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  1. yay, 4.444 views on my trophys!

  2. Morning

    1. Jeanoltt



      Ha! Jetzt verstehe ich alle ihre botschaften.

  3. yeah, i tought first i had only 28 slots in storage, as you couldnt get further down. but if you add 19 stuff in, it shows up a new row of 6 slots. no limitations. but that was the reason i got it so late.
  4. ok apparently you can just pull on arms and legs of suits hanging from the ceilings too, just pull a few times on them. didn't test myself tough.
  5. Yeahhh, i made the mistake on playing story difficulty too enjoy the story without dying too often in my first run. i think its near imossible, especally at this point where i am, to get the trophy, so no wonder i didnt got it yet. good too know.
  6. overtime 25 or 25 in your storage at once? You need 25 things in it at the same time wishbone i dunno really what to need, tried so often too pull off but never seems to do much. never checked yet what exactly to do.