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  1. Which jump is it? I kinda feel that its just not registering one of the jumps and that randomly at some point I'll land it and the trophy will pop
  2. So the same as a few have, I've got to 19 out of 20 unique jumps even though I've done all twenty and it reads perfect unique jump on all twenty. I've read all sorts of guides saying you have to land jumps a certain way or that the tank code disables this trophy. Can anyone shed any light at all on this. Losing the will to live with it now
  3. all cars unlocked. I've unlocked all the items except one antennae which will not unlock got all the original items except one antennae. not getting anything from any match I play. haven't for about 30/40 matches now
  4. So, a bit late to the party but I just cannot get the stocked trophy to pop. Ive extensively read through this forum for answers and tried everything. I'm on the latest patch and it just won't pop for me. I've uninstalled the game and everything and nothing works. Its got to the point where I'm not even receiving anything after I've played online matches. Anyone got a logical answer for this?
  5. Currently on the third boss. Don't think I'll be getting any further for a while
  6. I've found that if you get the bombs that you can detonate yourself early, it makes the level a hell of a lot easier. Without them it is solid!
  7. Former semi professional drummer here. Still drum tech here and there. Used to drum tech for Jason Bowld of Bullet For My Valentine. Also teched for various famous artists over the years. Have also played in rock and metal bands over the years, and have played some big UK festivals, currently in a rock band from Birmingham. I have my own Youtube page of covers if anyone is interested.
  8. So is there actually any decent strategy tips for this? Got it with the free PS plus games this month and managed to get through about 6 levels at 3 stars but purely by luck!
  9. Feel free to add me. PSN ID is vhsdrummer. Happy to get a few more friends and trophy hunters
  10. Got all relics and gadgets with 3 play throughs on easy. Didn't need to farm. Think it is just pure luck. Last diamond took ages to find
  11. I enjoyed it. A bit annoying with the amount of playthroughs. Haven't found it too hard. Just started on very hard for the platinum so guess will see how that goes but fun game so far
  12. Have all the upgraded versions of Knack. If anyone wants to add me it on PSN its vhsdrummer Took 3 playthroughs on easy to get everything. Not bad at all