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  1. Wow congratz for your collection. I'd be happy to cooperate with you if you want.. i've just added on psn When you are ready text me!
  2. Hello everyone! Thank you grimydawg for your interest and help.. I'm currently trying to earn as much money as possible. Do you have any idea to exchange our cards? I think in order to do that at least one of us need to have a lot of money.
  3. Hello everyone! Basically, I need NBA 2k19 MTs in order to achieve its GOAT Trophy. So I offer 100k of 2k20 MTs for 2kk of 2k19 MTs. I think this is the correct estimate of the currency. In another view, whoever had 2kk on 2k19 and doesn't play it anymore, it's like to gain 100k for free. Thanks for your attention!
  4. Yeah it's possible! However I need only MTs! How many do you have? Maybe we can help each other.. add me on PSN (DooMReaperAX)
  5. Hello everyone, I know this is an old game now, but I want to try my luck anyway. Basically, in order to get the platinum, I need only the GOAT trophy (then I would get GM trophies which are obtainable in the physical version). I have 1730 / 2500 cards.. but i lack in MT to buy other cards in the auction. I wonder if there is anyone who doesn't play anymore and could give me his MT. Obviously, in exchange, I can offer help, grind or tips, for any games I have (I would re-install them). Thanks for your attention.
  6. I've achieved Dodgeball trophy yesterday evening. There are 2 kinds of event where you can do so: - "2K Compete Hour" (20minutes after the beginning) (7pm UCT+1) - "Dodgeball" (10am - 11am UCT+1) It seems they appear at random days.. it's annoying that there isn't a schedule for those. Hope it helps.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm looking for 3/4 guys that have this trophy unobtained like me. (I have a friend that could help us just in case). Add me, my PSN ID is "DooMReaperAX". When we are five, then I'll schedule an appointment with everyone for an evening (I hope), create a new pro-am and get this damn trophy.