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  1. Sign me up, again. My goal is 95%, again. 😁 Starting precentage ist 86.38%
  2. Yep, they do. You have to check after every level/section if you actually got them or not. P.S.: I didn't take a break from the game and the golden spatula that "didn't register" was actually one I didn't get yet. I mixed up two of the spatulas in the level with Davy Jones. The one on the ship (the one I missed) and the one inside the cage.
  3. Well... I had a save were I was halfway through the game, so I tried that again. I checked the socks count etc. Well... now I got one of the golden spatulas and that didn't register... f me. I'll need a break from this game
  4. Hello everyone, I found all socks (got the trophy + checked the map), however I have only 8 socks left. Thus I can't trade 10 socks for a spatula. Anyone guess how to solve this problem? I'd rather not play the entire thing again.
  5. I just 100%ed "Corridor Z" and am currently the fastest achiever 😊
  6. Hey guy, I didn't post for febuary so here it is
  7. Today I got my 2nd Platinum of the year: 2nd of the year - Fallout Shelter - 74th overall
  8. So this is it for January. I'll continue to work on the four games, "Fallout Shelter" is just a grind and a bit of luck at this point and I think I'll finish Skyrim in febuary.
  9. Thank you. I would not sync all those Fs. I tend to stick to a couple of games until I hit a roadblock (KH III - beating Yozora 🙄) and then start like 3 games at once I occasionally look at "what's easier to be completed first" but more out of curiosity.
  10. 1st of the year - Jan, 5th - RiME - 73rd overall 2nd of the year - Feb, 6th - Fallout Shelter - 74th overall
  11. I have finished RiME today. I originally wanted to cross of "Starts With th First Letter of Your PSNID" however... I changed it after I was done. It's very likely that this will be my first platinum of the year.
  12. First of all: Happy new years to all of you Now... let's go! So these are the games I planned to play during January and I actually have played Skyrim today and earned a couple of Trophies (I haven't updated it though, except for the "Played" column).
  13. Let's do this, this is my card 1. Category: "That Gives You the Feels" - Game: RiME - Date: 04.01.2022
  14. This will be my third year and this time I will make it. I'm aiming for 95% (again). These are my platinum goals for this year: Already started: - Alpha Protocol - Dark Souls - Dead Space 2 - Demon's Souls Bought, but haven't played yet: - Darkest Dungeon (I have started this recently ) - Uncharted: 2 - Uncharted: 3 - Uncharted: 4 - The Witcher 3
  15. Well... this does not look good now, does it? I've been neglecting my PS and trophy hunting this year, life got in the way. I will try to get 100% on these two games at least: - Kingdom Hearts 3 - Borderlands 2 But other than that this year was a disaster. I got the Platinum for The Last of Us: Remastered other than that I haven't made any progress. So I will try to do them next year.