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  1. 3 hours left and the giveaway will close. enter here: 

    Games like Genesis, Planet RIX-13 and many more are being given away

  2. i'll be giving away a total of 52 games this Thursday! Make sure you check out my twitter for all the games participating and give it a shot when the day comes! 

  3. Welcome on the forum Did you pick the right dialogue to let the frog stay?
  4. Hey - No. You can recruit them in different lives. Guide should be up tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Hey - I think you want to achieve all trophies while doing so. Just keep playing - You could simulate a few matches by performing horrible, but keep the trophies in mind.
  6. Giveaway is shaping up nicely. Currently, 37 codes are present, divided over 12 different games. 
    Giveaway(14-2) will take place on Twitter, this is one of the requirements from the developers.
    Check out my twitter(@KnoefNL) for the latest updates :)

    Games present: Squishies VR , Melbits World, Horizon Chase turbo, Factotum 90, Super Skull smash go! 2 turbo, Halloween forever, Sigi: A Fart for Melusina, Trickster VR, Stereo Aereo, Prison Boss VR and Planet RIX-13

  7. The biggest winner is the community, having all those great guides up here
  8. I've got over 30 games to giveaway on 14-FEB! make sure to follow @KnoefNL on twitter and join in :)

    1. knoef_NL


      Games present are (and more will follow): Squishies, Trickster VR, Prison Boss VR, Suicide Guy Sleepin' Deeply, Planet RIX-13, stereo AEREO, Factotum 90, SSS Go! 2 turbo, Halloween Forever, Melbits World and horizon Chase turbo

    2. PvtVoid


      Gimme those VR games :D 

  9. OH my god, 2 people have this platinum now >:) Should take around 40-60 hours, as mentioned before. It's a 5/10 with some grinding.
  10. I'm doing a giveaway soon :) So far i've got 14 games to giveaway
    (1x squishies, 3x suicide guy and 10x Planet RIX-13)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. knoef_NL


      Probably on twitter. Not sure yet.

    3. PvtVoid


      Found you! (I think) I've followed so I'll be updated :) 

    4. knoef_NL


      haha yhea, that's me 

  11. Looking great guys! Happy to see that each one of you has their own set of beloved games. Keep them coming
  12. Indeed it is DKShadow from Team17. I've been granted early access, and I'm working on a guide. It will take you around 40-60 hours for the platinum.
  13. We should ban them all, all of them!!!!!!!!! The people posting 3 video guides on Drowning, is kinda much yhea
  14. Hello all, Here are all the trophies for the upcoming game "Drowning" It is a 1/10 difficulty and takes 3-4 hours to 100%. If you have questions, let me know.