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  2. Barrel_Sparrow Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 "Reason given by reporter: (Too Fast) These trophies don't make any sense. It's possible to 'prep' the trophies in the game completely legitimately using cloud saves alongside the way that the game saves, but you would expect someone to get the trophies within a particular game back to back. The way the list is done makes no sense. Also, I checked the fastest times etc before starting the game myself and I'm 95% sure I didn't notice this account as the fastest time then. This caused me to be suspicious and check the list in the first place once I saw it 'appear' in the leaderboards." I used the cloud save method detailed in this trophy guide to ‘prep’ the trophies starting with the difficult trophies first which is why trophies within a particular game don’t appear back to back. Some games cannot be prepped at the same time because they have conflicting requirements e.g. Asteroids trophies “Pacifist” and “UFO Hunter”. Missile Command trophies “Red Sunset” and “Missile Commander” appear out of order because “Missile Commander” only pops after you lose all the cities and I had closed out of the game as soon as “Red Sunset” popped and went back to after realizing I forgot to do that. The rest of the games were easy enough that they weren’t worth prepping, or I had neglected to prep them, and I just played through until I hit the requirements. The game was platinumed recently since June 2nd so it has been on the leaderboards since that date.