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  1. Did anyone have the Zoo Keeper trophy still locked when getting all the masks?
  2. Do you have any guides that show how to get it now?
  3. Can I get all the online trophies with only one boosting partner?
  4. Can you get Olympian and For Valhalla (Odin and Zeus win related trophies) winning matches in training mode?
  5. Every time I try to play a challenge the timer starts, and after about 3 minutes it goes back to the main menu without having started the match. What can I do?
  6. It happens even for me
  7. .

    Ok guys, I just had to put free play lol.
  8. .

  9. Anyone knows how to unlock all the secret levels in this game?
  10. For now, Brawlhalla and Minecraft.
  11. It will be a really easy platinum, for sure. By the way, you know when this game will be released?
  12. Seems pretty easy for me because there are only trophies that say you must just complete levels.
  13. I have 4878 and it still not unlocking lol