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  1. 4 people is enough (for start boosting), but 2 randoms can ruin the session, so lt's recommended to boost it in 6.
  2. Hi everybody! You can sign up for Lawbreakers Beta here: Additionally, you can instantly take Steam key for Lawbreakers here:
  3. Hi! Sign me up fo Helghast Champion. I platted Killzone Mercenary
  4. Sorry, I can't join then. Good luck!
  5. I'm in!
  6. Thanks for adding direct payment by card! I could buy lifetime membership.
  7. Hi! Can anyone help with this trophy? I need it for Uplay badge.
  8. It depends on spending time, premium account, premium tanks, your skill. Minimum time will be about 2 weeks. With everyday playing 2-3 hours even with good skill, but without premium account, it'll take more than a month.
  9. PS+ members can take for free in Store a special pack (Tier-3 premium light tank & 3 days of premium account). I hope it will help somebody. Also you can ask me any question about the game and game mechanic (30K+ battles in PC-version). Feel free to add me in PSN for platoon and other coop activity. I play on EU server, my timezone is UTC+3 (CET+2), preferably in the evenings.
  10. Yes, release date is January 19!
  11. Need an option for hiding platinumed/100% games.
  12. I bought Assassin's Creed 2 PS3 bundle and also Metal Gear 4.
  13. I live in Russia. Because of US economic sanctions PayPal rejects payments from Russia. So the only possible way for me - direct payment.
  14. Second option requires to create PayPal account (Create a PayPal account And pay with your debit or credit card). I need direct payment without PayPal.