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  1. I rated this game 7 as it requires some reaction speed as well as quite aggressive approach. It is not terribly hard, but can cause some difficulty (for example my friend who is a hardened Souls veteran found first GoM to be incredibly hard). As for % of platinum achievers it is not always a good criteria. For example aforementioned Souls games have quite high Platinum % due to fact that many players are dedicated ones.
  2. Nice.
  3. Actually he have 120 trophies hidden from profile, And according to wayback machine Warframe is among them.
  4. Well, it was planned to be a DLC first, but it went too big.
  5. Well, thing are not bad here. We have Agony, Conan Exiles, Bloodstained (why should it be banned by the way?). The only issue was with Dante's Inferno, which got pulled from PS Store long ago.
  6. Yes, nudity is present in EU version including Russia.
  7. To my taste, mechanics wise it is the best AC game. Most enemy types, best ship mechanics best tools. (I haven't tried AC Origins, but it kinda looks more like Witcher than AC) Oh, and I like the story direction, it is nice to play as Templar. Wish Ubisoft made more Templar games.
  8. Took me one try despite lame start I made. It seems that either my skills from PS3 times are not rusted or it was made easier. Or I was lucky.
  9. List is a bit grindy, but it is nothing compared to AC3. At least you don't have to EXPLORE THE MAP ON FEET for stupid guild challenge. I hope AC3 don't make to remastered version...
  10. Guide was made for PS3 version. In Remastered PS4 version Statistics option was unexplainably removed, sadly you'll have to count it manually or just do things until trophy pop.
  11. I'm honestly surprised reading posts such as this. People "buy" a game that is completely free for trophies, and when another free trophies are added they are like "hey, stop, I don't need more trophies". Well, It is bad that people have changes of heart, but it is not the reason to bar trophies for devout players. In fact, every dedicated trophy hunter should know that as long as trophies are synched to your profile, they are permanent, if you are not sure - then don't. PS: I would understand the complain if the trophies in question would be pay-to-win ones, like someone in this thread supposed. However, they are not. They are "simply play the game" ones, some of them are easy (like score a headshot from 100 meters), some quite rare ones require dedication (like Eidolon Hunt, unless you find a team), most new trophies are story based for completing story missions. Nothing of this asks for your cash. Even more, most of them don't ask much of your time. The only one that is really time consuming is What You Really Are, all others are either easy by themselves or easy with a team.
  12. To be honest it is good game. The fact it was made by only 3 persons is not an excuse, but rather a reason to be impressed. It is an example of what good indie game should be. Decent graphics (not AAA-class game, but good, not minecraft-like bricks with an "oldschool" excuse), excellent story, smooth controls, decent combat system (comparable with games like GoW or DMC, and in some moments I found it superior to them for my tastes), and while first boss fights seem to be quite easy, latest ones are quite challenging, and some (no spoilers here) will make you remember last battle Vergil from DMC3. Of course it have some flaws, like voice cast being not perfect or some moves being useless due to inadequate activation time, one of the bosses is close to being unbeatable (if not even unbeatable) if you haven't developed certain ability (which is not very obviously crucial), but I have to say that I enjoyed every moment of the game (well, except having my rear handed to me by the secret boss and poking around looking for the last collectible I missed). So I repeat, it is a good game in general and jewel for an indie. PS: There is not much lore in the game, but it is based on PnP game setting, which is very developed.
  13. I intend to keep it this way. Of course I have to play games on a separate profile so I can drop them if they are too boring/hard/glitchy, and I have to aim for multiplayer trophies as fast as possible because servers can get shut down or just finding players might be pain in the rear. The most notorious drop I had was the Injustice, I got the Ultimate Battler and all challenges stars. And then it glitches on me and I couldn't get the all moves trophy. I was so angry that I deleted the profile and blessed heavens that I didn't synced my trophies. I avoid hard games since then, games are meant for pleasure, not for labour.
  14. I never heard about actual hacks on PS4 but I suppose since some kind of Linux can be installed on PS4 as I heard there is probably option of doing some magic with saves. However how can you actually proof that someone is cheating? Let's suppose that I played some game (difficulty rating about 8/10) several times on PS3, learned it all around, got a vacation, stocked with energy drinks and rushed through this game in a record time (marathon with only 4 hours of sleep). And then some person appears and cruises through it beating my time significantly (and judging by time of other trophies there were no practicing before the game). Also this person made pretty strange choices like collecting all the exp collectibles on normal, not on hard, and somehow even managed to take collectibles that are hell hard to obtain without some later-game ability. So what do I say? This person is cheater because he beaten my record (twice actually, almost same score on PS3 too) bawww I'm the biggest fan of this game, look I even wear same jacket as a protagonist trust me? I believe I'll get something "lrn 2 play crookyhanded noob".
  15. Bloodrayne. I wholeheartedly hate rank-based trophies, but in this game it is plain ridiculous. If I'd ever have to choose game for "a game where blockhead devs forgot that it is a game, not a labour that is terribly infuriating and frustrating, and actually so stressful that you'd consider your real life job a vacation" then it will be it.