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  1. According to lightwood, it's a 1h platinum. "'I think it'll be a 1-hr platinum with a guide, and it's one of those where you can set up all the solutions except for one letter, so it can register on as only taking about 5 minutes, if you're into that kind of thing "
  2. My writers are from Canada, so they are currently sleeping. They will reply once they are awake
  3. Hey - I've been to 3 live concerts of Europe, and i've seen them perform "The Final Countdown" live!. It goes like this: TUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTUTU WE ARE LEAVING TOGETHER *Headbang* But still it's farewell *GITAR SOLO* IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Hope this helps!
  4. Well you need to complete all 120 puzzles... :P!
  5. I've got the guide ready to publish tomorrow. It's an 1 hour platinum trophy.
  6. Hey - Guide writers post their soon-to-be-guides in here: You will have more luck finding somebody to help you in that topic! Best of luck, fellow writer.
  7. Please tell me it's not a giant bugg in that game again :P!
  8. Lets be honest; you are a pro.
  9. Had our first anniversary this week. Should you be looking for some great giveaways, check out:


  10. Yhea, you work together with up to 3 AI players(4 cars), lowest is you + another AI. (2 cars) So yes that stupid AI keeps repairing the base, so he steals the repair points...
  11. I'm not to sure about the Emergency 911 trophy. Seems a bit much those points required. A.I kinda keeps repairing the base too?
  12. It's not a requirement for the platinum trophy, tho.
  13. Why don't you go watch a review and a gameplay video... Pretty sure there are plenty out there since the game is ancient.
  14. Damn, what a news! it's really stupid he got fired in the first place for an Allegation, there wasn't any proof or court that ruled him guilty.