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  1. Still works.
  2. 4 people is enough (for start boosting), but 2 randoms can ruin the session, so lt's recommended to boost it in 6.
  3. Hi everybody! You can sign up for Lawbreakers Beta here: Additionally, you can instantly take Steam key for Lawbreakers here:
  4. Hi! Sign me up fo Helghast Champion. I platted Killzone Mercenary
  5. Sorry, I can't join then. Good luck!
  6. I'm in!
  7. Thanks for adding direct payment by card! I could buy lifetime membership.
  8. Hi! Can anyone help with this trophy? I need it for Uplay badge.
  9. It depends on spending time, premium account, premium tanks, your skill. Minimum time will be about 2 weeks. With everyday playing 2-3 hours even with good skill, but without premium account, it'll take more than a month.
  10. PS+ members can take for free in Store a special pack (Tier-3 premium light tank & 3 days of premium account). I hope it will help somebody. Also you can ask me any question about the game and game mechanic (30K+ battles in PC-version). Feel free to add me in PSN for platoon and other coop activity. I play on EU server, my timezone is UTC+3 (CET+2), preferably in the evenings.
  11. Yes, release date is January 19!
  12. Need an option for hiding platinumed/100% games.
  13. I bought Assassin's Creed 2 PS3 bundle and also Metal Gear 4.
  14. I live in Russia. Because of US economic sanctions PayPal rejects payments from Russia. So the only possible way for me - direct payment.
  15. Second option requires to create PayPal account (Create a PayPal account And pay with your debit or credit card). I need direct payment without PayPal.
  16. I have the same question: how it's possible to pay without paypal? It's not the answer.
  17. Inability to Acquire Platinum Trophy in FINAL FANTASY XIV for PlayStation®3 In the PlayStation®3 version of FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn to be released on Aug. 27, 2013, trophy collection is supported; however, because certain trophies will not yet be attainable at the time of release, players will not be able to acquire the Platinum Trophy. All trophies, including the Platinum Trophy, are slated to be acquirable after Patch 2.1. FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone | Inability to Acquire Platinum Trophy in FINAL FANTASY XIV for PlayStation®3
  18. Congratulations! But what connection did you have before (you are so happy now)? Dial-up?
  19. How can I UPGRADE my year membership (expires in 3 months) to lifetime - I don't want to wait until it will end?
  20. Welcome to the site! :-)
  21. Hello! Ne par'sya, chuvak ;-)
  22. I don't think that it's possible.
  23. I think, you should watch "The Expendables 2" :-)
  24. I think MAG should be included in whitelist, because there is an opportunity to achieve platinum in a few minutes, I'll explain: There are 2 versions of trophies: JP and rest of the world. If you have some trophies in one of the versions, they will be automatically achieved in other version, when you'll start a game in other version (sorry for my english) - you can look it in my profile - most of trophies earned in a few seconds between each other, when I just logged in game from JP version. You'll say: but for platinum it's needed 60 level in every faction (and it's impossible to take it even in a few hours) - no problem, because you can store 3 characters on your account, and if they are from different factions and 60 level each - you'll earn these gold trophies too. By the way, the news is great! Thanks, Sly! P.S. Sorry for my english.
  25. Hi to all members of! Earlier I was at (isn't Sly former administrator there?), but this site has larger community, so now I'm going to hang out here!