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  1. any missable trophies? i remember some missables in the first one... thx
  2. thank you
  3. when i replay a chapter where i already got an s-rank. and i just missed a ghost or a file - end up with a c-rank. what does the game save? the s or the c?
  4. Any Info about that? 🙃
  5. What do you think about the Game? Are there many missables?
  6. are all collectibles in your notebook?
  7. there is a new patch out. loading right now... it´s Version 2.06
  8. are the devs aware of this? is a patch planned?
  9. the killer actually has to say it. "Where did they go?" otherwise no trophy...
  10. its a easy platinum (original version) but after the story so boring that i stopped playing... this version is even longer they say... sounds like fun
  11. possible
  12. i got the trophy two times (ps4 and ps5) with grabs and hits mixed. both times it took like 14 - 17 hits and grabs mixed.
  13. i had to rebuy some but not all of the dlc´s on ps5 for 25 cent each (even before the patch it says 25 cent to me although i could play all characters). no problems with the ps4 version of the game. i bought the missing dlc´s for like 3 €uro and send a mail directly to the psn team. lets see...
  14. Trophy list looks straightforward to me. i liked the first one. trailer of this looks very promising too.