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  1. Yes great game straight forward platinum too. Bargain. More fun on Co op I have recently bought the sequel zombie army 4 dead war.
  2. Took some time but got 19.25. Turned sensitivity up helped a bit as can move and aim at targets quicker.
  3. For me it was a no brainer I think u get your money worth veteran is tricky in places plus you'll need 2 playthroughs for plat. A great remaster.
  4. Pointless post game is much more fun playing legit in veteran and is doable with a bit of patience, why glitch like this.
  5. I was wondering this too as I have just picked up the game. Might just play it through normally in case immersive mode negates some trophies!
  6. I got it via serving and aiming for the lines then challenging the call if out. It took quite a few hours of attempts as the umpire is always right it seems. You can't do it on the easiest difficulty as the ball always goes in. Nightmare tbh and not enjoyable good luck
  7. So start the game again from scratch? I have completed the game and now going for collectables but few of the tablet trophies haven't registered. I am guessing same is going to happen with statues and all collectable trophy. Anyone had the same.
  8. Anyone know if tbere is going to be dlc for this game, not far from platinum and keen for more content/trophies. Multiplayer mode has previously been mentioned.
  9. Anyone reckon there will be anymore trophies for this game? Season 2 dlc isn't far off but no trophies for season one.
  10. Getting so frustrated with this trophy. I have tried for hours now and it is my last for platinum, any tips anyone getting slightly desperate. The umpire seems always to be right have tried unpatched version too with no luck.
  11. Anyone know an easy method to overturn an umpires decision. Struggling with this they always seem to be right.
  12. Anyone doing a trophy guide for this game? Though most of it is fairly self-explanatory.
  13. Hi guys, a patch was released yesterday and within the long list of notes it mentions a fix for challenge tokens not given not sure if anyone can confirm this has worked in relation to the 57 skills trophy. I am a fair way of the platinum atm so not sure :(.
  14. Sucks I jumped on BF1 and think I prefer it cracking game you might find a few games on turning tides but nothing else, guess this hopefully won't be the case with BFV as no paid for dlc :). Can never trade in a battlefield game love going back to them and killing!
  15. Here here, that and the dlc maps are dead.