout is usually Hexfire and shotgun w/ Ball and then whatever else I want. Killing two crown bearers in one match seems really difficult. Yeah, I'm really enjoying the gaming environment to an extent at the moment. So many quality F2P games with optional microtransactions. Better than something that you have to pay for that's also packed with a season pass and MTX that may also have an effect on the game.
  12. Imagine avoiding games because they don’t have platinums. Man you guys on this site are sad as shit.
  13. Yeah... it’s easily worse than PUBG at launch on the Xbox & it’s original launch. It’s just easily the worst BR, I spent a ton of time in it however (I enjoyed it a lot when it first game out) but the trophy requirements for it (even with them being easier now than at launch) adds BO4 to the list of 3arc games being the most annoying CODs to platinum. Also; while I enjoyed my time with the zombies, i never plan on revisiting it and besides Exo Zombies it’s easily my least favourite COD Zombies.
  14. if you 100% 100% the DLC it could definitely take you that long. Overall the platinum & 100% took me like 90hours. I didn’t 100% everything but I enjoyed everything I did and even collected all Gwent Cards despite them not being required for trophies (kind of)
  15. Most likely ;/