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  1. I've seen some people in the past say to reset the console, take the console offline to view trophies or just wait. I've never seen a case that it doesn't eventually unlock.
  2. Tracker is out, go to each level and it will show how many tinykin are missing in each. Tracker does not update until you enter the level once.
  3. Just run it blind. Do it a few times and you will get the feel
  4. I will come down to beat saber for me. I play it alot and own alot of the dlc. If it doesnt come then there is no point to me having to have two headsets hooked up to my ps5
  5. So I just figured it out. Mission 8-5-6 gives you the Yuffie mail. That was the last one I needed and didnt do it earlier due to it being a 7 star mission and the boss one shoting me.
  6. When does this trophy pop? I just got the wonder hunter mail from chapter 9. Was following the powerpyx guide and I think it was supposed to pop from that. I also cant find a full list listing each sender.
  7. The week is starting off good
  8. Thank you for the suggestion
  9. To answer my own questions they do. They just cant get the ones that say solo only
  10. Some of the trophies are not progressing randomly. I have done the 5 matches and its seems hit or miss if it counts.
  11. It was my game of the year last year The true final millenium tower is doable, it just takes more effort than the rest of the game and alot of post game grinding and alot of knowledge going in
  12. The xbox and steam version have a tinykin tracker per level to help finish the trophy gotta catch em all. I tweeted the devs and the PS version should get that update in December
  13. Just finished the game on patch 1.002.000 and the not dying trophy can be cheesed in two ways. You can force close the game when the dying animation starts and it wont save. You can always quit the game from the menu at anytime and it will have saved all your progress and warp you back to the last placed you saved. Can be done mid fight and is a good way to fast travel if you need to.
  14. Yes you can. I did it with a mix of Chris and Heisenberg