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  1. Did they confirm that?
  2. Nice one, mate! Congrats! Really envy you.
  3. Nice one. Keep on keeping on, mate!
  4. It is hard to say, since meta is changing with Shadowkeep, but with practice, good fireteam and proper guns it shouldn't be a big problem. Since they are releasing armor 2.0, I think a lot of people would like to do the raid to get the full set of the new version of the armor. Only if Shadowkeep will have an OP gun, but otherwise I don't think so, since your power level is reduced to ~330.
  5. FYI: You don't need to buy season pass for Forsaken, since it is included now.
  6. I think you have to complete "quest" from Shaxx - the last step is to play 2 competitive games, as far as I remember.
  7. @_Fenderfix_ During setup of the cross save you can choose which platform will be your main. Those characters (and only they) will be available on your other platforms anytime. But if you have characters on different platform to switch between them you have to wait 90 days. I hope I didn't confuse you.
  8. Correct
  9. Challenges that you need to do for the trophy are your daily and weekly challenges. If you open your map with the destinations you will see yellow icons next to the planets - that is what you need to do. Note: the guide is a little bit outdated since the forsaken release
  10. We boosted this trophy few days ago. Actually you don't have to be in the same act for the bounty to count towards the trophy. Maybe they changed that in one of the patches.
  11. @[email protected]_Ha_Ha Thank you! You are legends.
  12. Are "Reign of Terror" and "May His Death Satisfy You" achievable in adventure mode? I'm really tiered of the story mode and it is much faster to level up in the adventure mode.
  13. I will check later today, if I can play advanture mode with a new hardcore character (seasonal or not).
  14. Oh... I see. That is unfortunate. Thank you for the answers @[email protected]_helyx!
  15. Does anybody want to team up to grind for the gun?
  16. No, not really. The "daily" challanges reset every 4 days. Every challange type has its own reset day, this way you have each day of the week a challange (hence the name "daily"). That is how I understood it. The weekly challanges reset every Tuesday.
  17. It is not bugged. You just have to do the weekly and daily challanges for this trophy.
  18. Just a heads up: Bungie is aware of the issue with the trophies and they are working on it. The fix will not be available in the today's update. The following is a quote from their website:
  19. Ok, thanks, mate! I will keep playing online matches then.
  20. I have the same issue. Myntero, did you find a solution?