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  1. 3 sources that claim it could be bugged: Don't think anyone would cheat on that trophy, it's rather easy to obtain. Other trophies have a logical order.
  2. The publisher is going to patch, so enjoy for now
  3. Great topic! Haven't seen a good one in ages.
  4. You already excluded a giant group by making the default rarity that of PSNProfiles and not that of PSN Sony. Including the default group of gamers would add a lot more rarity to the trophies in general.
  5. You can always check here if you need help
  6. We got the platinum, after the patch today.
  7. Hey - The publisher is having trouble publishing the list online. It's a common issue from them. We have a dude (I forgot his name) who always spams the developers to put those online. I'll go ahead and send them a D on our behalf
  8. GL with beating him. Hi back from cheese-nation.
  9. 4th is Neon junction, Warlock should already be out.
  10. I still love @Parker tho. Welcome Both!
  11. Gwent could be a good one to start with. It's also Free to Play.
  12. Xbox has some "better" games on that list imo. I believe you can download them on the Xbox, where you will have to stream (most) of the ps now games.
  13. PS Now is a great concept (like Xbox Game pass), but it's not really what it should be. Game pass is a lot better, in terms of the amount of games and play-ability. Think it's a good thing they are teaming up, will only improve their services and games
  14. Here are 10, including text guides & video walkthrough. Set-up by me, @IBadDriverI & @The Blakk Vulture