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  1. Another way to get the Photo Finish trophy is to complete a race in first place with everyone is in the lobby not finishing in the 20 seconds. No idea if this can be done with friends in a private session or even local mode. Thought I would share for those trying for it! (Yes I got hit by the seeker orb right when it took the screen cap)
  2. The reason he goes into his enraged mode "where he can't be hit and one shots everything" is because of his Antenna being destroyed. Sure, you do a lot of damage for hitting it, but I would avoid it as much as possible. Aim for his face or the legs. May not do as much damage but in the end, it does a lot more than rinse and repeating the antenna method. Focus on the body and stick to your strats and it should work out fine. Pop Arminger Unleash every time it available and take full advantage of the Three Bar move as much as you can, and block if you feel like your about to get hit, as when blocking in Arminger Unleashed, you gain back time to keep you in that mode longer. Only things I did differently then you were I used Ragnarok for my teleport for those crits and had Ignis tech be Enhancement for the element boost. I was lvl 84 doing this as well and took me about 40min to finish him off. Good luck
  3. So I'll admit, I cheesed the fight to hell. I was only Lvl 54 when completing it, and it took about 30min to kill him. My Strength was 1200 going into the fight as well (Defense 700) Tips: I used the rampage sigil as it let me continuously move in and warp around the field without losing much MP and seem to be the most effective sigil as it also increases strength and defense. Also, the L2+Circle move can hit him as he's moving around, plus can cancel out aerial attack animations. It's also best to go into this fight with 100% Fire Resist, or you are going to have a bad time. When he phases you can technically still hit him with attacks. When it comes to A.I's try to keep them alive but do not value theirs over yours. Key to this fight is to always move and warp! Take advantage of those i-frames as much as you can! Also come in with a good food buff, preferably one that raises both attack and defense. If you can get the equalizer food buff from the Malboro Quest, that will make this fight go by much faster! For tips on the phases and how I handled them: That how I did it all. Not the best method by far, as your just chipping at a big HP pool but it got the job done!
  4. If you're into Final Fantasy XV fan service, Monster of the Deep is a really easy platinum! A little grindy at the end but about 10 hours to platinum.
  5. Honestly, when it comes to clearing a fishing area out, it could take about 30-45min each. If you are missing a certain type of fish, it could take just as long or not long at all. It all depends on luck really, but shouldn't take you anywhere over an hour per area. Just use any type of Lure, like the Leviathan lure, and you should be fine. I say if you want to take time doing it, do a map per day and if you end up missing a fish due to weather, come back another day.
  6. Mods disable Trophies on PS4
  7. Western La Noscea a good low level FATE area and there close to each other. Western Thanalan also another good option. Central Shrouds as well. Honestly any of the beginning zones for the 3 home states are prime location to grind by yourself. Would avoid staying in a zone for way too long because the more a FATE is completed in the zone repeatedly, the more difficult they gets each time they pop again. Still can be done but it will start taking longer.
  8. You are a life savior! Time to tackle those fish trophies for the platinum! Also good luck on the guide! Was thinking of writing one for this game as well but wanted to hold off until I got the platinum but IRL held me back. Should also include the weather system you posted in the other topic. And a nice tip for playing: Holding down the right center button of the move controller will drop your line into the water quicker, making accuracy for the fishing holes much easier!
  9. So before I start this painful grind, I would like to know a few things. 1. Do you need to complete the hunts after hitting Rank 10 Hunter rank? 2. Do the Fish that are required for the Hunt count towards catching every fish? 3. Are there fish that are only obtainable at night? 4. Do Cactuar and Trash count as fish? (They appear in the fish catelogy for each area) 5. Can every fish be obtainable in one visit of free fishing? Or do I have to reload and pray RNG?? Would appreciate if anyone can help supply info for this before doing the grind and even help others
  10. Interesting. I found complete different issues on this game then what you've pointed out, but will go point by point from my experience of playing the game for about 14 hours. Experienced this a few time but with a simple "Hold down the option button" to reset the camera, I never had an issue afterwards. Noticed this too but for me it was always the right arm, causing casting issues. This game's casting controls are already really wonky and bad as it is, that this did not make it better, but worst! This really suck for those hunts that need like 10 damn fishes!!!! Never experience a single crash and that from playing on both a day 1 PS4, and the pro I got recently. I did run into issues where after I caught the hunt required fish, it would not load me out of the map. Issues that I've found from playing: The mechanics are never accurate. I'll have sessions where it works well, session where it just doesn't work properly at all. The strength of the cast are also not so great. Granted I've only played with the Move controller but the casting mechanic in this game REALLY need some work. No matter if I try the exact same moment with casting, on Easy Cast mode or not, it would go either so far out or no where at all, which makes it hard to accurately land reels. Also notice the reeling mechanics slows down the longer the game running. Take a look at the player's arm and it'll be noticeably slower, no matter how fast you reel. A lot of time I ran into issues where I would get the required fish for the main story or hunts, but the game would not move on to the load screen, causing a reset and redoing the whole hunt/story mission. (This happen on a catching 20x of a fish for one hunt so there went 30+min -_-) Not really an issue but CINDY NEED TO STOP VISITING ME AFTER EVERY OTHER HUNT I COMPLETE! D:< This game does need a lot of work though on it and it just felt like a lazy work of a VR game. Sure the fishing can be fun (if the controls wanna work) but it has nothing much going for it, and these bugs just take away from the, already, low game. Really wish they stuck with the Prompto Shooting VR :/ But my 2 cents
  11. When I attempted this last year, I tried other alt characters with the same method, but did not work once I hit 1000 over the 4 characters. One Character has to hit 1000 leves, sadly. The same for any trophy on the list, one character has to meet the requirement for the trophy to unlock.
  12. Dead Rising HD is coming to the PS4 very soon, and in the form of a triple pack. You can choose to just get the game solo though. Release Dates Details: Digital (all three games) — September 13 Retail Disc (North America only) — Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 onlyDead Rising- September 13 Dead Rising 2 -September 27 Price Details: Digital bundle for $59.49. It includes all three games (Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2, and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record) Preorder Dead Rising Triple Pack for 16% off the normal bundle price at $49.99. Each game be sold separately for $19.99 Retail or Digital. (DR2:OTR will only be sold Digitally)
  13. The number is the population of Willamette, the town Dead Rising 1 take place in.
  14. Are you sure it 1000 Goldsmith crafts or 1000 total craft from all crafting classes? Sometimes these trophies are not always exact but usually pop anywhere from right on the mark to about 200 over. I had to catch 1200 fishes for that trophy. Keep crafting and it should pop
  15. I am not ready to attempt this platinum D: D: