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  1. This is a crappy idea. PSNProfiles needs to put there time and effort into fixing and adding to there site, not trying to make there system different from Sony’s. The whole reason we like this site is that it shows trophies in the same system Sony does. Hopefully the people in charge of this site realize this proposal is bad and will completely disregard it.
  2. This is by far the worst fucking month of Plus ever. 2 garbage none AAA games, neither of them have plats, and it’s still only 2 games. I miss back when we got 6 games a month
  3. What is premium week?
  4. When do those events happen?
  5. I am at level 46 and have most of the trophies but I still only have around 50 premium cards, what’s a good way to get more?
  6. Thank you for responding as soon as you did, I really appreciate it
  7. I have posted my trophy guide to go under review at least 2 weeks ago and I have heard nothing back. It’s just been saying “awaiting review” is there anything I can do?
  8. I have a save file where I have done everything except for pass the point if no return. I have all collectibles and all challenges done but I still need 1000 scrap to fully upgrade everything, what are good ways I can grind it?
  9. If there’s an easier way to do it I wanna try that
  10. The thing is I simmed at least half of a 29 game season and I was a starter and I still won DPOTY and ROTY but even though I averaged higher stats then the person who won MVP I didn’t get it
  11. That sucks
  12. I was starting on my team tho
  13. I finished my first season and I didn’t win MVP. I had stats that where much higher then any other players and I still won ROTY, DPOTY, and other accolades but not MVP
  14. Lmao I wasn’t being lazy, I just figured that the first instance of it wouldn’t be till later in the game and I didn’t wanna get spoilers
  15. I accidentally messsd up this trophy and now I’m gonna have to do another playthrough for it I think. Do you have do to all of them in one playthrough? Or can it be over multiple playthroughs?