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  1. Thor is pretty tough to beat, but you'll get it after a few tries.
  2. ... :)!
  3. On behalf of the Knoef Team, for the mentions! Let us know if more games need covering
  4. Don't copy paste our content like that. Thanks.
  5. The developer (Mike) is working on a fix.
  6. Did a second full run with patch 1.01, Full closet trophy + trophy for collecting all crows didn't pop.
  7. Hey guys, Sir LoveLot will be out on 3.3.2021 for PS4, Xbox & Nintendo Switch. The Developer (PixelGames) provided me with a trophy list, to share with you all. Have a look below! A trailer for the game can be found here:
  8. They said December, so guess they still got 2 weeks.. Would be fun, could finally play with some buddies!
  9. Should release today.
  10. Why would you give up a game because of a name? It's a 1/2 hour platinum game.
  11. EA is as crap as can be, trophy icons or not.
  12. Evening, The trophy is currently bugged. It requires 5 power-ups instead of 3. The na version should be patched, EU will follow in a couple of days
  13. It's a great game, it gets easier as you unlock more heroes, really loved it...!
  14. Hello Goor Sir Lickitung, Would you mind checking out the following guide, and let me know if it doesn't answer your question? https://***/trophy-guides/ps4-guides/kotodama-trophy-guide/
  15. Hi, What's the region and platform you try to find it on?