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  1. So i solved the problem. Its not about equiping the armor its about looting and having in your inventory. Me and a friend were working on this trophy together and were equiping from the chests. That didnt unlock the trophy. Once we looted the chests and had them in the inventory the trophy unlocked. We only had the armors listed in the guide.
  2. Does anyone have a list of the current list of armors needed to pop the trophy on the current patch? I have everything listed in the trophy guide. I have double and triple checked.
  3. Having platinumed both games Nioh 2 is significantly easier. maybe a 5 out of 10?
  4. My wife missed the melon babies. Go a few zones away and sleep for a day. They will be in the area where you fought the bosses.
  5. So I redownloaded the game and it worked now. Hope this helps someone in the future
  6. Definitely feeding him the whole creature. I had fed him one before the quest started so I am wondering if that had anything to do with it. Just watched a youtube of the quest and I am doing it right
  7. I have caught the bugsnack and everytime I feed it to him the quest goes back to catching a another one. Am I not supposed to feed it to him or is the quest glitched. It just says feed one Scoopy Banoopy.
  8. There is only one hidden trophy that sounds like it might be missable. Is any of the trophies missable?
  9. so my walmart order still has not "shipped" but I got my console yesterday. Check that fedex app
  10. Has anyone been able to purchase this yet without the ultimate edition?
  11. I have countered the enemy 15+ times and destroyed the body parts many times and the trophy will not pop. Im on the first darkness in the capital mission. I'm dumb. I misunderstood the trophy, you have to get that big amirite out of it
  12. Mine did as well Other than that. My walmart one and its game still haven't even shipped yet :-(
  13. Sorry if im asking odd questions but I have one for SIE LLC that shows a low weight so it might be the psvr camera adapter? The other one is for Soultions 2go out of KY but it actually weights 14 lbs
  14. Does your shipping say its from sie llc or a third party?
  15. Mine was too but look up a few posts about the fedex app thing