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  1. devious dungeons 1 & 2 rogue legacy shovel knight steamworld dig 1 and 2 steam world heist (cant remember 100% on that one) severed that's all I can think of off the top of my head
  2. I'm assuming the meme is that a lot of people request this feature and its not feasible at the current time?
  3. ICG? Assuming that means indie (instant game collection?) talking about ps now?
  4. I have noticed off to the right on each games trophy list is what appears to be a franchise list for the different games in said franchise e.g. Lego or Trine. Is there a way to view that list? Nothing is ever clickable over there and it just says how many games are in said list and shows the graphics of three of the trophy lists. If that is indeed the case can that be made a feature? Thanks!
  5. I was surprised about how much I enjoyed the first one
  6. do you mean zane? if so he can use two action skills instead of a grenade or 1 action skill and a grenade
  7. Me and my wife have been playing for 4ish hours and here is what I learned so far. It seems that progression trophies (total money earned etc) is host only but individual ones like craft 15 or catch 10 different fish pop for each player. Hope that helps someone!
  8. Any word if the trophies are unlockable in this mode? Been waiting for the update to jump in co-op?
  9. I had a problem where I wasn't getting the trophy toasts but they were showing up in my profile
  10. Thanks
  11. Does the recent "The walking dead collection" that was released on ps4 have separate stacks for all the games in it? If so I wanna get that version even if this has been cleaned up graphically.
  12. Can anyone confirm that it can be obtained on casual difficulty?
  13. I played the game and got the platinum about 2 weeks ago on my vita and had no issues with any of the trophies. The secret level I beat in reverse order, 4, 3, 2 then 1. Dunno if that had anything to do with it. Vita is on latest firmware
  14. the 20 rank master is leveling each character (in simple terms) to 50, that's gonna take a bit but other than that seems like a good list
  15. (G# A G# A F D) pic guide i know its rushed and crappy, but it works :-)