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  1. you can survive 2 explosions with full upgraded health. but you just can die. trophy pops either way.
  2. nothing. the trophy glitched with the last patch...
  3. i CAN confirm this!
  4. Same here... I'm starting to get bored of IOI.
  5. Trophies autopop PS4 - PS5 no hacking
  6. Doctor with pink addons OP
  7. Solo 4/10... In coop MUCH easier. If you played IMMORTAL UNCHAINED then REMNANT feels like home.
  8. Playable on PS4 > PS Now
  9. -Visage -Blair Witch -Hellblade -White Day -Alien Isolation
  10. Still no ICEBREAKER after patch
  11. Found that a while ago on YT. This Guy made the perfect Platinum Guide. And its entertaining! Made by Md Maynard
  12. Fixed for PS4 Players
  13. when i upload my save to the cloud (or usb) and try something - lets say search an area and die - i lose my axions right? i download my save from the cloud and have my axions back right? WRONG! they are where i died. this even happens when the console has no internet connection. how is this game saving?
  14. hope dies last (die hoffnung stirbt zuletzt)
  15. PS4 and Switch Release = February 28 in Japan. No western release announced yet!