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  1. Whether or not the "remake" was justified or not is entirely subjective. It is what it is. I was pretty stoked about this when I first saw it announced because TLOU is one of my all time favorites, but then the price tag appeared and I hit the brakes. I was legitimately anticipating this to be a PS+ Extra/Premium game like Stray. However, charging $70 for what is essentially a Remaster is downright baffling to me. I have an issue with their pricing, the standard they will set for the industry going forward, and their silly justifications for said price tag. Again, this is no Remake. It's how a Remaster should be to begin with (as opposed to re-publishing on newer generation with slightly upscaled textures). Resident Evil 2 was a true remake, and they charged $60; justifiably so. This is more akin to Shadow of the Colossus from BluePoint, which was never full price. $70 today is a AAA release price. This game did not take NEARLY the same amount of effort and marketing as a new AAA release like TLOU2 was, or Uncharted 4. Saying that this is just a silly argument is being obtuse. There's a reason why even gaming journalists, the biggest idiots of them all, are writing articles putting the price tag in question. It's a matter of principle, not whether or not TLOU was good enough to warrant it. It can be the greatest game ever made, and for me it definitely ranks in the top 10, but that is irrelevant. Establishing price points should be immune to that. Imagine Rock Star charging $100 for GTA 6 because "we're sure it's a good game so we think it warrants a higher price tag than other games that aren't as good". That's just silly. It starts with Nintendo pricing everything to high heaven (though arguably they are the best developer ever to walk the Earth). Skyward Sword on the Switch came roaring in at a full $60 and they got away with it. It sets a terrible foundation for game pricing that nobody benefits from. Why go through a ton of effort if you can just polish up an older, existing game and charge the same price?
  2. The real question is whether or not these trophies auto pop.
  3. I haven't had any issues with unlocking any trophies so far after starting fresh on PS5 without any existing progress on my account from other platforms. This includes the Infallible trophy, wins, cosmetics, etc. Everything unlocked when it was supposed to.
  4. LoD was available for purchase on PS3 as a PSOne classic at one point, if that's what you mean. I've had it on my Vita forever now. I think it got taken off after a while though.
  5. Sadly, no trophy list it seems. Maybe because it has such a limited release, but Dino Crisis with trophy support would've been fantastic. However, considering RE:DC didn't get any either, Capcom hasn't been playing ball as I hoped. It makes me less hopeful for a Breath of Fire 3/4 future. Legend of Dragoon is a Sony title though, so fingers crossed for a bright future.
  6. On the PS Blog for the US, where I'm at, it just says No Heroes Allowed! (PSP) LocoRoco Midnight Carnival (PSP) That's it. No mention of any of the other PS1/PSP titles for Premium. The differences in regions are substantial.
  7. I'm confused by this response. I thought it said on PS Blog that for Premium, they added two PSP classics. That's it. I was really hoping for more than that considering their current classics lineup is rather limited.
  8. Only two classics added for Premium. Two PSP games, at that. Very disappointed. I'm patiently waiting for Legend of Dragoon, which will make Premium worth it. For now though? Oof.
  9. No Legend of Dragoon or Alundra? No Tomba/Tombi? Vagrant Story? MGS 1-3? No classics at all? Oh, cool. Cheap Assassin's Creed games that are about $4.99 on Ebay because they're all copy-paste jobs of the annual conveyor belt.
  10. I thought this was just a normal travel brochure for Detroit or Chicago for a minute. Looks pretty accurate. On the gameplay side of things, the enemy AI looks hilariously stupid. Just the typical guys shooting back at you in full-auto while vaguely standing behind a fixed set piece that serves as cover. If an A.I. would have to generate an action game, I'd imagine this would be what would come out. With that said, that could be a lot of fun.
  11. It's a form of illusionary closure that serves as a satisfactory conclusion to my efforts and essentially informs me that my job is done. Whatever the cause may be, I have sentimental issues that cause me to not easily part with anything I've already spent reasonable effort on. A platinum trophy is a form of completion check that allows me to bypass that urge to hold on to something I've already invested time in. I also like the personal completionist aspect of it all.
  12. I honestly own all systems every generation and I wouldn't defer from that strategy. In fact, I'm anxious to get my hands on a Steam Deck as well for portability. My main system is a PS5, but I'm absolutely not against owning the other systems as well. I used to be much more brand loyal, but once I realized that brand loyalty is a one-way street I gave up on that. Game Pass is extraordinary and Sony could learn a lot from it. PSN Premium is a good step, but it's still a few paces short. Sony's arrogance is always a little more on the stingy side than Microsoft's.
  13. I can understand remasters due to the updated graphics, but I just don't see the need for a remake of this game. It hasn't been that long, and I'm not sure if TLOU screams for some form of modern reimagining. Gaming since the PS3 days hasn't really evolved, to be honest. You're still playing narrative-driven games, with crafting systems, stealth take-downs, bow/arrows, etc. I get why people wanted a FF7 remake because so much has changed since 1997. Not much has changed at all since 2013, apart from more microtransactions and better textures. I'd much rather have a Legend of Dragoon remake. Now that I could see.
  14. I'm pretty much dead in the water when it comes to mobility. Where I use my Vita, I have no wifi nor do I have access to power/storage. I'd need to be able to download a game to either my iPad/iPhone or Vita for offline use on airplanes and airports. I really wish Sony would utilize existing hardware for classic games like this as the Vita would function perfectly for it, but alas.
  15. How do I play this remotely on an iPad without constant speedy wifi access while my system stays on at home as well? I use my Vita on airports, airplanes, public transportation, in hotels, etc.