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  1. An inquiring trophy-partner asked me if I was "well behaved". Hardly the worst thing, but just the sheer snobbery stands out in my memory. I honestly tried to appease him, but he ended up ghosting me anyway. Another someone commented "Bozo" on my boosting session. I didn't know this person, but I saw he had the target trophy in his cabinet, so I guessed that he was gatekeeping. Funny thing, I saw he'd been flagged for having cheated multiple CODs (and other games) and was absolutely pissed on, by the whole room, in his appeal thread. Something super broken with that ego; cheats COD but has to bark over a trophy hunt concerning the landing of refrigerator sized hitboxes in an assymetrical game. One I got in the wild that made me smile was "wow, you're so good you don't even have to look at me when you want to hit me". Darn right I won't be done in by your FOV exploits, lmao.
  2. Answer 2: I've played a demo. Think if I had an arcade controller, I would play it, and consider completion sometime in the far, far future, after playing casually. Answer 3: I think I'd buy something light that I will frequently notice but pass up, like "Kao The Kangaroo", or "A Hat In Time". Thanks for the shot.
  3. Does blessing totems that are actively hexed by the perk "Hex: Pentimento" count towards the Bless You trophy? I imagine those do count, but would like to hear it from someone if I can. EDIT: No, it's impossible to bless "Hex: Pentimento" in the first place.
  4. Guide Of The Year 2021 Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu Trophy Guide Final Fantasy XIV Trophy Guide by Rebourne07, MakoSOLIDER, and zekunlu The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Trophy Guide by RaveNScythE18 Gameplay Guide Toy Story 3 - The Collector & Gold Stars Guide by Lil-Gameboy123 Persona 5 Royal - 100% Perfect Schedule by Montyzu DLC GUIDE Mortal Shell - TheVirtuousCycle DLC Trophy Guide by Plattitudes and GinjAJ Aliens: Colonial Marines - Stasis Interrupted DLC Trophy Guide by NCSFan001 Retro Enthusiast Brütal Legend Trophy Guide by Xillynoc Rune Factory Oceans Trophy Guide by xFalionx, MMDE, and ObsiEez New-Age Enthusiast Aliens: Fireteam Elite Trophy Guide by Flynnerigan Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Original Content Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Tormented Souls Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Formatting Nexomon Trophy Guide by ObsiEez Windbound Trophy Guide by Trapswitch
  5. Was an almost relaxing 7 minutes for what it is; oncoming cars are very slow. Your truck has no momentum, it just stops if you release the thumbstick, so there's no reason to crash. Road Bustle's a busted chore that made me exploit, but this one's playable and doesn't overstay it's welcome...for more than like, 2 minutes.
  6. Something helpful to do if not using a turbo pad is to use both thumbs to hit the DS4's touchpad and cross-button simultaneously. The hit counter will rise as fast as if using a turbo pad. Thanks for the guide.
  7. I have trophies left to earn from PS4, and I'm reading the word "reset" a lot. Will touching DBD on PS5 reset existing trophy progress on my PS4 console? Or can I play PS5 now, and mop up the PS4 list (...on PS4) whenever, without loss? I'm sorry if this is a very ignorant question.
  8. I'm AR 18, and today learned a battle pass becomes available at AR 20. Had I known, I would've put a lid on my fruit/vegetable kleptomania, so I could push rank faster, and be rewarded for it later (BP challenges).
  9. Awhile after unlocking co-op, I changed it to "PartyChat?".
  10. I'd imagine the on-the-fly, dimension swapping mechanic would be very frustrating to manage, for anyone not already comfortable with regular platforming. I will say the MetroidVania, backtracking side of it was NOT complicated. Satisfying game for sure.
  11. "Blood on your face". I got this without slugging, and it was thrilling THAT way. The way players usually try to get it off me is not so thrilling. "Skilled Huntress" probably shouldn't be an achievement on console; While in-lobby, I'll get asked randomly to help boost it. Maybe instead of snipes, it can be like a 'hatchet-hit combo' that could actually discourage the use of Iridescent Head.
  12. I'm interested 🙂
  13. Don't Even Think I'm fresh from two multiplayer platinums that I played very hard for, and feel like I could do another right now. It was on my radar, but I decided to go for the "First Achievers" leaderboard on my last. Congratulations on a clear time of under one week, and beating the shutdown. 👏
  14. Dead by Daylight Dead by Daylight Plat No.110 "Collected all the trophies." Ultra Rare 0.2% PSN / Ultra Rare 1.71% PSNP Enjoyment Addictiveness: 10/10 Time Taken: 10 months, 1 week, 4 days (natural play). Actually my 2nd most recent platinum, but I don't wanna skip it. Some thoughts I had after hearing about this game on Steam in 2016...“Sounds intense, I wonder what that’s like”...“It looks ugly AF, and I’d die anyway, but nice concept”...Then when it came to PS in 2017, “Hmmm”. A year later to PS Plus, “Okay, I own it now. Someday, if I feel like piercing a toxic community, then I'll try it”. When the Netflix STRANGER THINGS partnership was announced in late 2018: “I’m giving this game my BEST shot. BITE me”. DBD is a 1v4 game where you choose between playing both many original, and licensed horror characters. I started out as a Killer, because a loss in that mode didn’t sound so bad. The other players just get away? Yeah, I’d risk hanging from a killer’s sacrificial hook AFTER I saw how a hundred other players dealt with me hunting them. I played only Hag in the beginning because she’s auto-selected on a fresh account, and I had no idea how to change characters (I thought I had to unlock them, lol). She’s a slow runner, designed around placing teleport traps, and camping the hook, so just happened to be perfect for the amoral monster that I was. It’s possible to end games very early as Killer, with survivors’ poor decision-making being a huge factor, but I learned that’s not generally what you want to do. The earlier you end a match, without having chased, hit and repeatedly hooked, then the less bloodpoints (for progression/resources) you'll receive. I could go on commenting on DBD, it’s mechanics, players, and my story, but the only thing I really want to impart is how awesome it feels as a survivor, when you’re injured (1-hittable), but you’ve looped the killer to a point where they willingly turn their back on you; you watch them leave, and suddenly you’re flanked by witnesses who rapidly restore your lost health state, so you can make more plays. This MP game can make you feel like you're the main character (pretty often), once you're halfway knowledgeable and bold. Also, that Lost Legacy “Don’t Ruin The Moment” platinum screenshot (a few pages back), with Chloe bracing against the giant water explosion is hilarious. 😂
  15. Hey, cool giveaway idea. I'd like to enter with my ROCKET ARENA platinum, thanks.
  16. Thank you for the opportunity. I voted Ghost, because I have TLOU on digital pre-order. There's no way I'm buying both, so this is sick! 😃
  17. Bought it. Congrats on your find, and thanks a lot for sharing.
  18. The +30% Glove DEF skill is all I've been missing for the platinum, for ages. I would've made first 50, if not for that. I compared all my armor skills, and figured that had to be it, but also wondered if it wasn't glitched for me. Gloves were always the last protection to break, if they broke at all. I think that's how to gain gear skills, right? By taking damage? I kept replaying an orc Colosseum on hard, going for a very slow victory. Guarding until at least one glove broke, and then salvaging the win (not easy, solo). Lost heart eventually, but it's good to know I was right about the last skill I need. Knowing that, I may be able to jump back in the wringer, if I can just read what acquiring that skill was like for somebody else.
  19. I'm assuming you're in the market for one? Then for your consideration... Edit: These may not be available for your PS Store region.
  20. @Alderriz I think you'd be interested in playing Just Cause 2, and Mercenaries 2: Playground of Destruction. Your second idea immediately makes me think of the oil rig missions. I'm linking a few YouTube videos that illustrate. Hopefully they will allow you to indulge your own imagination some more 😁. A really fun guide for the Mercs 2 rig Time-specific Link BTW (Underwater-observing-climbing rig) Not the cleanest gameplay, so I'd only watch until 6:45 Clean & to the point gameplay. (Aerial assault + Daytime raid) A better video; I just think the previous link is immediately evocative of the picture you were painting. Clean & to the point gameplay. (Sea Assault + Nighttime Raid)
  21. I credit my trophy almost equally to trolling around, as I do to making regular use of the power. I was repeatedly shocking a team at an exit (standing a respectful distance away) when it popped. Sometimes I'd only shock in-chase, and eventually a player would stand vulnerable & take it, once she realized I wasn't going to swing at her, and so could buy time for nothing. I never took as much advantage as I could've, because that's demoralizing; I'd go back on the offensive for points. I do think getting some shocks in after a loss, instead of promptly forcing the team out is good insurance.
  22. I've been having this issue myself, only very recently. I can no longer queue PS4 downloads remotely from either the web store, or the PS app (PS3 and Vita are working, unchanged). After reading in this thread, I've tried queuing remotely while the console is powered on, and that DOES work. If this is a deliberate change, it defeats what I thought the purpose was.
  23. I don't feel protective over Joel & Ellie. If they're thrown into a meat grinder (proverbial meat grinder, IDK the leaks), then y'know, cool. The original concluded nicely, so the sequel may as well be insane, IMV. Anyway, I'm buying it to play, see & judge for myself. I uh, also want to laugh at all of the roasts, if it's terrible.
  24. Leon's early Campaign was very jarring for me; I was actually disgusted when I started it. He's the fan favorite, so I think that it being such a hot, dimly-lit mess and available to select from the get-go, really hurts initial impressions. It does get better, IMO. All of the coolest stuff happens in Sherry & Jake's Campaign, but who chose to play that first?
  25. Milestone: 8,000th Trophy Unknown Caller "Complete Mission 2" Didn't know what would pop, only that it was going to be something from this game I started. Mission 2 is about-- I appreciate that sorta thing. Anyway, I like this trophy tile and title. Makes me think of Hotline Miami too, so I'm happy.