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  1. I played the first one on PC and really enjoyed it. Too bad the trophy list for this seems lacking
  2. I have the platinum I play most evenings for a few hours with my wife and two other friends. Its a good "get on mic and bullshit around" game for the most part. Lots of games are getting harder though. Rollout and tail tag are ruthless now. Still having a good time That mid season remix of levels was a good change as I was starting to get bored. 4 ball fall ball is amazingly dumb
  3. 110% would do Bloodborne again. Would consider God of War, maybe Horizon Zero Dawn.
  4. Im a big dumb and meant ys 8. Im sure the sentiment still stands lol
  5. I saw someone on reddit recommending ys 7, any thoughts?
  6. The games performance (at release at least) was god awful. Game was pretty fun and an enjoyable plat. If its got another stack Id be happy to do it agian and maybe have more FPS.
  7. I don't think they could make a better sorting or display system than what this site has to offer. If im going on a deep dive into my trophy list I would never use the console. What I would like is more of a trophy "score" like Gamerscore cause the psn trophy level is about damn useless
  8. Thanks!
  9. that made me laugh like a dumbass at work
  10. thicc
  11. I ordered from walmart and my credit card just has it as "pending" it should fall off in a few days as it was just to verify your payment method worked.
  12. i just got mine a few mins ago to the email that my psn is tied to
  13. I barely got in on the disc version at walmart last night. Kept going in and out of stock for over an hour. I figure games and controllers will not be that hard to find day 1 Also I want two controllers but I kinda wanna hold off as long as I can so maybe I can get a cool colored one if they do that.
  14. i'll actually be upset if that is the case with astrobot. Playroom had them, im sure the new astrobot will too
  15. So is there a post game chance for cleanup? Does the game end after you deliver the last spirit or is there a way to continue after you are done?