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  1. #48 - Tales of Hearts R Another great game. Didn’t think I will actually get the platinum since I was so close to given up the final boss fight
  2. Can anyone tell me how to equip the cat/ bunny ears? I have received these items but not sure how to equip them as I don't see them in my items or equipments
  3. #47 - Persona 4 Golden Not a big fan of playing games that require many playthroughs, but this game is just amazing and I didn't get bored even after 3 playthroughs 😁
  4. I know patience is required for this trophy but I'm starting to feel fed up of this. Anyone have got good tips on how to catch the sea guardian? Everytime I managed to get it to the half point, the pointer seems to go crazy and then runs away to the edge and by the time I managed to get the pointer back with the blue range, the fish is back to the starting point? I have also tried the suggested method of jiggling the left analogue stick from left to right to keep it in the blue area and pressing O at the same time. It helps a bit until the half way point I hope to platinum this game so really want to get this trophy. Any help would be appreciated ***Update: Finally got it!!!
  5. I didn't follow that recommended guide and managed to get reaper trice without even trying I just made my way up the floors opening every normal chest
  6. #46 - Without Escape
  7. #45 - Rainbow Skies Another great role playing game
  8. #44 - Rainbow Moon Not usually a big fan of role playing games - probably because the ones I chose weren't good. But this one is amazing - next one on the list is Rainbow Skies. Hopefully it will be as good as this one
  9. #43 - heroes trials
  10. #42 - Pic-A-Pix Classic
  11. #41 - Pic-a-Pix Pieces
  12. #40 - Fill-a-Pix: Phil’s Epic Adventure
  13. #39 - Crossovers by POWGI
  14. #38 - Word Sudoku by POWGI
  15. #37 - Word Wheel By POWGI