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  1. The game was updated today) Version: 1.17, patch: 14gb and the trophy is fixed 🤗
  2. I think it's a good idea.. Can anyone try it? But sadly.. I haven't a disc version, I need a time to order and shipment to my region 😔 Yes, sure I have a maximum in each level in all weapons, including a new weapon. But still, I haven't a trophy..
  3. Yeah. I checked a trophy-log.. and last player got this trophy at 5th may 2020...
  4. Version game: 1.16 7/5/2020 After last updated was broken a trophy: Imposing Arsenal "Open and buy final versions of all weapons" I bought all variations modifications of all weapons (ie. both level 2, both level 3, both level 4, both level 5) but still nothing... I wrote a message to developers in offical Twitter, but they are not answer. Have anyone a same problem with the trophy?