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  1. Fairly certain that's not true for us here in the U.S. I pulled it up just now to check since I only have one PS3 and have to use PSNow for it.
  2. If only the naysayers would just GTFO. Literally noone asked you losers for your input.
  3. Is it still running it's mouth? Can't tell, I'm ignoring it. Between this one and the 0-0 guy, I'm beginning to think the site could use a block function.
  4. Lmao you understood jack, but take it how you like. You're the one consciously engaging a topic just to talk shit on it, so I really couldn't care less what you have to say here. Toodles.
  5. Whoosh.
  6. Wow, you're right, let's all Excitebike our way to 500k this week. Can't believe I wasted so much time.
  7. Agreed on the flooding. My weekend starts tomorrow, so I'll grind my 12k and then add alts all day erry day after that.
  8. Heads up, top is already at 40k. Have to see what tomorrow (first day I can even play) brings. Spread the word far and wide homies!
  9. I have KZ2 on steelbook coming to help in my boosting efforts, but I'll def snap the disc after this either way.
  10. Idk why you're giving me lifeprotips for the game dude; I got 90% of the trophies when the game originally released. I literally said that uber scorers will artificially inflate the required score, and you came to defend an assault on your honor that was never made. The only "shortcomings" of people not in the top last week was apparently that they didn't have 4 of their own PS4s turboed to get themselves 100k-200k, as there was really no other way to attain it (something you've already said in as few words in another thread). My best guess is you're still hung up on when you got the trophy yourself, which was a completely different story - the idea of someone being mad at another getting 75k as top is downright comical now. 75k. Cute. Also, have you never been in a race or a bidding war? Say the top place is 20k. Second place is at 18k, figures, "eh, I can grind it a bit more", and unseats first place to hit 21k. Do you think the guy who just got bumped to second will just stay there? It just becomes a battle of attrition that affects the entire scoreboard. The people at 200k were something else entirely, probably on speed, but their drive pushed others to try to unseat them, and all those others who shot for the moon still landed among the stars - er, 100k-190k scores, I mean. And no matter what way you'd like to see it, that whole thing removes it from people who can't no life it with four other consoles or friends. So it's on their heads. Regardless, we're not going to see eye to eye on this, so here's what I'd suggest - let's not engage each other any further. I'm not planning on reading anymore of your quotes of me, or being notified of replies to this comment, so it will fall on deaf ears either way. Best wishes.
  11. And how was the most recent example again? Where people with 97k couldn't place? Odds are it's only going to get worse, and that's the situation I'm referencing, not some anomaly three weeks ago in January where you placed first with 75k and got chewed. Thanks for the input though.
  12. I wasn't targeting you. But one persons score lowers the amount of admitted scores by one, and that is already in the teens. So I can definitely see where they're coming from, and will continue to see the people pushing into 100k as metheheads, basically. With last week going into the 200s, I'm pretty leery of staying at 12 anyway, so we'll see. I can no life just as well as the rest of them, but I'd rather not.
  13. We'll just have to pray the week goes well. All it takes is one person thinking oh let's go to 200k or some bullshit - and half the other game sessions are planning to do just that. Hoping for the best.
  14. Fingers crossed and keep us posted. It's a grand idea, only issue is it relies on people being willing.
  15. Would that it were so simple. We could do it but I think we'd need a very high number (70s to 80s) to combat those that are simply racing for top.