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  1. Thank you guys, I'll try the web method then.
  2. I'm typing the exact game title and I get everything - avatars, skins, a shitload of things not even slightly realted to the game I'm looking for but not the game itself. What the hell happened to the searchbar on PS4? Are there any tricks or filters to make it look only for full games and not all the microtransactions crap?
  3. Just replay it on easy. Only the lowest difficulty (Explorer) locks the trophies.
  4. Can it be obtained even when you kill an enemy with melee? Sometimes they are just rushing and I get into hand-to-hand combat with them.
  5. I got it! Was it hard? Well, kinda. Was it bullshit? Definitely! Was it fun? Not so much
  6. I actually did it with tweaks and decided to do U2 the legit way. I've already watched his U2 brutal walkthrough and I'm just before the train level
  7. I just did it with the tweaks and I must admit it still was a bullshit in some of the sections.
  8. Guess I'm going for it with the tweaks Nothing more than a bullshit difficulty. Maybe in the future I will try to do it without tweaks, but for now I want to keep my sanity
  9. Hey guys. How will you rate this difficulty without tweaks? Has anyone even done it without them? I just got my platinum trophy (I also got in on PS3) and I was just wondering how big the challenge is and if it's even worth trying to do it without any tweaks.
  10. Can it be done with only 2 controllers and the 3rd one as extra player during the shareplay?
  11. I'm talking about the poison grenades for assault rifle. The description says it kills the nearby enemies, but in reality the poison seems like it's not doing anything. So what's the point of it?
  12. Some of them can be bought without any requirement but some of them requires me to play club competition. I am in a club but I have no idea if the whole competition thing still works.
  13. I just prepared a cool screenshot for my platinum trophy that was about to pop, but after swapping the screens the "Share" button in the gallery instead of making another screenshot just asked me where I wanna share the opened one. Did they changed it recently or am I doing something wrong?
  14. I had 111 friend and got down to 43. The game still doesn't let me sign in
  15. How many did you have when the game finally decided to let you login?