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  1. Morning

    1. Boots_12345


      Good morning and good night from me. 

  2. i have 46 missions, you can guess i did as good as all epilogue I on gold already well, except the harder ones, so mostly these with Sadie The micah one was actually one of these i tried yesterday, only failed the 15 headshots(Because dead eye here marks automatically still) guess many 1-shot kills was because of a critical hit then, not because of a headshot.
  3. for me it's too late to do the restart option, i have 46 now, not gonna go trough all that one by one, some where tricky or lucky enough to manage gold, but most of the considered easy ones are gold by now ;-;
  4. Morning


    woke up by the feel of throwing up and choking on it

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    2. Fen


      The weather... umschwünge? 

      (≖д≖ )\(^-^ )

    3. Honor_Hand


      Good morning. :)


      Damn, better catch some breath or drink something for that :o

    4. Rewemarkt66


      not helping this day that one train got late and had to run to not be too late at work, while my backside of my left foot hurts since last week and back home came over 30 minutes late because of train