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  1. "Friday the 13th"...took so much time... 😴
  2. dann könne wir uns ja kollegial die Hand reichen
  3. Wurde bereits erledigt Google Translate: Has already been done
  4. loot from the first or second boss...
  5. mmmmh, it should be different pictures... something goes wrong in the editing process. but this is funny too... well maybe a little bit annoying :-D but thank you
  6. How is this possible?
  7. It´s possible that you have to play the game on a perma-death mode. it seems there is a mode with only 6 lives. apart from that it shouldnt be that hard... game looks good to me but i´m careful because its a german game
  8. Can someone tell where to find "Dying Greed" aspect please?
  9. i loaded up an old savefile. that worked
  10. now they can also sell platinum... wtf! shame on capcom!
  11. finally someone who understands me