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  1. I just ordered The Persistence and SUPERHOT VR for 20 euro!

    nice deal's here in the local gamestore's (NLD).

  2. I'm pretty sure that is exactly what the OP is asking for Screenshot on the official spyro site is the same as on So i don't know what you mean with "old news" cause OP is referring to this. You want the publisher to rewrite their statements each day/month so it isnt "old news" ?
  3. Its auto based. As confirmed on twitter. So it is re-sell-able. so NO Code you need to enter for the downloads Source: also see comments in above news.
  4. I've added the requested games. The top 10 is now: # Game Genre Rating Trophy Rating Hours to 100% Rating and Time Combined 15 Job simulator Simulation 7.0 1 4 5 4 The Playroom VR Party 7.6 3 3 6 2 Moss Platform 8.6 2 7 9 3 The Inpatient Horror 6.1 2 8 10 5 Robinson: The Journey Adventure / Explorer 6.8 3 10 13 1 Astro Bot Rescue Mission Platform 9.0 2 15 17 10 Untill dawn: Rush of Blood Horror / Shooting 7.7 7 10 17 6 SUPERHOT VR Shooter 7.2 4 20 24 7 The persistence Shooter / Survival 8.3 5 20 25 9 RE7 Biohazard Horror / Survival 7.8 5 25 30 Please keep the VR games coming!
  5. DLC's are kinda bullshit. Just finish the game properly and add it to the main content Atleast i hope the story is great for catwomen. the mainstory collectibles regarding her were kinda introducing the dlc ofcourse... So 4 hours for around 6,5 bucks? I've played games for 7 bucks that lasted 40 hours 🙄
  6. I got my plat yesterday on GTA San andreas. A great way to show people it's not only about graphics, the whole game should be solid :)

  7. I've added Job simulator to the basic section. The other games will be added in a few hours.
  8. Added more info regarding trophies. It links towards the trophy guides. Amount of hours to complete it 100% added. Also I added a tabel regarding the top 15 easiest games to get a 100%/plat trophy. I could use some more input regarding games you played/liked the most!! Help me out
  9. Hey! Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the ratings. The main target here is to provide info about the PSVR games, its not only based on trophies. But, your point that it is a trophy website is legit, so ill add some more info about the trophies. Only problem is that most VR games don't really have trohpy guides, so that will be hard.
  10. GTA san Adreas - Just completed the main story Assassin creed Oddessey - Still busy with the story line , just found
  11. Added Farpoint and Zero Hour Firewall. Some games are missing the trophy difficulty. If you have any clue, let me know!
  12. Hello! I've been struggling with this one too.... What I tried: 1. Look at the trophy list beforehand, you will get a general idea of what to do 2. Watch a video for a bit, and try to remember the objectives. When doing this for collectibles, try to remember 5 of them. 3. What JFThebestJan said, you could use your ingame browser or Youtube app, but i don't know it that works really well. 4. Quick glance at your profile I only see Batman. I think you mean those collectibles?
  13. Both added. I didn't know headmaster. Looks like a fun game, only using head!
  14. How do i make HTML code work in my forum topic?

    1. knoef_NL


      ~Solved. It cant :')

  15. I Added Skyrim and RE7. I really hate it that Skyrim vr is not accessible trough the regular game... Just like Borderlands 2 VR, which will require you to buy it again... Edited! You deserve a prize! Hehe Yhea, there have been a few, but mainly rather odd games and developed by Sony themselves. The VR games are always an added "bonus" . A full game within the giveaway would be nice indeed! Something simple like job simulator or Batman would been a good starter don't you think?