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  1. NeonPug Resident Evil Reason: Need to finish Real Survivor to unlock Invisible Enemies mode. Therefore impossible to earn Invisible Enemies trophy first. Invisible Enemy mode is unlocked after completing Real Survival or completing the game on Normal or Hard difficulty with both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.
  2. Sorry, i assumed that it would auto link it. It said "My Kung Fu trophies earned in impossible time".
  3. NeonPug Mortal Kombat There have already been several posts on this, but i guess i need to state how this is not at all impossible. <br /> In MK9 in order for "mastery", you need 24hrs play. And if you do that via idle, you also need to play a match as any character. So i had nothing but time left for a bunch of them. and when i did a match after, i got the one for mastery of 1 character. Then i only had a small amount of stuff for 1 or 2 guys, so i got the other one soon after.