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  1. Please only use 1 per person. Leftovers from last year. Have fun with them. Blue = EU REd = NA Blank = either EU or NA
  2. I'm no longer able to earn any progress towards masteries (Kills, spots) in AI matches
  3. The game itself is pretty fun right? I really enjoyed it while playing co-op!
  4. It's not a new game. It is a re-skin they keep doing. They've released countless games now, with the only adjustment being a theme. I wouldn't buy them if I were you, but ok
  5. This was sent along with the code I requested: It should have been patched according to this tweet. @Whitewas any updates on your side?
  6. The trophy list for Battlefield 2042 has been published. There seem to be a few tricky trophies, like: CQC SpecialistPerform 20 melee kills in one round DeadshotPerform 20 headshot kills in one round What do you guys think?
  7. Cheats don't seem to work for the Challange mode in this version. They do for the Cotton 100%, making that a 1hour ezpz platinum. This version however, seems really though without the cheat mode for Challange mode. Dying means starting the level over from the beginning, with only 6 continues.
  8. Are you sure you are playing the PS5 version? Information seems incorrect.
  9. Thor is pretty tough to beat, but you'll get it after a few tries.
  10. ... :)!
  11. On behalf of the Knoef Team, for the mentions! Let us know if more games need covering
  12. Don't copy paste our content like that. Thanks.
  13. The developer (Mike) is working on a fix.
  14. Did a second full run with patch 1.01, Full closet trophy + trophy for collecting all crows didn't pop.
  15. Hey guys, Sir LoveLot will be out on 3.3.2021 for PS4, Xbox & Nintendo Switch. The Developer (PixelGames) provided me with a trophy list, to share with you all. Have a look below! A trailer for the game can be found here: