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  1. How's the game? - Not worth the money!
  2. Just Trophy Problems. Online Gaming works. Right now everyone in my list is Trophy Level 1 :-D
  3. 😨 this game was good
  4. thank you
  5. whats about the 500 scrap from cleanup tems challenge?
  7. git gud platforming is fine... joke i dont think permadeath is a good thing for a game like tlou2. or maybe its the only game that deserve this mode... its a survival game right
  8. Is it possible to plat that together (2 people)?
  9. i like those little underground games. did anyone know there was a part one?
  10. its not strange. its Behaviour!
  11. confusing map... full of dead ends. but nice atmosphere.
  12. smart idea! thx
  13. IT WORKS! Counter is maybe broken. got the trophy at 19th down
  14. doesnt work. tested this just now
  15. first of all it´s an old video. second: of course i used all our community solutions to beat akumu. thats how this works. i found something out, another person take that and refine it even better. same the other way around... and so on and so on... i just did it by myself to prove you dont have to be a a hardcore pro gamer + as a helping source for new player who struggle.