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  1. Night

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Good night, my little pony! 🛏️🐎

  2. Hmm, likes plats in indie games?
  3. Really depends for me. I'm not a fan, but if it's simple, basic stuff(Get x kills, win a round in all matches, win 1 race online, disarm the bomb etc.) it's okay I guess(Until online closes). If the game is multiplayer only anyway, then duh But if a game concentrates normally alot of the Story part(The last of us, uncharted, red dead redemption, metal gear solid etc.) i prefered no online trophies(Or very simple, like the basic games trophies of uncharted 2/3 for example) what i hate are super long grinding trophies, be it for simple stuff like reaching a high level or high kill count or absolute overskill/random/luck stuff, like that airplane kill on blowing up stationary weapons with a player on it times 5, these are things that give me a possible 1 trophy to plat left that im not good enough thing. and smart players likely just leave before you bly there stationary weapon up to kill them, lol
  4. Knowing me, no matter how I hate someone, in the end likely no. Would you want to be in the world of your favourite game?
  5. I'm always alone, so lonely heart Infinite pizza or all existing and future existing PlayStation games?(The good and bad ones)
  6. No problem, congrats^^
  7. 1.As mentioned, it's just the ammount of times you finished the game on that save 2.Should be enough just collecting the missing one(You can't collect earned ones in a 2nd run anyway). If it is the infinite one, you know what to do for it? Probably stupid to ask, thread isn't entirely new 3.There IS a way. One of the Uniforms called GA-KO(The one with these yellow ducks on it). As far I remember, if your in a new area, put it on and then go back to the game. If you hear that sound of the Kerotan in the background, you don't have it found yet in said area. And if you followed a guide to get them all, I highly assume you might not hit one(at least) during the bike chase. I think dying in a area also resets you founding it too. Not sure about that tough. Just go to the option "Load Game" and click the save you finished. hope it might be useful if you didn't done it at this point^^
  8. I think that could work, because you yourself don't kill him. Not 100% sure tough.
  9. yeah, I think the highest chance is destroying body part+non-lethal+S-Rank and even then it's luck if it drops or not. I only have 99% weapons because the one in the Pupa base arena never wants to drop the weapon part for 100%
  10. Killzone HD(PS3) 6 days 1 hour 6 minutes could had been faster, but was away the one weekend, otherwise I might even made it in the Top 50 here.
  11. Battlefield 1943(PS3) has no plat either. Dunno if the servers are still online.
  12. Earlier awake then intended xD


  13.  Early Night for the F1 Race

  14. Mor-Evening, ugh another "Almost-all-day-no-internet"-Day -.-

  15. Morning

    1. BigBossImBeamer


      Good mornoon 😄