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  1. Morning

    1. BigBossImBeamer
    2. Honor_Hand




      Just noticed that if I remove the "Buenos" from "Buenos Dias" in Spanish, it loses its whole meaning >.<

  2. Holy Spaghetti, how did I got premium here? Just checked my profile and noticed a day ago that just my name on the upper right seems unusual, like somethings missing. now i noticed a P and tought first: Oh no, did I got flagged? For what?

    Then I saw I have Lifetime Premium, did I done something specific or how? Error? I'm just confused

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    2. Rewemarkt66


      Ah, ok, wonder who wasted their money for me tough xD

    3. Honor_Hand


      Congrats :D Yeah, you can gift Premium to other members. Pretty cool feature.


      Someone out there must have been very fond of those regular "morning" and "night" messages of yours. :awesome: 

    4. ee28max


      Must've been a great way to say "morning" and "night" back to you :awesome:

  3. Morning

    1. UltraRareBoy
    2. BigBossImBeamer


      Today's probably the last day in this year I get up earlier than you, so I had to use this opportunity. 😊😄

  4. Morning

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    2. BigBossImBeamer


      I was awake since 8:00 am😛, but fortunately it's an absolute exception. 😎😴

    3. Rewemarkt66
    4. Honor_Hand


      Good morning/afternoon I think :)