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  1. Sucks I jumped on BF1 and think I prefer it cracking game you might find a few games on turning tides but nothing else, guess this hopefully won't be the case with BFV as no paid for dlc :). Can never trade in a battlefield game love going back to them and killing!
  2. Here here, that and the dlc maps are dead.
  3. Who/what number did u contact for a refund
  4. I tried to rent a server for a day and it didn't work despite trying twice. Probably money lost so just giving a warning does anyone know about this. I wanted to try and make some progress on the turning tides dlc assignment specifically one below if anyone can help? Will set up a boasting session! Naval Cutlass Capture 20 flags while in a boat Perform 15 kills on swimming enemies
  5. I am interested too hope it works via community games there is a boasting session on tomorrow so will try it.
  6. Don't fancy giving me a hand i only need 2 guns one u get for sniper multi kills and the other for 40 light tank kills. Not sure if you have these guns?
  7. Do you reckon the plane trophy can be obtained via private match/ community games? Hope so!
  8. Nice one. Guide is great not got the game yet going to wait till xmas. Hopefully be patched by then. As if a patch makes things worse!
  9. Powerpyx has a trophy guide here is the link, though not sure it's 100% finished yet. http://www.powerpyx.com/sniper-ghost-warrior-contracts-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  10. Cool story bro
  11. There is a long delay for them to pop bit no problems with them apart from that. There is a good trophy guide by powerpyx that can assist with requirement :)
  12. Word of warning split screen seems to be multiplayer online online meaning you can't play spec ops split screen. No idea why. Anyone have any ideas? After an enternity downloading tbe game it's a huge disappointment to find a great mode isn't available offline with a friend. Please patch this in!
  13. Agreed just completed the church level on sniper elite and it isn't too bad so far. On level 7 now have had a few restarts mainly from random spawning snipers lol. Good and fun challenge on this difficulty!
  14. I have v2 remastered if u want help with the co op?