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  1. A few of those who recently earned it, clearly have it from having gotten the Platinum on the other platform. However, not all. And the game also hasn't released an update for several months. So I'm thinking it's tied to the launch of Warzone 2/MW22 and an Activision account, where having gotten to level 55+ in MW19, Cold War, Vanguard, Warzone 1/2 or even MW22 might weirdly unlock it in Vanguard.
  2. Deluxe Pack is purely cosmetics. Unnecessary for trophies/achievements.
  3. Yes. The entire existence of the rebranding of Hitman 3 to World of Assassin was removing every last bit of DLC besides the Deluxe Pack. If you see something part of the trophy list for Hitman 3, it's part of the base game. Every map/location/mission from Hitman 1 and 2 is now included in World of Assassination. If you want some extra cosmetics (not tied to trophies) then also buy the Deluxe Pack DLC. Hope that helps. If not, lmk.
  4. Seems it has actually been fixed (earners on PS4 & PS5) nvm just saw your post above after I sent this 🙈
  5. Yeah, might as well use Sony's generous one-time refund, because the game handles the access in-game. Correct, if you didn't launch and "claim" in-game, you're out of luck.
  6. are you joking? This is wayyyy easier. I'd rather try to find a hatch against the last Survivor a thousand times than go back to the old system where you literally had to sabotage yourself because you were killing them too fast. The old Merciless system was a pile of shit. Are you getting 4Ks? Maybe it's broken on PS4/5. Because I just got Adept Cenobite on Steam.
  7. Fortunately it seems like the WoA launch had no affect on 1 & 2 standalone
  8. 100%. I give IOI a 1% pass since the first was published by Square and the sequel published by WB, so that no doubt complicated transferring progress and pushing patches past a given time frame, but I still think it's ridiculous the way the DLC & editions & certain things were handled. You're right, you did buy the game and I'd not be surprised if many more say they did, because it's a dumb issue to exist. Did you launch them + claim the "licenses" in-game? If not, unlikely.
  9. It was incredibly, incredibly unlikely it'd get a new launcher. surprised it lasted as long as it did.
  10. @HuntingFeverI believe you're the one that stays ontop of the DBD lists, according to the 6.5.1 patch notes (from 10 minutes ago), the Item of Obsession trophy/achievement is now fixed. Might be worth keeping an eye on it to see if anyone unlocks it soon and can thus be removed the list.
  11. Oooh Sonic Mania. That one was a doozy
  12. Did you launch the games before delisting and “claim” it from there? If not, yeah, you’re probably completely screwed. that’s why a few people were suggesting launching the games before the delisting as the way the game handles purchased content is beyond fucked. Obviously it’s WB/IO’s fault, but the way they handle the DLC/installation/claiming licenses, etc for Hitman 1 & 2 was tied ingame and thus even if you bought it on PS Store you’d have to go ingame to verify the purchase, and since it’s now delisted you’re probably (unfortunately) out of luck.
  13. I highly, highly doubt the WoA will unlock trophies in their original lists.
  14. 100%. If the game didn't feature a convoluted DLC/GOTY/Editions/Online Connectivity/Upgrade Paths/etc then I'd say it doesn't matter and you can just freely reinstall whenever since the license is tied to your account/on the disc. But since it IS the case, I'd not chance it.