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  1. 5 giveaways a week, some PR codes and 2 tickets to the cinema.
  2. My big sister has a full, decent trophy list: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9016-my-big-sister So great, the game looks amazing, many wows, much trophies. Is everybody happy now?
  3. @Parker Why is this topic moved to giveaways? It's most certainly not a giveaway. The other 2 topics are still in the competition section and were not moved... If it is, could you DM me with the guidelines on this, so I know it for future references? ------------------------------------- all entries are in the main post. if your name isn't on there please DM me.
  4. Thanks for your constructive feedback. Go make your own cry topic if you dislike those games. This is for the purpose of the competition, not for whiners.
  5. You could always try the VITA/ other region version
  6. First 100 ;)! Currently at 1 entry, so don't worry too much
  7. Hi, it's me the OP! You will need to complete Iron Snout under 45 min
  8. Hey, awesome list! But you have to complete any 2 games after 15th of April
  9. Yhea I got a whole excel sheet, you want one? I got Daggerhood, Access Denied, Heroes Trials, Shadow of the loot box and Metagal. That way you can try one, and tell me if you liked it
  10. Well, If you don't like a game don't play it. Everyone can publish their own games, and I'm glad we can do so in the free countries we may live in. I talk daily with ratalaika over Discord, and he is a great dude. Regardless of what you think of his games, he has a few guidelines: 1) He needs to test the trophies on his own, so he keeps them simple. He isn't the best games and works alone. He can't invest too much time in testing them. 2) He aims to make games where the platinum is achievable around 40-80 minutes. 3) He is actually porting a game right now that will take a lot more hours to complete, so it's not all about easy games. His release on Super Weekend Mode wasn't the best in term of trophies, the 4 minutes was way too short and he didn't like that either. It was just that it took him 50 minutes to complete those 3 levels. We talked this over, as he really felt this game was a flop in term of trophies. So he aims to make them a bit harder, so he stays at the goal of 40-80 platinum time. Yes, the game are both available on PSvita and PS4, with separate stacks. This makes it easy to get both stacks for a game. Some gamers like a real challenge, some love to play a nice little mini game when they get home from work. Just let the gamers play what they wish, all will be happy. Trophies are just some virtual numbers, in the end nobody really cares in the real world. Yes, we love collecting them, yes that's awesome. But we should not take ourselves too seriously.
  11. I'll let it run until 00:00 +1 GMT 23-APRIL Sorry about the previous one, still learning!
  12. https://***/trophy-guides/psvr-guides/ghost-giant-trophy-guide/ Here you go sir!
  13. Could you please focus on the competition, rather than starting a discussion on the platinum time? Would appreciate it a lot.
  14. @RatalaikaGames Challenge! Game: Iron Snout - End time: 00:00 +1 GMT 23-APRIL * Complete IRON SNOUT under 45:00 minutes. (All trophies) * Win a Ratalaika 2019 game * Max 1 per person * Max 100 winners (EU and NA total 100) * Runs until 22-April-2019 The game will release tomorrow on EU, today on NA. Games you can choose from as a prize: Super Weekend Mode Metagal Daggerhood Access Denied Heroes Trials Shadow of Loot Box Iron Snout NA or EU Leave a reply here, with your time and preferenced game. HellScythe (Hellscythe4) Shadow of loot Box - EU inflict54 - Access Denied EU Willreaper41 - Shadow of the Loot box NA Atoya_ - Access Denied NA The_Snooze - Daggerhood NA Nauticus87 - Metagal EU manuel-yahoo_it - Iron Snout EU Leewor - Shadow of the loot box EU Ico2807 - Shadow of the loot box NA DancingCloud - Iron Snout NA den-evt Hero Trials EU Smashero - Shadow of the loot box EU LordZEZE - Metagal EU MatrikPS metagal eu Fnee2000 Super Weekend Mode EU