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  1. Agreed just completed the church level on sniper elite and it isn't too bad so far. On level 7 now have had a few restarts mainly from random spawning snipers lol. Good and fun challenge on this difficulty!
  2. I have v2 remastered if u want help with the co op?
  3. Hi does anyone know when the last 2 additional quests are going to be released? Remember seing that that would be between atlantis dlc release.
  4. Add me bought game today elliotsmithy does anyone know if dlc missions are needed for sniper elite difficulty trophy?
  5. Thanks I'll complete that storyline and hopefully it will show up
  6. Hi guys can't find this quest anywhere have been to the little island where is should be but nothing. Do you have to beat the 4 bosses after starting the family legacy quest in order for it to show up? Any ideas? I have unlocked atlantis.
  7. It's only £12 in CEX
  8. Hi all, thinking about buying this game but concerned at glitch trophy reports. A couple of friends have the game and have played a bit of it, if I jump in their game is it likely it will affect trophies/ progression? Also not sure whether to get ultimate edition or standard. The game looks massive enough as it is without dlc.
  9. Amazing got it thanks to the link :).
  10. I can't find this game anywhere any idea why?
  11. Season pass is now on sale £14.49 much more reasonably priced! Grab it!
  12. It is dull so so dull and I haven't got them all yet, taking a break and playing origins which is a breath of fresh air. I accidently entered dead kings dlc having not finished the main game bit and now cba finishing a mission to return back. Origins is a huge world, It may take me years to get through these huge games. Loving it though and keen to get odyssey.
  13. On level 49 200,000 xp to go. So close yet feels so far. Not bothered about the triple xp sticking with heroes vs villains. Good luck! Just think of the satisfaction once you get there!
  14. Have you tested this idea out?
  15. Couldn't agree more, I suck at flying now to as I haven't played those modes much. I am almost level 49 so close now! Carrying on with heroes vs villians as like you said xp difference is minimal. Hope to get the platinum by Monday and move on!