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  1. DISCLAIMER: Tried dressing up my opener but it struck me as silly. Decided to beat it with a silly stick instead of agonizing. The sentiments are true, it's just the wording will raise eyebrows. Also my post as a whole is very self indulgent. Felt like writing, and used this as my excuse to. Milestone: 100th Platinum Trophy Fundead Legionnaire Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (PS4) For my centennial platinum, I returned to an odd creation that previously swept away oodles of cynicism for me on the PlayStation 3. A funny, friendly frag-fest galore-lously gooped in green & gray goofiness where everyone's a winner at the post-revelry, results page. My slaphappy double-dip into wonderful PopCap Games' gaga, whimsy-gunplay wasn't a party which I possessed heart to attend again for some nine hundred ninety-six moons. Even when the publisher gifted the rave away for free. See, I'd partook in so much of this high time, fun-bash already. Plus who knew how long I'd have to wait before RNG revealed the pieces of my favorite plants & rotten athletes. As it happens, I'd never see my main bush this time around. A burst-firing sunflower who was a brisk slayer in my hands. Honestly those games with her are the only ones where I've seen a committed healer be crowned with a skull at the end. What a raw heartache to not be reunited as heroes for a second conquest. Tesoro mio girasoli, ti amerò per sempre...! My darling sunflower, I'll always love you. Garden Crazy Complete a Garden Ops match on Crazy Difficulty Garden Ops showed more resistance than other memories readied me for. Defending my garden from atop "Sharkbite Shores" westernmost overpass, I was caught in a strenuous place between death & defeat, where I struggled. Scoped by soldiers and harassed by mechanic splash fire...All the while countering abominable, disco dancing & Transylvanian space invaders along my sliver of a geologic warship, as the horde below works to crush the past half hour into bitter smithereens... Dream freezer is what I called Yeti. Enormous but jittery as a bug, and then he's gone. Teleported somewhere, and now you had better slip the incoming fastball. "Oh, what's that? Fighting off a six pronged assault? Well here's some auto-targeted ice rain over your cover. Better find someplace else to die while winter rages! Don't forget to write! Fuck it, wait up! I've always, ALWAYS wanted to see the inside of that crevice!" Yeti brought the heat. I entered Garden Ops alone but with an open lobby. The first randoms to get caught up in this madness were three chompers, and a sunflower with a tank complex. All would spent most of their time spectating me, because they were dead. Sometimes I'd pick one up where I ostensibly deemed I could, but there wasn't sense in it. I just hoped to show them, "hey". "Look at me picking you up. What if you weren't playing a plant who has to digest a target? What if you could do splash damage? What if you had super speed and a super jump like me? What if you had a gatling gun or a big bomb?" After the garden fell, they chose to be chumps again. Twice. I quit to shake em, not totally wanting to close any doors with my boot. I fought some failing battles alone, while more randoms wandered in & out. Eventually these would manifest as... A smart rapid-fire sunflower, studied in the art of caution. A spark spewing chomper who liked the short leash. Lastly a fire cactus, always angling for a target. They were an adorable ground force, and together we made a pretty kick-ass team. I'd even occasionally have the luxury of abandoning my overwatch position, because the fight had clearly gone to their corner. The sunflower also went out of her way to heal me up when I came down. I couldn't believe it. Though, I don't mean to paint too pretty a picture. Some waves were on me to finish, and continue cards were definitely consumed, but these plants were fighters, no fucking doubt. Hardboiled Endgame Account Another violent wave behind us, I'm watching from my rocky high perch as sunflower races off from our hard kept beachfront garden, away into the greater map and blankly wondering why. "This isn't like you". When the announcement sounds; garbled gibberish that let us still gaping know formally. Get to the extraction point. Crazy Dave is coming. "Crap!" Memories of last gen kick me hard. I'd lost a fortune in time already. Off I go! Look at me guys, c'mon GO! Twisting to shoot a pea their way as I drop from safety. Chomper snaps his jaws, and I feel terror for him. It's a long way to trot. I hope he won't fumble his lifeline. I haven't yet reached cover when like judgement day the horde appears; zombie soldiers gas grenades already fuming royal hued despair as I move sidelong into the fog, firing my cannon in a bid to end what reanimated life I can for my friends behind me...and for myself ahead. Once behind cover, hungry corpse heads fall loosely to the earth while others stare down at it, suspended as their bodies arch forward to pelt us with the missiles carried on their backs. Tiny monsters with lit fuses run amok; giddy at the thought of dying a second time, they try to surround us. Graveyards rise in every direction, and I know a Goliath isn't far behind. "Will we endure?" Crucial moments later, with my friends securing the zone marker, I break for the closest grave site. "I can't let us be buried dammit"...The dead pursue while I chase doom, around the mounds of stone, until I reach it. Loosing a chili bomb to distract those who stand near. I spring onto a house roof where I plant my pea-gatling and set it to work against the pillar summoning devils; it seems to inhale this inferno and spit it out. The sinister structure now evaporated, I am entertaining a run at another when my life is shortened in a sudden duel. Cursing, I give shy resistance to advancing parties on my retreat; my friends have been holding the line. We will trade revives & hope as our fates become less & less certain. This circle isn't safe, but we can't wander far. In one last act of insurance, our bodies huddle together inside the glowing zodiac as the moment comes. Dave steers in just as our light is breached, making me breathe a sigh of relief but then I realize it. I've misunderstood the animation. We didn't get on that trailer. The zone was hot. Dave couldn't risk extraction. We didn't escape. Good try guy. The turn of events was too sudden, too under my nose to really upset me. Tired eyed, I readied up. Two of the randoms did the same, amazing me. Did we share the same thirst? Yes, they knew that victory had been ours to pocket, but was sneakily stolen in mid gesture. They'd fight the zombies again and take it back. Time be damned. A unfamiliar name enters the lobby; our handiwork on full display. Gives me satisfaction knowing he sees it. Maybe he'd play harder because. The game starts and we synchronously head back west to raise a garden, with the new peashooter falling into line. Defenses planted, I spring up to assume my post on the overpass. The fresh face makes his own way up and emotes at me. A showy, reclining pose. His ascent was much more confident than randoms before. Jaded & anxious, I'm already moving towards a far edge. "I've been here awhile, guy. Get ready. The zombies are coming." Well that's the end of my creative retelling. Suffice it to say the peashooter knew the high ground game I was playing, and played it too. Having a partner up there was fun but could also be a deathtrap. So at times I'd descend to give him easier maneuverability, and draw fire. During extraction, I was knocked after picking up a teammate and worried I'd have to get there a third time. Having also killed the threat, I was peeved that he scrambled away, but it's a tense bit, and his camera was pointed towards his own corpse at the time, so I could only blame myself for placing faith. Everyone else escaped and the trophy popped. Wasn't the happy ending I wanted; missing out on the coin bonus hurt, and just the idea of dying, but it'd taken a whole afternoon plus to get it. Sunflower readied up for the third time that day, and I had to admire the check for a few moments before I left. At least I could forget about this now. The Last Second Defuse a Gnome Bomb with Less Than 3 Seconds Remaining This trophy proved to be something of a personal conflict for me. There were many opportunities to force it before I did. I'd be standing in cover behind a ticking gnome, staring down at a recently deceased teammate, who was obviously waiting for pickup and just not have the heart to watch him die. Over & over again. Once up, he'd immediately disarm the bomb. I convinced myself this was okay, that it'd come in due time. Eventually the lobby emptied out and I would wish for a time machine only to travel back and just fuck SOMEBODY over. When I was left alone, I'd try arming a gnome then respawning to the opposite team. However if it wasn't the spawn distance, then it was new players preventing me from disarming my own bomb. I never did get blood on my hands, but I did leave the lobby feeling a little disappointed with myself over this one. Garden Tour Be on the Winning Team for 25 matches of Gardens & Graveyards Trophy started to feel pretty real after I was ready to see it pop. While tempting to try team- switching in a pinch, it's almost always unjustified because every garden can be defended or taken. Getting steamrolled as a plant or stonewalled as a zombie means little until the clock is counting down the very final seconds, and then there's still the possibility of overtime. I can understand the play, but going turncoat and then seeing your old compatriots pull through anyway? I can tell you that feels pretty bad. Having played some long sessions, I can report that never quitting will eventually isolate the lobby, meaning you won't see replacements for dwindling ranks. This leads to one-sided games, until invariably, it's just you and one other guy who will refuse to play defense. About the decision to make Garden Warfare number 100 Well it can be boiled down to predicament and convenience. As well as admittedly some anxiety. I was some hours into Death Stranding and believed I had my milestone queued. Then I bought a new TV with the intent of continuing on there, because gosh those visuals. However I was also in the middle of a move, and didn't want to unbox yet, so I quit playing it all together. Post-move, it was so easy to set my old Sony down, I just went with it. Began cleaning up Detroit: Become Human, and wondered if I shouldn't maybe go with that. Immersive as heck experience, but I was almost a little too relieved once I'd satisfied the requirements. I'd seen events I didn't want to see and memorized others. So I popped it. Number ninety-nine. New TV still in the box. I scrolled my xmb, stopping on Plants. Hadn't touched it since a day after Garden Ops, five months ago. I could kill some time prepping that plat for an immediate 101st. Problem was when it was ready. Postponement felt like having parked a motorbike on the edge of a cliff and walking away. I kept thinking about my bike. Whether time or circumstance might topple her to the floor. How I'd have to ride up again. If the roads will stay safe. Anyway, the bike stood lonely for five nights. On the sixth day, I came running back! Vroom! Platinum #100.
  2. Once I noticed the title, I first thought to recommend a stack of films from your shared collection. I'm glad you've taken the time to catalog it here, so we can try to be more insightful. I have tons to say but firstly, you seem to be missing out (at least to my eyes) on some of what South Korean cinema has given the world. There's a handful of those I want to recommend straight away. Starting with... The Man From Nowhere (2010) Grounded film with excellent gun-play. Familiar premise but the actors are believable and engaging. A full story with satisfying action. Not a popcorn flick. Don't watch more than 55 seconds of the trailer. No Tears for the Dead (2014) Grounded. Provocative. Same writer/director as the previous film. Another engaging lead. This movie has a larger conflict. There's incredible gun battles. I mean absolutely jaw dropping extended sequences. The Chaser (2008) Grounded thriller. I'm including this because you listed Crime as a preferred genre. Not martial arts per se, but has utterly convincing choreography. Outstanding cat v. mouse movie. Won a couple 'best film' awards, internationally. Public Enemy (2002) & Another Public Enemy (2005) I've owned these for years but never played. They have a very good reputation though. I didn't want to close out my South Korean list without including them. The Warrior (2001) This is one that's hard to chance across with the generic & common title, but it's not a bland film at all. Isn't really on Amazon, but is readily available on eBay for cheap. The only trailer on YT is awful, but IMDB has one that justly represents the film (linked). That does it for Korean cinema. If you enjoy what I've showcased, I'd invite you to explore further. Moving on now... So Close (2002) Hyper stylized popcorn flick. U.S. trailer sells this film perfectly. I've gotta say it has a good dub that's not a distraction for me, insofar as the girls go. Worth a mention that every woman I've shown this to has loved it. If anything YOU may do some eye-rolling, but I thought it was smartly balanced, or well worth sitting through the sentimental fluff at minimum. The finale is fire. Everyone says. Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007) This is a gorgeous, sprawling, and way affecting film with extraordinary battlefield scenes. If you like epics, this is that. Probably burns a little slow in spots for some, but god the payoffs... IMDB says a sequel's in pre-production? Same director is attached? I didn't even know. Holy. Shit. Nomad: The Warrior (2005) Same director as Mongol. Just like the quote on the box, it's got big battle after big battle. More palatable too; it's just a very stirring and romantic war adventure without the heavy, somber themes. Death Trance (2005) A personal favorite of mine. Definitely strange or manga-like. There's lots of impassioned action and a cool aesthetic throughout. Really enjoyed all of the performances (some are nuts!) and the wild score. The dub is also excellent; I love both audio language tracks on this one truthfully. Versus (2000) If you enjoy Death Trance then you may as well try this. Undeniably cool cartoon choreography, but also slapped together and wholly nonsensical. The DVD double feature is very affordable. Azumi (2003) Another that you'd want to look at. A decent popcorn flick. Moving on... Samurai Fiction (1998) I see Red Shadow (2001) is part of your collection. If you enjoy that film, you may want to place this one alongside it. Same director. Same endearing qualities. Funny and full of heart. A crowd pleaser. True Legend (2010) Hold up a moment. I've seen a couple posters recommend Bunraku (2010). I had to split that film up into two viewings. Wasn't a bad movie, just dragged a lot for the 2 hrs runtime IMHO. Big fan of Hartnett/Harrelson but I didn't care for the lengthy and repetitive Perlman/Moore scenes. Anyway, I know you already said that wasn't your bag, which now brings me to another sub-genre you cautioned against. Fantasy. Well I don't like straight mysticism in my kung-fu either, because I think it looks lame & makes for stunted action even in the biggest blockbusters, but True Legend is on another level. Something rich to witness. The fights are intense. The story's deeply fulfilling. If you haven't played this, I hope you will, and long before you ever put Bunraku onto your disc tray. The remainder of my list may be a stretch, but I'm still going there... Kibakichi (2004) & Kibakichi 2 (2004, yes.) Werewolf samurai movies. With committed performances and bloody action. Werewolf samurai movies. A pretty good time honestly. Guyver 2: Dark Hero (1994) I see a few Mighty Morphin Power Rangers films in your collection, so that's why I'm being this bold. 2 hrs of R-rated early 90's alien power suit action. A MMPR kid's dream, answered (it was my grail). This stars David Hayter, who's known here for voicing Solid Snake, but the original PG-13 attempt from 1991 has Mark Hamil (Luke in Star Wars / famous voice of the Joker). I never saw it but there's no sense in starting with a watered down film that's also cheesier by all accounts. You can get the director's cut of that on blu-ray, but you can still rent or buy the 2nd in HD digitally on Amazon. Mechanical Violator Hakaider (1995) Since I brought up The Guyver, just see if the first 12 seconds of this trailer don't completely sell you. The stand alone release is rare now, but there's a still affordable triple feature DVD called The Keita Amemiya Collection (2003). The Good The Bad The Weird (2008) You did say you didn't like mash-ups with cowboys, but this is no The Warrior's Way (2010). This is like a whole believable world customized from the dirt up. It's actually astonishing. Super entertainment that left me smiling for days. Cast is unreal. Shaolin Soccer (2001) I'll sign off by echoing the praises of this film, even though you've already committed here to eventually buying a copy. I've personally never laughed harder at any movie. You don't have to fucking like soccer. That's a common trepidation. It's not soccer, it's bananas. Worth going into completely blind.
  3. Dead by Daylight: STRANGER THINGS Chapter Denied! In public matches, close the hatch 30 times. PSN Ultra Rare 0.5%. This is my first trophy from the chapter. Gosh, it's been really fun hunting so many Steves & Nancies. I hope the community gets Starcourt Mall from S3 in the future. If not that, then an original mall. Anyway, hatches are pretty cool. It's visible (somewhere) the entire match, but only opens once a single survivor is left alive. Unless a special key is found/brought-in and consumed so that it becomes a viable means of escape for everyone until the killer shuts it, triggering the endgame. They make this loud ethereal sound when they're open. The lore is they're tunnels that lead back to the campfire.
  4. II Reach prestige Level II with any character. PSN Rarity: Ultra Rare 4.2% In Dead by Daylight prestige is available once Level 50. There's a cap of one million experience points that you can accumulate. I've only been advancing prestige when I've hit it, so I don't have to play without a set of halfway decent perks. Takes me all the way to Level 35. Wasn't as lucky with the RNG the second time, as far as what I wanted to get, but Iron Grasp hasn't been completely unwelcome. Got the bloody weapon, bloody pants, and now guess I'm looking forward to a bloody shirt.
  5. Blood in your mouth In public matches, kill a total of 15 survivors PSN Rarity: Ultra Rare 2.2% Started playing Dead By Daylight solely because it licensed the Stranger Things IP. As much fun as I've had in any multiplayer game online though. About this trophy, killing 'by your own hand' isn't something that can be done outside of special circumstances. It can feel gratifying, cheap or just useful. Depends on what you're facing. Also a cool way to die if you haven't seen the killer's animation.
  6. From the kickstarter page...Though we’re a small independent game company, we've been successfully developing video games together as a team for nearly 20 years. During that time we’ve created games for: Microsoft, EA, LucasArts, Activision, Ubisoft, Mattel and major brands like Transformers, and Barbie. We even made a Spyro the Dragon game, our "rival"! Good for you guys. I hope to see Ty's trilogy on PS4, I really do. So, may your Switch sales pave the way for it, friends.
  7. To me, NeverDead fits the bill perfectly for "risky game that isn't even very good". I imagine I liked it more than most, and I still found it very tedious and disappointing. It's an excellent challenge, and not much else. Maybe check out the cinematics, but don't let them sell you (like I did).
  8. I cleared all of the timed arena Hard Onslaught Challenges with one capable partner (we got very close kill counts). With the exception of Apartments: it's a courtyard with a two story building that has entrances on the left & right. We'd kill down to the last demon(s) in a wave, then search frantically for the final mobile target(s). Those usually being flying harpies & lost puppies. Harpies try to keep their distance, & can take a moment to shoot down if they gain altitude. Demons will also get stuck in the map, running in-place in odd areas. We never had enough time left at the end to finish the double boss fight. Gun pickups do not respawn, only the ammo does. If you don't have gun skills equipped, do not steal ANY guns. If there's only two of you, then define what's acceptable. Skills purchased in SP are equippable in MP, except for the penultimate one that prevents loss of limbs (making you invulnerable). The best way to farm 'wallet' EXP is very early in the game, at the first boss fight "Sword Pig". IIRC, once you absorb the XP orbs & the star icon comes on-screen detailing your total XP, you'll need to quickly pause the game and reload the last checkpoint. Before I knew about that, I used a late game method "Double Panda" for hours, and can say the Sword Pig method is undeniably faster and easy by comparison. Skills are locked from purchase until you complete a necessary chapter, so you will need to play a campaign to get fighting ready for Hard co-op. Something I've seen no one mention is how hard this game is on your right-hand thumb. You swing your sword with the right analog stick. The faster you move the stick, the faster Bryce swings the sword. It's very tiring to play SP at length for this reason, and to play a melee-build in co-op, where you're on the clock & need to get shit killed, it's exhausting. You will need one dedicated gunner in co-op, absolutely. There is a stubby chain-ball demon-type impervious to blades, who will eat your timer if someone doesn't have stacked gun skills. I'd recommend swapping the role out between attempts, or even having two gunners if the other two can play great swordsmen (you need swordsmen for the most prevalent demon-type, and spawn stations). Search & Rescue on Agency HQ, is a nightmarish tower maze that at least one of you will need to learn by heart (every second counts). Search & Rescue on Police Station is straightforward, but has nightmarish tight hallways with explosive dogs constantly rushing your civilian from both ends. IMO, the skill Healing Bullets is a must for Search & Rescue (someone should have multiple grades stacked). You can't count on it though (won't help a dead civvie). My team was three hunters strong for all Hard Search & Rescues (two swordsmen, one gunner). The game has a few nice pre-rendered cinematics, but it's mostly just one scene, chopped up & recycled. The modern day story is flat, and only 2/4 of the villains are any fun to listen to. There's an annoying pre-teen used as a plot device/escort mission(?). There's nothing exceptionally weird about the game, other than puzzles & navigation that force you to self decapitate, for rolling & hopping around the level. Some of those tasks are almost obtuse & all of them are irritating. There's a twice-occurring joke level kinda like Deadpool's opening but with platforming, collectibles & metroidvania elements (geez), and there's even a trophy there to concern yourself with, so you'll be wearing those visual jokes very thin. Hard campaign is a real challenge, especially the final two bosses. The second to last is extremely mobile, cheap & will forcefully regenerate his entire health bar if given the opportunity. The final boss has checkpoints, but it still takes a force of will to reach every single one of them. NeverDead's a really cool platinum if you want something to kick your teeth in, but as a general hunt I would avoid it fearfully. Anyway, my two cents. Not sure what else I can say about it; I had to pop my disc in to remember some of the challenge names. Maybe to just go into it with (some) hunters that have previous accomplishments in action games, who you trust will make themselves finish it or else forever feel shame.
  9. I had to search to find this thread but I'm blur-ging it b a c k. 7,000th Trophy MilestoneChallenger [3.67%] "Master the Blur Challenges". Earned the clean way, on my 381st multiplayer race. I had the choice of having "Living Legend?" [6.14%]. It was my 6,999th but that's not what I want people to think. I'm just a challenger in the race.
  10. Photo Finish Finish a race 0.1 seconds or less ahead of another player online. Happened on my 243rd race. 😅
  11. Omega Virus Public Match: As Blofeld, kill everyone else in the match Didn't think I'd get a shot at this trophy requiring nine other players. Joined a session initially last year -- it came up short & hunters moved on. Host owned five copies. Found out a friend's friend had four copies, but lost hope & sold them all. Made a dot org post and forgot about it. The first session was effortless. The second was DOA, but router resets & shuffling hosts saved the day, ultimately.
  12. Still stacks of games I want to enjoy or otherwise enjoy hunting at my own snail's pace. I'll never just shove my PS3 into a box, but I will play it less if and when trophy syncs are disabled without an official workaround.
  13. TRAILER (gives too much away) Available on NETFLIX (US). R-Rated fairy tales; very nice to look at & listen to, just don't go in expecting battles. 2 hours, 13 minutes.
  14. Platinum #69 - Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [Achieve All Trophies] 09/21/2018 I was addicted to Chivalry when it released; first person melee is my favorite thing. When I last played it, 3 years & 7 months ago, my three remaining trophies were dependent on unlocking the next (final) tiers of three ranged weapons. I didn't enjoy playing just for the sake of that, and when I later accepted a 1v1 "Duel" for the first time, I lost all of my painstaking Batman & Adventure Time character customization's. That's what finally pushed me off the platinum, until I decided to self boost a week ago.