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  1. It was confirmed that there are no save state or rewind features, but there are infinite lives in Anniversary Mode... so there still is no challenge in beating the games.
  2. I got it from those little eyes that fly around where there are turrets and catapults, pretty sure outside the entrance to the Emergence. Maybe not an exact spot, but close to 23, 23.
  3. He was talking about the PSTV. You can use the DS3 or 4 with the PSTV.
  4. It's not as crazy to hit it as it seems. For instance, without me doing anything to trim down, my Spider-Man (PS4) save is 59 Files. That's from a full 100% clear of the base game, DLC, and then a second run of NG+. I'm in the middle of NG+ on Horizon: Zero Dawn, and my autosaved files already number 22. If I was just blindly using the system and letting it automatically back up my saves, I'd probably hit the limit at some point and wonder why I can't back up saves while only at 14% usage.
  5. Even leaving on Saturday, you could have all 4 crews up and running by then, then if you can just remote play in twice to collect the 500 and then 2000 (and make sure it saves), you're good!
  6. The combat challenges aren't so hard to do after the game, but the car ones are annoying if you don't have any convoys left. I know you can do them by summoning a car and then doing what you need to do it and then repeating that multiple times, but the rewards from convoys aren't substantial and it just seemed infinitely easier to get in the required archangel and using the convoy. I know I did the one for grinding 5 cars to death with the required archangel on a convoy in Jeet's territory. Took probably about as long as it would to summon, set up, and grind down one car. For Roadkill car challenges, just use the Death Races, and Buzzards only come out at night, so for them, I suggest just summoning a car.
  7. I wonder how the challenge actually works. Essentially all the game needs to do is look at the time of the last save and compare it to the time of logging in and pay the rewards as appropriate. I know nothing of how this works, but all WB would need to be providing is a time server for this. For all I know it's querying or something like most PCs do. If that's actually the case, then the game might survive the server shutdown. Maybe someone has actually looked at the code and can explain it. Also, WB updated Mortal Kombat X a few months ago to add in ads for Mortal Kombat 11, remove WBPlay (or the app link or something) and give those rewards for free. So updating a 2015 game isn't outside their wheelhouse. Granted, MKX has a bigger following and all, but they might just trigger in the update that those two challenges are autocompleted - or removed from the game so they don't count on the list for what needs to happen.
  8. In this case, I could almost guarantee it's a licensing issue. Square Enix made Hitman Go when they owned IO Interactive and Hitman. They don't anymore. So there must be some clause where they can't release it on any new platforms. Even though this isn't a new release, it might be enough reason for them to mark it PS4 only.
  9. That I can agree with. I hate inflating numbers just for the sake of inflating numbers. I would prefer if they rescaled it so the old level 100 was now level 80, or whatever, and 100 was still the max. As for the rest. The PS5 is "live". I mean, they're sitting in boxes ready to go right now. If you had one and plugged it in, there is probably already a patch waiting for it. Not sure why you really need a heads up that they are changing their scale. It doesn't affect your trophies, nor change what getting further trophies do. It just gives you a new icon and number to look at. Granted, we're all here because of that number, but the scale changing doesn't affect much for most people.
  10. I dunno, they still are targeting the same audience. Not sure that it will really grow much. Although I guess people who stopped buying because they were at max level will buy more, so I suppose there could be a growth. Probably not that big of one. I'm surprised that sitting at max level will make you feel free to play games you want. For me it's the opposite. When I play a game, getting to max level is the goal because it means everything is unlocked or whatever, and now I can "have fun". Games where max level doesn't do anything other than end the journey tell me "now you can move on". Although, I hope you can still enjoy the PS5. I think we're in for some great experiences, and I hope you find a way to enjoy them!
  11. I have to ask, what's the point of being at the max? Would you put your Playstation(s) in a closet and never play them again once you get there? This system has existed, for years, unchanged. There is a new console generation around the corner and they want people to continue to grow their collection for years. I was only level 26. Now I'm 394. I never though of level 100, nor will I think of 1000. I'll never be there. I understand I don't have the same viewpoint as you, but genuinely. Why is hitting max important?
  12. I got mine at 99. I was at 49 before 1.3.0, waited for the patch before getting #50. Needless to say, I hit 99 tonight and it finally popped.
  13. This is not the case. Even though the game says it (and will eventually update that it works that way), currently it does not. It works like any Hive. So bring your max person, the AI doesn't matter at all, so use whoever you want. Enjoy 14 more floors of the same thing.
  14. I'm downloading it now.. all 10.174 GB of it.
  15. Only 8 of those 18 games have every been "free" on PS Plus in the US. For the average player, it's unlikely they have played all 18 of them and there probably is at least one or two that they have interest in. This will help bring in Xbox and PC players, and give a lot of people something to tide them over while waiting for other games to come out. This is an exciting addition for most players. Really is bringing a lot of the bigger hits to players and I am personally looking forward to Days Gone, FFXV, Persona 5, RE7, and The Last Guardian. All games I wanted to play, but never got around to purchasing. The 8 from the US PS Plus releases and when they were "free". Bloodborne - March, 2018 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - April, 2020 Ratchet & Clank - March, 2018 Until Dawn - July, 2017 Detroit: Become Human - July, 2019 inFamous Second Son - September, 2017 Batman: Arkham Knight - September, 2019 The Last of Us Remastered - October, 2019