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  1. I've been wanting to go back to my previously completed titles and plat them recently and looked back on this list. I haven't seen anybody else mention this before but I remember having a glitched trophy "Diabetes Defender" it never unlocked for me and I even have a save file just before that point in the game and it still doesn't unlock which means I probably need to wipe everything right? I'm hoping to avoid that if possible. Thanks. Edit: I've realised that Titleist, orgy of power and the time fart trophy also don't unlock on my save file... Not sure what happened exactly but I'm wondering if this has ever happened to anybody else? A little frustrating having to play through the whole game again...
  2. I play on a Japanese account since I live in Tokyo but i buy USD or GBP credit on PlayAsia usually on my other profiles to play overseas games. Same can be done with Japan if needed.
  3. Would legit get My Name Is Mayo on physical just to frame it.
  4. Stardew Valley. You are a beast. That's one plat I've given up ever thinking I'll get.
  5. The game is pretty straight forward and there isn't anything extremely missable except a few items which can be obtained again on NG+ in a couple of minutes. Play the game naturally first then on NG+ gather any items or lore that you may have missed. Use Eredrim shell and the hammer to make the game easy mode. Leave the obsidian no shell run for last and skip all the enemies you see by simply running past. Only fight the bosses. It's much easier than it seems. Also there is a guide on PowerPyx if you really need one. https://www.powerpyx.com/mortal-shell-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  6. Completely disagree with this topic. Game is far easier than ever to plat now and much faster with bots. Also stats were not reset. I was playing since launch and my kills still count 7 seasons in. Got one crossbow kill trophy popped.
  7. Most of the game's trophies have ended up glitching on me and taken way longer to unlock. Skull kabob took me 3 heads to get! I found that closing the application, starting and then trying again usually did the trick.