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  1. Yeah, it was 8 Regular Bosses for me. Had done 3 before on Easy difficulty and nothing. I defeated • The Root Pack • Goopy Le Grande • Hilda Berg • Cagney Carnation • Ribby and Croaks • Baroness Von Bon Bon • Djimmi The Great • Wally Warbles 2 wins it had 1 line on the charm icon. 4 wins had 3 lines on the charm icon. 6 wins had 5 lines on the charm icon. 8 wins had a ton of lines on the charm icon & upgraded it to the Divine Relic.
  2. Did you use the genie wish? What I did was: Summon Genie Use the Twin Heart Charm Fight King Dice, have a heart on fight 3 and/or fight 4. Don't lose a heart, you'll earn the trophy in the fight 4 (Domino) how many Regular bosses did you defeat? Did you use the Genie wish?
  3. The ‘Hearty’ trophy makes no sense. I use the Charm ‘Twin Heart’ so that I start with 2 more Hearts. I also spin my left stick a few times in a circle to get the extra hearts from Djimmi. That means I spawn with 9. I continued retrying if I lost a heart. And eventually it removes the extra hearts from Djimmi, however, I decided to play anyways and landed on 3, with no heart, completed it, and then landed on 4 (which had a heart). And… the trophy unlocked…? Despite only having 6 hearts. lol
  4. I'm not sure how far in you have to go to unlock it, but basically, there will be a boat on Isle I, II, III & IV that lets you fast travel to Isle I, II, III & IV. The character (Ms. Chalice) just takes up the charm slot and as far I can tell can be used on any level in the game. Honestly, I feel like her double jump might make some of the levels/bosses (especially for Pacifists) a lot easier than Cuphead/Mugman.
  5. Hopefully, Cursed Relic is only for the final boss... otherwise, geez that sounds tough.
  6. Thank you for this.
  7. I’ve heard the stories about how awful is, however, I have an itch and if I find the copy in a pawn shop I definitely think I’d pick it up, IF the zombies/level based trophies can all/mostly be completed in Shi No Numa rather than the 2 other non-round based maps.
  8. I’m trying to remember, either I used the PS Now version (to get the Multiplayer trophy without needing to purchase the online pass) and the game would crash, which I thought was odd as it was a digitally streamed game and figured that software wise it’d be fine. OR my physical disc kept crashing and I could only play it through PS Now. Sadly I cannot remember which, but I do remember nonstop crashes playing it via one of the ways.
  9. Bloodweb. Which is how you level characters, earn Items, Add-Ons, Offerings & Perks. They give BP for events, login rewards, rank rewards, redemption codes, and you regularly earn BP from playing the game. (Completing gens, healing teammates, getting unhooks, hooking Survivors, damaging Survivors, etc). the 6th Anniversary is coming up which means Bloodpoints galore due to 106% Offerings that are stackable. (5*106=530% additional BP/game) if everyone brings one
  10. Which currency though? Because 700,000 Iridescent Shards would be beyond belief whereas 700,000 Bloodpoints wouldn’t be too crazy. Every Bloodpoint matters mins you 👍 yeah, every DLC from Resident Evil backwards was 50% off so you’re set for 4 years worth of DLC at their highest discount price.
  11. People will eat this up. While I don’t have an issue with people enjoying it, I do however have an issue with truckloads of people spending $70+ on a remake of a 2013 game that had already been Remastered and had no major issues. Including early game unlocks and whatnot for pre-ordering, really? the story is the same, the dialogue is the same, the environments are the same, it’s a $70 visual overhaul. This isn’t a 2-3+ decade old game that wasn’t playable natively on PS4/5. It is. Whatever, I’ll keep buying games and hope that Sony doesn’t continue selling games for $70+
  12. Crossplay doesn’t exist… at least not totally. You can transfer Steam progress to and from Epic & Stadia, however, Xbox not PlayStation nor Nintendo are apart of that. Plus, with the way they handle achievements both to and from Steam & Epic and PS4 to PS5 the auto pop is practically worthless. Only 4 trophies (Prestige I,II, III & III-50) autopop edt: for 4th or 5th Anniversary they announced that Switch (not Xbox or PS) would get crossplay in September of that year (2020 or 2021). And then they have been radio silent since. Your likelihood of them ever doing cross progression is incredibly low
  13. You can buy all the listed chapters individually ingame, however the cost of auric cells is higher than purchasing it directly from PSN. just be warned that the in-game currency that you can use to by the chapters’ characters not listed is a grind. 25+ chapters, 9000 shards/character & probably takes 15 ingame hours per characters and that’s being generous.
  14. Price between is Licensed & Non-Licensed is identical. Obviously Non-Licensed are put on sale a little bit quicker, but other than that they’re the same.
  15. If it works how I think it should you have to hide in a locker while being chased and then get the ‘Escaped’ score indicator. If this is true, which is hard to test because PS4 doesn’t have a trophy tracker & technically there could be differences between PS5/XB1/PC then you’d want a load out like. • Quick & Quiet (Meg Thomas) - This will allow you to fast vault while making no noise indicator, basically vital • Iron Will (Jake Park) - This means you’ll make no noise while injured, so that if a Killer walks past the locker they won’t hear your grunts of pain • Lucky Break (Yui Kimura) - Anytime you’re injured you won’t leave Scratch Marks not Blood Pools. Unfortunately this only has a 60 second affect over the course of the match. • Inner Healing/Inner Strength (Nancy Wheeler/Universal) - This will allow you to recover a heal state while in a locker assuming you cleansed a Totem beforehand. What this means is you’ll be able to not waste as much of your Lucky Break. hope this helps.