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  1. All the multiplayer ones i’d already earned on PS4 popped. So i see no reason why the platinum wouldn’t. What games don’t all the trophies pop when you’ve already earned the platinum? Everything even the DLC popped on Spiderman remastered for me.
  2. Just transferred my ps4 save and they all popped no problem.
  3. I wonder if string it together is possible online if only one player gets to the finish line? I’ve tried so many times and fail lol
  4. Mine is on ps4. He lets go of the other player as soon as the score comes up. Even when keeping hold of R2. Strange how it’s unlocking with different methods.
  5. I was having problems with this. Did it a few times and no trophy. So i went into trial 2 that i already had gold on and made sure i got gold on my first try. It unlocked. So it seems to not count if you fail and just let it restart the trail. You need to press pause and retry. Tried this method on my brothers account straight after and it worked when finishing it first time without failing.
  6. They all get them. Me and my brother played on one console. We both popped them at the same time.
  7. Same here. Didn’t unlock for me either.
  8. Yes i have the trophy. I’ve only played it couch co-op with my brother. So yes you can earn it locally. 🙂
  9. Searching for a level 50 crew. Could anyone help? PSN. Erik-LehnsherrX Thank you.