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  1. I would als recommend making another save file before you're supposed to get that trophy. Just in case it glitches again.
  2. 13 Feb - Update 4 Completed Games: Last Time 78/102 => Current 80/102 Completion: Last Time 87.09% => Current 87.53% I won't be doing weekly updates from now on, just "major updates" (100%, plat). I got the Plat for The Last of Us Remastered and WWE 2k20. The most frustrating part in TLoU was online. I hope that developers will stop putting online MP in story driven single player games. They probably won't though. Even though grounded was hard, I looked at a speedrun and copied their strategy. I did that for Kingdom Hearts as well back in the day, when I was having difficulties with certain bosses (for example Lingering Will in Kingdom Hearts 2). So shoutout to Anthony Calibers insane TLoU speedrun. Here it is if anyones is interested. I also played some NBA 2k13 (not on the list) to get a couple trophies. I'll play it every now and then to get some of the offline trophies. Originally I wanted to play NBA 2k13 in preperation for a possible NBA 2k20 plat, but I don't think I'll be able to handle the online component of it. I decided to change my strategy. From now on I will work on a PS3 and PS4 game. So for PS4 I will continue to do Just Dance 2016 and for PS3 Alpha Protocol.
  3. Hey, I will do an update next week or so. Till then... Have I ever told you guys, that I HATE online trophies?
  4. I have to correct some things I said: For the PPV trophy you do it offline as in not playing against other people. Stars can be collected online or offline (towers). However you need an online connection, otherwise your stars won't be counted and you can only access the PPV matches if you have an online connection. It seems like you have to play every PPV Match to get to the main event. Today was the "kick off" match, tomorrow will be match number two, Friday match Nr three. It's tedious.
  5. 23 Jan - Update 3 Completed Games: Last Time 78/101 => Current 78/102 Completion: Last Time 86.45% => Current 87.09% Even though I said I wouldn't play Borderlands 2 anymore, I did and got all DLCs, except the last one. I'm only missing one Trophy in WWE 2k20, that I'll be able to do in 3 days (PPV trophy, it's timed so I have to wait for the event to start). I also got some of the easy Just Dance 2016 trophies out of the way and started with the "Beat 100 Challengers". I gotta say it's challenging and fun. I may buy the other versions as well. Currently I'm not sure how to do "The Dynamic Duo" (2 players needed) and "Funky Four" (4 players needed), but I'll figure it out. I also started the Last of Us: Remastered. I didn't get a trophy for now. So my current precentage is actually lower. Regarding my progress in TLoU I'm currently playing in normal mode and already having a bit of a hard time tbh. That's why I'm thinking about doing TLoU later. However I haven't decided yet.
  6. I don't know, but it's definitely more than a week.
  7. You need 70 stars to participate in the PPV, which is a game against A.I. (at least it was in 2k19 I doubt that changed). It's "timed" cause you have certain amount of days to get the stars. Next in game PPV is sometime next week. If you wanna do them offline use towers. Especially the first easy tower. You have to fight Dana Brook with your female wrestler Red. You have infinite amount of finisher. You can spam finishers and OMG moments to get a good match rating. However since you need 50 online wins and you get stars in those matches anyway I recommend doing the 50 wins and if you don't have enough stars fight Dana Brook to get the rest. At least that's how I'm going to do it. I'm currently only missing the 50 wins trophy and the PPV Trophy.
  8. If you're boosting, yes. If you're not boosting, yes but difficult. You have to play online with your own characters (Red and Tre). If they are weak you're gonna have a hard time defeating other players. You can level up, by playing MyCareer What OmegaMustard said. It's not hard, it's time consuming.
  9. A road well traveled and Star Power Are 100% online. You have to win 50 matches to earn the trophies. High Pressure Situation and Reliable Worker can be done online or offline. Boosted I'm not sure. I did it online.
  10. Thank you so much 😊
  11. God damn it PSN!
  12. Unrelated: Did they remove the "wishlist" feature (marking game or add-on with a heart) from the store or am I blind?
  13. Apparently it was free for a while, so I guess you've got it that way. Currently it would cost me 15€. It's listed as an add-on for "The Handsome Collection"
  14. Well... OK. Than I have to take a closer look, I guess.
  15. 16 Jan - Update 2 Completed Games: Last Time 78/101 => Current 78/101 Completion: Last Time 85.95% => Current 86.45% Got my first platinum for the year, it's Borderlands 2. I wanted to make it to 100% as well, however apparently the last DLC "Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary" ist not included in "The Handsome Collection". So... until I feel the mood to pay 15 bucks for a DLC, Borderlands will be stuck at 76% completion rate. I could get more and have finished two DLCs, but I don't see the point in finishing the others for now, if I can't get 100%. I will be moving on to Just Dance 2016. I also made some progress in WWE 2k20, couldn't get the Platinum yet. If I get the online part out of the way, I should be able to do it by next week. However the servers are dead... so... we'll see. And sadly I couldn't finish Brawlhalla.