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  1. So I posted the same thing over on PlayStationTrophies.org, but I'll paste it here: I feel like going offline makes no difference. The problem I see is with the patches. Having a game with patch 1.06 or higher seems like the real culprit here.I tried reverting to a previous patch by only installing the base disc version (1.00) and going offline on my Xbox so it wouldn't update with patches, but it caused my IRA Don't Ask mission to disappear completely, so the "Family" trophy was unobtainable for me during this playthrough anyway. My thread here: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/...-missions.htmlPlaying through the game that has patch 1.05 or lower is the only option I see that could guarantee the trophy popping up. Otherwise you'd have to keep doing new playthroughs for even the chance for glitched trophies to pop up. In order to install the 1.00 version, you'd need a physical disc, which means digital owners aren't able to do this unfortunately. The only options I see is to buy a physical disc for cheap, or wait for the devs to upload a new patch addressing these issues (if they ever do).
  2. Unfortunately, you have to start a new playthrough. I've gotten literally every Achievement EXCEPT the every single glitched one, including the cash related ones. It's ridiculous.
  3. Can you clarify what you all mean? Do you mean offline with the latest patch? Or offline and only with the original 1.00 game?
  4. I'm playing this on Xbox One right now and I didn't get this Achievement. I'm 99.5% sure I recruited every racket boss. I still looks like it's glitched.
  5. Yeah I just can't do it. I get to around 50ish zombies until I'm completely overwhelmed. Following video guides isn't all that helpful either because the zombies can get pretty random and erratic at times. Is shareplay an option here? I'm honestly just in it for the trophy.
  6. Yup that's pretty much my experience. My online pass code didn't work anyway even though it was sealed. I think it's because the Warthog unlock is tied to your PSN ID so if you unlocked the vehicle then I guess it would transfer over to the digital MP.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but see my post above I managed to get the Any Car Will Do trophy on the digital version even without clearing the single player mode on it.
  8. EDIT: I GOT THE TROPHY. I just killed a few more vehicles while boosting the map/game mode trophies and I got the Any Car will Do trophy!! Perhaps my stats were a bit off I got some bad news So even though Warthog is selectable in digital version MP, it still says its locked when I go to the rewards page. I've gotten 50 kills with each vehicle (including Warthog), and the trophy has not popped up for me. I've also hosted every single game I've played. I called Sony support and you know how they said they'd give me a new code? Well turns out they just gave me a code for $10, and not the online pass, so idk. When I tried to go to MP on my physical disc, it still asked me to redeem an online pass. So either my stats are messed up, or since I didn't unlock Warthog legit in my digital version, it didn't register for the trophy. (even though in my stats it says I have more than 50+ kills with it).
  9. I have not even started on the MP trophies. I have not played a single MP game AT ALL. I have no stats whatsoever so I can't say. And no I didn't delete my physical copy.
  10. I don't know if I necessarily used an exploit. All I can say is this: 1. I had both physical and digital versions of the game downloaded (digital first). 2. Then I completed the game on Twisted with all gold stars (physical with infinite ammo glitch) 3. Deleted my Digital copy of the game completely (game data utility, save data utility, the whole thing) 4. Redownloaded the digital game from my list on PSN store 5. Booted up the game like usual and selected MP. I'm not sure if there's even an exploit lol I just read a post on this forum saying that the Warthog unlock is tied to my PSN ID...so I had a faint glimmer of hope that if I just opened up the digital version of the game, it would be there.
  11. Wait ya'll....did you say I needed to finish the campaign on Twisted to unlock Warthog? So deleted my digital copy and reinstalled it. I booted up the MP and I have Warthog! I'm honestly not sure what happened because everyone on here says that your physical saves don't transfer to digital. So I guess I don't need the online pass anymore?? Sweet!
  12. https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/twisted-metal/331181-so-sony-removed-online-pass.html Looks like someone else has the same problem as me. This person posted two days ago. "The physical online pass on the backside of the instruction manual is nuked. You'll get a message that it's inactive when trying to redeem it."
  13. So I was wondering, was the fact that I downloaded the digital version (that has the online built into it) before trying to put in the physical version of the game affect anything? Does my PS3 "think" I already have the online pass because I have the digital version too? I tried this on an account without twisted metal and I still got the same error (though I'm not sure if games are shared throughout accounts on the same system)
  14. so I just called them and they said they'd escalate and generate a new code for me in the next 24-48 hours. They tested the code and said the code still had "one use on it" and was supposed to expire March of next year but for some reason is just NOT working for me. I've tried redeeming it through the game itself, through PSN, no luck I guess I'll just have to wait...