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  1. So i beat 3BC and turned on 4, nothing happened. I've now beaten 4BC and turned on 5, still nothing. Anyone else having this issue?
  2. So all the trophies are unlocking like they should so far. My issue is that the trophies aren't actually showing up in my list on the ps5 or here on psnp. Anyone else?
  3. Yeah I think waiting for a patch is the only option as well, like you I've tried tons of different random things. I can't even get the quest for Flynt as he never appears in my runs
  4. So there's still noone with this trophy, it has to be bugged. I've bought all items, hats and skins in the game and i've spoken to bello well over 200 times now and he still doesn't say anything. Acording to other places I've looked you just need to set up the bar and the quest should be able to appear. Feel like I'm just smashing my head against a wall at this point.
  5. I thought those buying trophies were bugged as well but they popped eventually. I am however having the issue where the shopkeeper won't begin his quest. Apparently he needs to reveal whatever is to the right of him first but he just won't.
  6. Yeah I've gotten alot more of them now including the Glocktopus and it seems it's just repetition like you said. Taking no damage has no effect on the trophy at all.
  7. I've gotten a couple of the trophies for mastering a boss already but I have no clue of howor why. At first i thought I had to kill the boss without taking damage, but later on I got a master trophy even though I got hit twice. It seems random to me, does anyone know exactly what you need to do to earn these ?
  8. The campaign can we unfair at times yes, it's very RNG heavy. Also the "Lieutenant" trophy popped for me during the campaign so the different fleets do count there
  9. I got around 650 items give or take. Why is the trophy not popping ?
  10. It seems like no-one cares about this at all. If this "sly ripper" person exists he's sure as hell not reading any of this.
  11. I've tried deleting the game and save as well but nothing works. My issue is three trophies though "Car Collector", "Far, Far away..." and "stocked" are all bugged
  12. still banned, can someone do something about this or what? seems silly to drop the ball like this when you're the best trophy tracking site out there.
  13. Yes i can confirm that the trophy now works. Mine popped after just hitting one rock after installing the new update. Thanks for the info
  14. what happened to the updates? i've been stuck with this buggy trophy preventing me from getting the plat for weeks now. they were super good with updates for the first couple of weeks and now nothing? did they give up? there's no way i'm gonna start just smashing healing crystals.
  15. I'm also IP banned for no reason, telling me i've requested too many updates when i haven't requested a single one. By the looks of this thread this @Sly Ripper person who's the only one that can unbann us doesn't seem exist?