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  1. It's from Sometimes you, by the way.
  2. Would like to state that I also feel that Ratalaika is going too far wtih these EZPZ lists now. Knowing they will release one game every week for the remaining of the year, this won't stop anytime soon. It's sad to see that some players actually have 200 platinum trophies by only doing the ratalaika stacks. They can easily add some harder trophies into the game, and require around ~10 hours to get a platinum ( Like Devious Dungeon) However, I can understand that noob(new) hunters like these game and continue to stack them for ezpz platinums.
  3. So he can promote his YT channel on here, so people subscribe! Duhhhhhh
  4. Hey CJ! I always wondered why those podcast last 2 hours. I would love to listen to like 30 minutes or something, but 2 hours is a rather long time. Could be me, just wondering ­čśČ
  5. I do have the Platinum trophy. Also wrote a guide for it. Blowfish studios are aware of the bugg, hoping they will release a patch soon.
  6. Hello, Yes it's indeed a bit bugged! It should pop around 600k-700k tho!
  7. The stealth trophy is bugged in its current form and will get a patch asap on PS4
  8. 5-7 hours at most. Game is really easy to complete Here is a trophy guide. Good luck :)!
  9. People who did speedrun Super Wiloo Demake can e-mail their platinum time to [email protected]***

    Top 10 wins a Ratalaika game of choice. Please include a PSNP link to your profile

    1. madbuk


      Why would anyone want to win a Ratalaika game?

    2. knoef_NL
  10. Here is a trophy guide if you guys would like to know more. It can be completed within 8 hours, and has a 3/10 difficulty. ~Knoef
  11. Please update to V1.01 or the trophy "Sir-prising" won't pop on the PS4.
  12. Within the base game, if you go for the Gentleman in the Master Tournament. For the endurance races I would recommend NANO. for tips and tricks check here. ~Knoef
  13. Just a tip from my side. They always release their games of Tuesday (NA) and Wednesday (EU). If they do their usual tweet about a game, it's very likely that it comes out the next week. This way you can almost know for certain when a game releases.
  14. Platinum Borderlands Telltale and borderlands 2 this week :)

    also, check out below:

    Currently running a giveaway on SUBDIVISION INFINITY DX, which is an upcoming game from Blowfishstudios. 

    if you would love to participate, join me on twitter.

    Games are expensive enough already :)


  15. Devious Dungeon 2 & Star Wars Battlefront 2.