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  1. Evening, The trophy is currently bugged. It requires 5 power-ups instead of 3. The na version should be patched, EU will follow in a couple of days
  2. It's a great game, it gets easier as you unlock more heroes, really loved it...!
  3. Hello Goor Sir Lickitung, Would you mind checking out the following guide, and let me know if it doesn't answer your question? https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/kotodama-trophy-guide/
  4. Hi, What's the region and platform you try to find it on?
  5. It's 100+ hours as you have to play atlest 100 hours for the stickers.
  6. Writing a guide for this game is plain simple It's the specific trophies that are hard, but that doesn't make it hard to write the guide, as requirements are clear
  7. They banned my lovely website, www.*** , but are allowing all other websites. Totally agreeing with you. The content can be found on google, no need to share it in a thread
  8. Sony pulled the plug. Stop hating dev's. Anyhow; This game will be a bit longer as usual. It's also 18$, instead of the usual 5$. Should be a couple of hours long. Prob faster if you skip everything. We'll have a guide out soon, as we are already playing it.
  9. This might be the flat version of the game. Also, it's a new list. It's has a lot of new trophies than the original list.
  10. Learning curve needs to be included to :') Otherwise all games would be the same difficulty.
  11. Hi, I've talked to @RatalaikaGames and it seems very unlikely that the game will de-install itself. perhaps someone is trolling you in your home?
  12. No, theatre is not needed. It contains 10 pictures, which are useless.
  13. Hi all, Think I might be one of the few people that got it early. In my case I got it to write a Trophy Guide, so i'm actually putting in effort to publish it before release. That way, all of us hunters can play the game with a guide, if they so wish. Disabling trophies could work for reviewers, but certainly not for me
  14. https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/spongebob-squarepants-battle-for-bikini-bottom-rehydrated-trophy-guide/ video: