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  1. This is intentional. I bribed him for a little advertisement for my guides.
  2. People who cheat should be banned from the awards......
  3. No. read the rules before posting...
  4. Seems like a nice bundle. I played part 1 on the xbox. Part 2 seems more fun since it has co-op
  5. Burley en at Sea guide Currently over 6.000 views and number #1 in the " Original content"  spot in the 2018 awards! Many wows much amaze! 

  6. I don't see any change/update
  7. Why do players keep making this stupid ass topics about Borderlands VR? If you want to cheese it, go play the regular version called " BORDERLANDS 2". For once, respect the VR games and stop using it to boost your trophy list whilst not owning a PSVR.
  8. Seems like a bad idea. The "inactive" players did just as much effort, or more since they are above you in the rankings. Perhaps they will play again in the future, you just don't know. Show some endurance and try to beat them in terms of trophies.
  9. Yhea it's called BORDERLANDS 2.
  10. Dead Space 3. I've played part 1 and 2. Never tried part 3.
  11. I'm so saddddd. I need my gold trophy. I completed all levels (Blue) and the trophy did not pop.
  12. Good job, but we already have 100 topics like these...
  13. I would recommend a Christmas tree. God of War is a very good game. I don't know what you like most, but i would go for: 1. God of war 2. Nino kuni 2 3. Detroid
  14. Hello, I would like te report a bug that i found. It's about the time-sync regarding trophies. In this video, it is clear that @Wuthg21 knifes hit the target before mine do. However, when looking the trophy up, i'm the first achiever and not Wuthg21. I don't want to take away his moment of fame. Kind Regards, Knoef_NL
  15. We from Knoef Guides recommend Knoef Guides. What a n00b .