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  1. Same here, that fixed it. Thanks!
  2. Pretty much complete everything with max rating which I'm a fan of The 5 skulls on orcs must die 2 were pretty rough sometimes. Dunno how this games difficulty is. Big fan of the series and am looking forward to some good co op
  3. Miles Demon's Souls Cold war Sackboy Immortals Outriders Village Judgement Returnal DMC 5 Cthulu Saves Christmas Assassin's Ratchet Hades (preorder) Doki Doki (preorder)
  4. Looks like about 15 physical
  5. There is mp way to boost. Has to be public games. Back alley brawl is the best way to boost, the tubes get you alot of distance. Other than that you have to just roll around. Being passed and thrown as a ball seems to count too.
  6. Just did it myself. Close the game each try and make sure you get hit by the first two balls like he does. That ensures that those two will come at the same time
  7. Topic I got a little worried when I got the first weapon and the trophy did not pop. Turns out if you hit the touch pad and hit L1 there in a in-game achievement system and pressing x on the earned ones will then pop the trophy.
  8. Performance RT - comes from the day 1 patch
  9. Playing through the game and have arrived on the swamp planet. I quit the game after the first clank section. Upon reload the game the cut scene with the people unfreezing plays in world as the next objective speech plays. When the cutscene ends I have no character or camera movement. I have relaunched and reloaded the game and I have reinstalled. I have changed graphic settintgs, tried different controllers and reloaded checkpoint many times Anyone know anything about this? I really dont wanna restart.
  10. You have to pay for the game. I did the 20 dollar version and when I redownloaded the game I was able to get trophies. Had to replay all the tutorial levels for the trophy as an example. Nothing seemed to retroactively pop
  11. Gotcha. Didnt think of that actually. Just kinda thought it was a free weekend or something. Makes sense. Thnaks
  12. Topic. I have done a few in online play, the not dieing trophy and the throw a caged player off the map and non of them have triggered?
  13. Decided to time travel to get the play in four seasons trophies out of the way. Forgot to redownload save afterwards. NPCs are bugged out and progression was broken. My problem what that I loaded the game back into a day before the time traveling, Just giving a heads up
  14. There was a patch yesterday that greatly improved performance and boosted fps. Load times even on the SSD are still balls though
  15. i have a world that should have all the armor, hit me up on psn zeromusf4 mention this site