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  1. yes, she wears the armor. and the little grab-indicator isnt on... this is my 6th run and this never happened to me either... before now
  2. Okay. Just to let you guys know: I´m on professional right now and i lost my progress two times now for one reason: it seems when ashley is too far away from you (out of sight) and you load a new area (open a door with X) apparently she gets auto-abducted...
  3. AH okay. Right now i`m only missing standard s+ and hardcore s+ trophies and the all weapons trophy. I do prof. with Sweeper under 5,30 hours and only 15 saves to pop standard s+ and hardcore s+. than i run prof. again with the cat ears and have all the time i want to finish this. nice. thank you both!
  4. I am very sorry if this is clarified somewhere in this forum. I didn't find an answer. Some people talk about a professional run with only 15 saves. Is this for the S+ Rank or is this only for the cat ears? Am i forced to play Prof. with only 15 saves for the platinum?
  5. I allready got an S-Rank on all missions. 1-2 is the only hard mission but just because i did too much damage. all other missions are pretty easy.
  6. i cant confirm this. its a lot easier than Maiden of the black water.
  7. Feel free to post your tactics and tips for these Missions. (Mission 1-2 is already a problem for me. I do so much damage, the ghost dies in 5 R2 tabs.)
  8. Thank you. I did this 2 min ago with Kageri in the 3F gallery. 1 quick R2 tab and right after that 1 explode shot. This took away 95% of her health. took me five reloads.
  9. Sanae and Kageri are the only ones i miss. I am in my hard playthrough at phase VIII. Maybe i am lucky with Kageri. But i am sure in my nightmare playthrough both of them will bloom. Shoji bloomed for me in room 412 (4th floor). i dont know which chapter. hope this help.
  10. Ive compared my documents with the 100p Guide. I have all of that. When i have all documents mentioned here: the only ones i miss are "Torn Diary" and " Director Haibara's Notes (3)". Is that correct?
  11. can you change the difficulty just before the last phase?
  12. Because of my stance against this thread i will not answer...
  13. Does difficulty affect trophies? 🤓
  14. Nope...
  15. it is not there. i did it now with two consoles. works perfect. platinum achieved.