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  1. Is it possible to plat that together (2 people)?
  2. i like those little underground games. did anyone know there was a part one?
  3. its not strange. its Behaviour!
  4. confusing map... full of dead ends. but nice atmosphere.
  5. smart idea! thx
  6. IT WORKS! Counter is maybe broken. got the trophy at 19th down
  7. doesnt work. tested this just now
  8. first of all it´s an old video. second: of course i used all our community solutions to beat akumu. thats how this works. i found something out, another person take that and refine it even better. same the other way around... and so on and so on... i just did it by myself to prove you dont have to be a a hardcore pro gamer + as a helping source for new player who struggle.
  9. no
  10. now with futuristic chapter select
  11. i don´t get some conversations here. there is no basis for discussion. trophys are part of a game. if there is a unobtainable trophy in fact you get a broken product. no one would buy a car with a trunk you can not open. (?)
  12. 01 - Fatal Frame 02 - Fatal Frame II 03 - Fatal Frame III 04 - Silent Hill 2 05 - Silent Hill 3 06 - Silent Hill 4 07 - Forbidden Siren 08 - Forbidden Siren 2 09 - X Files Resist or Serve 10 - Clock Tower 3 11 - Obscure 12 - Obscure 2 13 - Jackass The Game 14 - GTA 3 15 - GTA Vice City 16 - Metal Gear Solid 3 17 - Yakuza (all of them)
  13. There is a patch? i can not confirm all the stuff about bugs. i got the platinum without problems (version 1.3). Everythings fine...
  14. have fun, stay unpopular✌️
  15. Aus welchem Grund genau bist du hier? Trophäen scheinen es nicht zu sein...