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  1. I bought the Death Stranding PS4 pro. That controller is sick. Gave my old pro to my wife so that we would both have pros
  2. So far I have been soft locked in creepy crypt. I was able to exit the dungeon by pressing X on a doorway that was blocked. I needed to progress more in the dungeon. Once I was able to leave I was unable to get back in due to the gates still being up Also on Fiery Forge, died after activating the 8 pillars. Loaded back in after going to camp. Pillars cant activate anymore, there is a gate blocking forward progression. Just a heads up yall
  3. Just want it out there as someone who uses this site casually for groups and forums while I am at work, I appreciate what everyone does. Cant be an easy job
  4. Worked flawlessly, I tried to record my own and it just didnt work. Thanks!
  5. There is that starting area that has no quests in it, did you got there? Can you post a screen shot of the map all zoomed out that says the percentages ? *EDIT* also there is no trophy for 100% in that area
  6. Im playing the disc copy with the current patch. Nothing has glitched out on me yet.
  7. I just got the plat. Gates are not required for 100% I noticed it was very odd that the completion trophies wouldnt pop until you hit the touchpad button or left combat. Any questions feel free to hit me up
  8. Topic. Wasn't yesterday. Just a heads up
  9. The external drive will be usb 3.0. If anything it might be faster than the internal, not slower
  10. I would think since the next gen is right around the corner that they will want a new physical release. If they add dlc I could see it being small or more battle arena fights. There is nothing said so far about dlc being made
  11. Crap, this is not what I wanted to hear. This game was gonna be my long weekend Thanks for the heads up
  12. Thanks, I swear I checked yesterday and it wasn't there
  13. I added saints row 4 *EDIT* Modern Warefare also, trophy for beating on veteran earned but not beating the campaign also
  14. I just see gamestop as selling the physical copies which will be a pain. Any other stores have it?