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  1. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!
  2. Already platinumed this last Tuesday, but apparently Sony is too lazy to release or update a trophy set. Why is this a common practice? I've had this happen multiple times with the Vita. Don't release a game if you aren't going to release a trophy set with the game, FFS. BTW, this is for the US version
  3. I have already platinumed it yesterday for US, but will not sync. I suppose it will sync in the coming days. Thanks for the reply
  4. I just bought it for the Vita version a couple hours ago (1:18 am here currently) - I already have the platinums for the EU/US PS4 Versions and had no problems. Hopefully they will sync within the week
  5. It is NOT cross buy. It's 14.99 USD
  6. Just got the platinum and the trophies are not syncing to psn account.
  7. Also, just got the platinum, but trophies haven't registered on Sony yet. They aren't syncing.
  8. Don't die, unless you want to take a nap in between loading times.
  9. The game literally feels like a PC game with insufficient memory.
  10. Is Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: Gold edition for $18 worth it?

    1. johncnstntn__


      Maybe but only first dlc (Havok) is included with the Gold edition. Not a very good deal if you want all the DLCs.

  11. I canceled my preorder just the other day, because I knew this would happen. 😂😂 Capcom, you suck!
  12. In the process of moving to a new house. Not being able to game for nearly 2 weeks is going to kill me lol. I hate adulting :facepalm:

  13. Trine 2 was a very good game
  14. Try dying at 99 kills like I did, twice in a row. I almost made the evening news 🔫
  15. Because they are cheap and all under $5 😜