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  1. That's subjective. I hold higher standards for anything being published by professionals. Such as a book I once tried to read that didn't spell a real person's name correctly. If I'm going to buy their game, I'd like to see the developers put some more consideration into what they're selling.
  2. *could've Yeah, you're right; I made a mistake, too. However, I'm not making a video game, so my errors are not important.
  3. They could of done a spell-check and grammar-check on some of the trophy descriptions.
  4. I bought the standalone game but didn't think to check and see if there was DLC for it. Now it's delisted. I feel stupid now.
  5. The one that requires beating everyone with all 4 characters in 16 minutes. I just always end up running out of time. I'll keep your post in mind for saving some time. I also found a video showing some possible methods of approaching each fight.
  6. Beating that final Ultimate Skill mission (Ultimate Match 5) is preventing me from getting the platinum on the PS3 version. That trophy returns in this version, too.
  7. Resident Evil 5 is one of my favorite games, too. Well done creating some unique milestones.
  8. I walked out of the store with two games: MediEvil & Concrete Genie.
  9. Good choices. I'd be thrilled to just get another Ape Escape, in general. Or playing with the monkeys inside The Playroom. Did you notice that the Ape Escape 2 boss fight against the giant yellow monkey compares to the giant gorilla boss fight in Astro Bot Rescue Mission?
  10. That's so cool, Pixelopus added in an additional VR trophy list. Can't wait to play this!
  11. Max out character skills, complete all quests, consume all foods, obtain all collectibles - very straightforward stuff. Seems like the gameplay will be enjoyable (based on video provided) but there's a lot of needless dialogue to get through.
  12. Yeah, I would play that! I could imagine it in both the classic 2D animation or in 3D like the old PlayStation games from 1998-2000 era. Either way could be fun.
  13. It could happen with Witcher 4 if enough people were talking about it. CD Project Red pays attention to things like that. I'm looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077, and although it won't be in VR, they've noticed conversations about it and may eventually add it to the game or the next one they develop afterwards.
  14. I think a Resident Evil game with the classic fixed camera angles would be a good idea for a gameplay mechanic in VR. Sort of like with Astro Bot Rescue Mission. It would encourage players to look at their surroundings. It could be costly if they neglected to spot an enemy slightly out of frame and would be rewarding if they found items sitting just below their line of sight. An idea to return Resident Evil to its roots. I didn't care too much for the first-person perspective in RE7.
  15. Yes, Afrika would be lovely. It's games like Afrika, which explore uncommon grounds for a game, that I want to experience in VR. The gameplay is simple and would easily allow the player to get immersed into the setting. Perhaps SIE will make another wildlife game with VR compatibility. I have yet to play Farpoint but I will eventually. I like the gameplay I've seen. And any sequels that expand on the alien planet atmosphere will be a welcomed addition.