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  1. "Blaine's Revenge" - They spelled his name wrong! That bothers me, as a big fan of the movie. Also the trophy icon for the platinum is cool-looking.
  2. According to the PS Store, it uses the DualShock 4 controller, so I imagine the mobility will be better if it uses the analog sticks. The aiming might be more of a challenge. That's purely a guess, having not tested it myself. I sent a tweet to Viva Games asking if the VR version will receive an update for DualShock 4 compatibility. If they release the update, I can test it out. Other than that, we'll have to wait for someone to buy the console edition and report back here.
  3. Not sure about anyone else, but the DualShock 4 controller's concave analog sticks bother my thumbs after a few hours. I was hoping the DualSense would have convex or dome-shaped analog sticks like with DualShock series' earlier designs. Other than that, I enjoy the design and especially the refreshing new controller name.
  4. So simple yet some people can't comprehend it.
  5. Personally, I don't care about deleting games that I can't platinum - I've knowingly started games that had unobtainable trophies - but I would like to be able to have the option for unwanted games. My alternate PSN Profile (originally my primary) has a list of games that I didn't like littering the trophy list. Now it exists as a test profile to avoid it happening to this profile. If we can now change PSN ID's (once said to not be possible), I think deleting trophies and adjusting the points is open to possibility. Additionally, it would be a saving grace to those who have the misfortune of getting into hacked online lobbies and infecting their profiles with cheated games.
  6. Rumor is that more of the story is coming on PS5 - if you haven't heard yet. But, yes, if it was in VR, that would be super cool.
  7. I already play the hell out of Fallout New Vegas and would certainly use VR as an excuse to buy and play it some more. Your other choices are great, too.
  8. I earned the platinum for Concrete Genie last month but recently got 100% completion after playing its wonderful PSVR add-on. If more trophies / DLC are added later on, I'll be ready to get 100% again. Fantastic game!
  9. Just beat Infamous: Second Son. This is playing during the end credits.
  10. That's subjective. I hold higher standards for anything being published by professionals. Such as a book I once tried to read that didn't spell a real person's name correctly. If I'm going to buy their game, I'd like to see the developers put some more consideration into what they're selling.
  11. *could've Yeah, you're right; I made a mistake, too. However, I'm not making a video game, so my errors are not important.
  12. They could of done a spell-check and grammar-check on some of the trophy descriptions.
  13. I bought the standalone game but didn't think to check and see if there was DLC for it. Now it's delisted. UPDATE: Nevermind. Apparently, I did buy it.
  14. The one that requires beating everyone with all 4 characters in 16 minutes. I just always end up running out of time. I'll keep your post in mind for saving some time. I also found a video showing some possible methods of approaching each fight.
  15. Beating that final Ultimate Skill mission (Ultimate Match 5) is preventing me from getting the platinum on the PS3 version. That trophy returns in this version, too.