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  1. Reload the save from before you started the last mission and go to bed, then collect shows Weaver outfit and anything else you wanna use in New game plus. It’s also recommended that you do all the Frozeb Wilds stuff this way as well in order to have everything for new game plus
  2. Ok I’ll try that then
  3. If you want shield weaver outfit you’ll need to have it all collected before starting the last story mission
  4. I really wanna get this plat but this one dumb trophy is what’s in my way right now. You get so little exp even when winning a 5v5 and games take forever. Plus I’m a Center so I always get dumb selfish wings and guards chucking up shots. And whenever I do get the ball I miss wide open layups for no reason. Is there anyway to help this trophy at all?
  5. Are trophies still glitched or did they fix it?
  6. i tried that it didn't work
  7. I have done the requirements for this trophy twice and I didnt get it. I was down 2 and I made a 3 with Curry with a green release with 0 time left but I didn't get it
  8. Can I please get a link to where I contact EA about this issue?
  9. Then I’m missing one of the ones that counts. Right now the game says I have 47/48 and I’m trying to find the last one
  10. I’m at 47 out of 48 and I don’t know what I’m missing. I have all portals opened (I triple checked) and I checked a list of all islands that count towards it and I can’t find the one I’m missing, is it glitched?
  11. I’ve won all 5 games at every venue and it’s not popping for me can anyone please help
  12. thanks guys
  13. I played the NBA Live 19 demo before the game came out and it transferred my data from that to the full game when I bought it. Is there a way to create a new player so I can get the trophy A Journey Begins?