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  1. Patch? I'd bet lots of money AGAINST that. BHVR just don't give a shit what the community wants and will actively go against net-positive changes. I don't see them making trophies/achievements bullshit grinds again, but I don't think they'll ever rework trophies. For example, plenty of achievements on Steam have way higher requirements. (300 Michael stalks instead of 100, 100 Hex cleanses instead of 10, 1000 Sacrifices instead of 500, etc) You misread what they said. They're referring to Pig's reverse bear traps, which is capped at 4/5 per match. Meaning 25 matches minimum for the trophy. They aren't talking about Trapper's traps. Also, for Trapper it's catching from the trap, not placing/having them walk into it.
  2. It's a shame you had to support a scalper ;/
  3. The trophy description clearly states: Reach x50 Combo in the Main Story However, I'm replaying the game right now on Steam, and just got a fifty times combo in the Initiation DLC (haven't touched the story for a second) and I got the Steam achievement to unlock. I'm assuming the following trophies don't need to actually be done in story mode either. Silent Knight: Complete a predator encounter using only silent takedowns in the Main Story Anyone see that?: Complete a predator encounter without ever being spotted in the Main Story Air Marathon: Glide 26 miles total in the Main Story What hit me?: Take down 100 enemies who didn't know you were there in the Main Story I don't expect this to be some groundbreaking revelation, hell, maybe I'm not the first to notice this. But I still thought it was a funny oversight by the developers.
  4. I didn't know people actually had any issues? I always thought it was people assuming it wasn't playable (since the game itself and WB said the servers went offline), however, pressing the 'Online' section will popup saying something like 'Servers were shutdown _ 2016'. However, you just press ok and you're right into multiplayer.
  5. You've spent more in one month than I have in 3 1/2 years 😅 I guess your budget didn't go exactly as planned.
  6. 11 trophies less and no platinum? Lmao what.
  7. The way that crossplay works for this game is: PlayStation, Xbox & Switch PC then if somebody on console is using KB&M they’ll be put with PC players and if somebody on PC is using controller they’ll be put with console players. If you’re in a party I’m assuming it throws that out the window (understandably). So if you were getting destroyed you either met a really good controller player, are using KB&M and got matched up with others, or are in a party that mixes everybody.
  8. I could’ve sworn it took 90-100 at launch and then the most effective non-glitch XP method got nerfed by like 6x?
  9. @Xenoblast91 I looked at the achievement list on Xbox and Steam. There's 30 (31 assuming it has a Platinum) I have no clue if matches in this game are fast paced, if trophies count in private matches (does the game even have private matches), or if the game is fun enough to win 1047 matches. Complete matches (1,25,100) Win matches (50,1047) Get kills without dying (5,10,15) Get 500 kills Get 25 double kills Get 10 triples kills Get a quad kill Get 50 headshot kills Destroy 10 enemy portals Get 30 Pistol kills Get 10 First Blood medals Get 25 Revenge medals Get 25 headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle Get a collateral kill with the Sniper Rifle Get kills through portals (1,25) Deal 2500 damage with the SMG Deal damage to enemies (10k,50k,500k) Win a game of Takedown Get the round-winning kill in Takedown 50 times Earn 500 points in Domination Earn 500 points in King of the Hill
  10. Rogue Company isn’t an Epic Games made game though?
  11. Don’t know how I missed it. 5th personally. Feels quite dated and Uncharted 3 had the phenomenal set pieces that easily push it ahead of the first title.
  12. It may be a 2/10 difficulty, but the grind is like 500+ hours. Even if you use the XP glitch that’s still 20 hours of doing nothing. Nope. Rather they opted for a several hundred hour platinum tied to a single trophy. All the rest can be gotten easily and quickly, but the last one will take hundreds of hours. There’s an XP glitch that reduces it down to like <30 hours though. Which PvZ? The amazing tower defence from 2009? Or the equally amazing Garden Warfare 1 & 2? And if you didn’t like them you definitely won’t like BfN as it’s the worst of the series. It is. Be warned the one 20 characters to Master rank takes hundreds and hundreds of hours. All the rest are quick and easy & fairly fun. You can use an XP glitch to reduce the level 20 to <30 hours. BfN is the worst PvZ shooter. Worse than Garden Warfare and its sequel. So there’s reason to complain. Support for the game was dropped a year after launch too. Grindy is an understatement. Hundreds of hours for the character levels. <30 with the incredibly boring XP glitch. Super, super, super, super, super, super grindy is more accurate. If you only thought Garden Warfare was ok you’ll probably hate this game. Worst of the series.
  13. Battle for Neighbourville was worse than Garden Warfare 1 & 2. It’s the worst of the series. Support for it was stopped 1 year after launch. And they’re giving it away for free so that maybe one or two people throw $20 into their micro transactions? Sigh. What a fucking awful month.
  14. 1) Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End 2) Uncharted: Lost Legacy 3) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves 4) Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Haven’t played Uncharted: Golden Abyss or Uncharted: Fight for Fortune.
  15. Seems highly unlikely that they'll add any additional trophies. They're currently doing the awful Seven Deadly Sins DLC which has so far not added any new trophies. I highly doubt they'll support this game too much post launch. They're working on the Bond game so I'd assume that means even less developers working on this title. Personally I'd say trade the game in now, so that you get the most amount of credit back, and uninstall the game. 👍