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  1. I believe the DLC was a pre-order bonus.
  2. I just checked the PS3 version and you can still buy the final three episodes on the season pass disc.
  3. Just thought I let you know... I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon on Wednesday. It arrived today, but it didn't come with the pre-order bonus as it was advertised. Letting Bandai Namco's customer service people know now. Get back soon. Never mind. Amazon emailed the pre-order code and it works. Is it too hard to add a sheet of paper with the code in the game case?
  4. Not just you, same here. Something's wrong.
  5. Add me too please. ApolloGrimoire
  6. Servers are still up for some reason. Checked it first thing this morning in the UK and they're still up. Got the 2 final online trophies I needed. Here's hoping others will before Sony shuts servers down from now till 25th or earlier.
  7. Thanks. It got me the trophy Sharing Spines. I've created more karts and tracks to get the other two. Now. PSN: ApolloGrimoire
  8. I still need the ten download trophies for mods, karts and tracks. Just these will be enough for me.
  9. Need ten downloads for my mods, tracks and karts. PSN: ApolloGrimoire