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  1. So how does this exploit for Fector's Challenge actually work?
  2. This is the trophy I was talking about. I haven't checked the Lord of the Ring trophy.
  3. The Lord of the Hunt test is obtainable offline, I tested it myself and I have the GOTY version.
  4. Any confirmation for the DLC trophies not requiring online connection?
  5. Do I have to add someone who also plays this game or should I just play it and the mission will eventually show up?
  6. Mine say's i'm offline. Weird, I hope it's something on the PSN side, not mine
  7. It's set to "appear offline" and clicking on "online" doesn't do anything for me Anyone also has this problem?
  8. I'm still having it
  9. This is just impossible. Whenever I have a good run, the RNG starts to punish me by not giving me any powerups in world 3
  10. Thanks for the quick answer! I had to delete my user account and add it again, so I thought it was the reason for the icons problem.
  11. Same here, save icons not showing
  12. Does anyone also have this problem? When I download the save, the icons will be displayed normally on the left but they still won't show up on the right
  13. Thanks! Now it's working, I can go online now. I downloaded some files and started to get links in the PSX Download Helper. I of course disabled the automatic updates but I'm still downloading the updated version of the games
  14. Do I need to be in a WiFi network for this to work? My PC and PS4 are connected via cable and the method doesn't work for me