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  1. Thank god No mein leben lol
  2. The bounty that every planet gave me trough talking with them like failsafe? I’ve done that more than 30,including from Zavala dan Lord Shaxx
  3. Already complete main story with 2 different characters but never get any challenge from Ikora,
  4. This is pretty basic,but there’s water section and mini bosses underwater and I don’t know how to dive lol,there’s no information on control scheme or skill tree
  5. I do complete level 3 is 3000xp and when I go to challenge arcanist already completed
  6. Yep,this probably silly question how we gonna unlock it after they patched the bug (hopefully),since this game is online only do we need replay the whole game or automatically unlock?
  7. I’m level 3 but no trophy,any idea?
  8. Anyone know how to get wheeee trophies and out of frying fan and into fire?
  9. Sorry,I don’t get any reply
  10. Yess Yess my psn ghibransiregar
  11. Anyon can transfer me souls and Ring of Favor +2 ?
  12. Took 2 hours straight to complete that level,keep trying man
  13. Yess i just received email from gunfire games to turn off the HDR
  14. Well I don’t have the issue with the previous update
  15. Yes,I even try play other games like Odyssey and Spider-Man everything is fine Lol I don’t know,some people who stupid enough to release broken update