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  1. Short on cash Buys COD skins
  2. You can go back and start act 3 over again once you beat the game. There is no more enemies to fight after you beat all four bosses If you close the game you can reset before the encounter in order to help get 3 stars on your next run
  3. I am not sure if its just how the mechanic works or if im doing something wrong but I feel I rarely get a ally attack at the start of battle after knocking down an enemy in the field. Is it just supposed to work on occasion only?
  4. Im missing one more doctrine from the law and order tree. I have 0 stones and 0 stone fragments and cant get my followers to give me anymore. I have beated the game and fully upgraded the cult. This game is really good but I fear the legacy might be just how broken it is
  5. Try the second zone anura. I went there and found alot really fast
  6. I started over the game on a new patch, have beaten the final boss, cult is fully upgraded and im one commandment stone down from all doctrines and my followers no longer give me pieces of the commandment stones.
  7. Still no ps5 patch yet
  8. From what I have read its only accessible after the main campaign has been beaten on that save. Starting a new game + I think means you have to beat the new game + campaign
  9. I just did save transfer and am missing alot of the trophies *edit* for some reason my last save was not uploaded to PSN. I have booted up my ps4 and uploaded the save and the autopop worked
  10. I believe the port was done but a company that was lots of familiarity with the switch main chip's architecture. In my mind to mean that means it was done as a special port to the switch (maybe as a gateway to the steam deck in some odd way?) and to me that says that they are not targeting other consoles. I really hope im wrong. I would would love to do the co-op campaign again.
  11. Im confused by this, I have the divine relic and it seems to do none of those thing. Am i using it wrong? I have the paladin trophy so im assuming its fully upgraded
  12. I dunno if i should thank you or not, getting to sector 7 was a really frustrating experience lol. At least its done
  13. As an update as of season 2 its been patched on console also
  14. Finally got it this morning after about 4 hours of resetting plastic bags by saving and loading
  15. I have checked that guide, the location for the food I am missing is not listed