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  1. They are in the bottom hell layer. They are the pinkish bat demons that are about your size. The voodoo dolls are carried in thier feet claws if they spawned with one. Just keep looking for one that carries it. It looks like a little action figure
  2. As far as i can tell there is no missable trophies, some require side quests to be done (either for the weapon or for the trophy itself) The level 3 laser trophy is from the sidequest with recusing the trainees from Nimika and the gas missles are from a sidequest in Nimika (both quests are started in that zone) The final mission is a good farming spot for any of the mastery trophies. The left side of the gate is good for kills (there is three enemies that are easy to kill and infinity respawn) and a laser for the perfect dodges. The right side has a turret that spawns mines. If you ever kill a turret you need to farm just die and restart. Fun game and fun platinum. I could feel it being a budget title but I hope it sells well and they can do a full fledged sequel as the space combat is just so much fun.
  3. There has been one patch since I played and it doesn't mention the crashes, just a infinite loading glitch.
  4. Just as a heads up to anyone who is or will be playing this as of November 29th. The game for me has crashed after battles about every 30 mins and have soft locked in two different in-game cutscenes. Save often or wait for a patch.
  5. The previous rpg they did was battle chasers. It looks like the same engine. Im very excited
  6. I have been saying this for a year. I would do so happy if beat saber would just add a random song button to play
  7. The trophy descriptions on the sony side have to updated to reflect how to actually unlock some of the trophies, some of the after day X has been changed for a few trophies
  8. How bad is the confess to everyone before marriage trophy?
  9. Im sure a high grossing game is gonna be free
  10. I bought a an item in the store called "rabbitva" that i was guessing was a character skin? Does anyone know how to change it?
  11. Link to video of all relics sorted by type but not number Link to video that shows all cooking recipes in order and the placement of said ingredients These videos will cut down alot on the platinum clean up.
  12. A real trophy guide exists now. Please delete thread
  13. Difficulty 3/10 Time 8 hours Difficulty does not effect trophies, all can be done on easy, that being said normal is not that hard No trophies can be missed Trophies can be cleaned post game Link to a youtube video with the location of all collectables. I take zero credit for this video There are two shops in the game that will let you buy maps for all the areas of the game that will show the weapon part collectibles on the map. Specific trophy tips Uzi On The EyesEmpty a full clip of the dual mini blasters without missing an enemy - easy to obtain on the mines boss, you will unlock this weapon during your visit to the mines. Before you attempt the bosses actual mechanic and hes still encased in crystal he has a HUGH hit box. Stand next to boss and shoot into him the entire clip. You will not do any damage but the trophy will pop Friendly FireMake 5 enemies die from fire traps - Obtainable in the ice dungeon. Run enemies in said trap in the dungeon. Enemies can be respawned for the dungeon when you leave and come back Confetti ExplosionKill 25 enemies with gore mode off - Go Options -> Gameplay -> Turn on "Pinata Mode" and kill 25 enemies with that mode on This Ain't Light Unlock the Heavy Blaster - unlocked by getting a score of 10,000 or more in the arena?? can be done and unlocked during the story visit. Go to the arena north west of the goblin city and loot from a chest Need For Speed Beat the Stock Gauntlet time trial with more than 15 seconds left - at the end of the tutorial dungeon is a gauntlet. Can be ran as many times as you need to. Score must be with 15 or more seconds left on the clock when you finish Who's Afraid Of The Dark? Kill 10 enemies hidden by darkness in Old Nux Castle - Nux Castle dungeon, kill enemies that are outside your torches vision cone. Can be farmed by resetting enemies in dungeon by leaving and reentering Triggernometry 101Read the full history of the Great Trigger in The Chamber - read the book in the main cathedral looking building in the starting city. Must selected to continue reading till trophy pops Clean Sweep Complete each broom section - There are 5 broom sections. 4 are gotten through story progression. The 5th is doing the broom arena challenge in the arena building (northwest of goblin camp) This Feels FamiliarImpress The Gambler - Obtained by buying the 500 token reward from the casino in the bottom right corner of map (go through cave slightly north building). There area is optional and will not be visited in the main campaign Hunting BlindKill 25 enemies without the laser sight - go options -> gameplay -> laser sight. Should be turned off by default. If not just turn it off and kill 25 enemies. Turn in back on afterwards and it makes the gameplay easier Hope this helps someone. This game is quite fantastic and a very fun platinum! Happy hunting!