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  1. damn, i was wondering why it didn't pop....
  2. Well yeah, the trophy says "Craft all weapons". there's also one for each weapon type so. Craft all swords, bows, etc.
  3. That sounds like something worth trying I think, I used both methods when i did the "reach floor 3" thing but nothing seemed to work. This still doesn't explain all the other bugged trophies though :/
  4. That's what I was thinking as well. Such a shame, i really liked the game and wanted the plat, hope they fix it soon. There was a bug fix today or yesterday but i guess trophy fixes wasn't apart of that.
  5. Yeah that's what i was thinking as well. Either it's bugged or you need to do it when the boss is still alive since you can't replay a boss either. Can you make a parallel save with a new game or do you need to reset the entire game? don't really want to lose my progress if I don't have to :/
  6. No there is not as far as I understand it. Would it even be possible to change difficulty mid game? haven't checked myself but i did clear the game earlier. My biggest problems were in the two first dungeons and after that everything became alot easier. So if you're not past that point yet i would suggest carrying on if you're up for it! I did play on hard mode as well by the way.
  7. I have completed the game now so I'm in the clean up phase. It seems to me that some of the trophies are bugged for me like, Golem Enthusiast and Rage Against the Golems. I have cleared the Golem dungeon more then enough for both of them already and i haven't had the trophies yet. Haven't tried the other dungeons similar trophies yet so not sure if they are broken as well. Is anyone else having the same problem as me?
  8. I just got my plat and didn't skip any dungeons, everything worked fine for some reason o.Ô I was on the EU version as well if that makes any difference
  9. I couldn't agree more, I can't wait for the day I'm finally done with this plat. Worst part is I used to really like the trackmania series until I started trying for this plat
  10. If you manage to find a big black diablos let me know how, I got 200+ attempts on her and still nothing. This girl is killing my will to live
  11. I had the same experience as you, #180 took me about an hour or so to get gold on and #175 took me about a week By far the track I had the most difficulty with so far