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  1. You can actually, find the lost cargo next to the shelter. Get the cargo, deliver it and then save your game, after that load your game and the lost cargo will spawn on the same spot. Rinse and repeat baby. Hope that helps.
  2. I think 'true' experience is differs from one to another. I think many people also enjoy hunting for trophies which tinkering stuff inside the game.
  3. You sir, I like you.
  4. I want to played the game I love and get just a little appreciation from pouring 150 hours into it. Wouldn't it cool to have sort of platinum 'True Champion of Hyrule' trophy in BOTW? You sum it up perfectly . I bought Switch solely because of Nintendo exclusives game (Oddsey and Mario Kart) just because their games are the most polished and family friendly. If they later added trophies it would be very nice addition. Yeah, I know right. But I'm cool with Switch doesn't have a trophies for now. The only thing that bugged me is that switch doesn't have a background music or ambient. That's make it really........ dull in my opinion.
  5. If PS5 will have backward compability ill buy it day-1
  6. Lol, that a bad side of impulse buying for me. loved the console. Probably playing a Snipperclips tonight with my son. Yeah, i agree with that. Somehow when i think about it, we play games just for fun. I almost forgot.
  7. Your profile picture make it perfect, lmao 😂
  8. I know maybe this already talked A LOT. but long story short, today i got my Switch but it doesnt have any trophy. Do you know that Ninty will add trophy support later on? Cool console tbh. 😀
  9. Sorry , for the last post. Yeah you are right. I got it playing Liu Bei until chapter 4. I was following the other guide using zhao yun chapter 4-10. Thanks a bunch and have a good day sir! 😀
  10. Red Dead Redemption 2 and RE2 Remake.
  11. Somebody please help me, how to get "'Battle of Xiaopei" , i played Zhao yun and it doesnt unlock it. so i must played using Liu Bei from chapter 1 -10?
  12. #23: The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! That the high road level is so hard it takes me 2 days to complete. Glad its over
  13. i know that feeling man, my last mini crown is from SOS and its HR50 quest with 1 cart only. Best day ever
  14. I guess its me that suck at this game. That mushroom boss, Robello i guess (?) . Fighting him onhard mode is frustating edit : His name is Obello, sry
  15. TITAN SOULS!!! to get the platinum trophy i guess u should sell your soul to satan. Impossible plat for me