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  1. Xbox has some "better" games on that list imo. I believe you can download them on the Xbox, where you will have to stream (most) of the ps now games.
  2. PS Now is a great concept (like Xbox Game pass), but it's not really what it should be. Game pass is a lot better, in terms of the amount of games and play-ability. Think it's a good thing they are teaming up, will only improve their services and games
  3. Here are 10, including text guides & video walkthrough. Set-up by me, @IBadDriverI & @The Blakk Vulture
  4. My big sister has a full, decent trophy list: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/9016-my-big-sister So great, the game looks amazing, many wows, much trophies. Is everybody happy now?
  5. The headshots could provide some trouble, depending on how the aiming is done ingame.
  6. This will release Tuesday(NA)/Wednesday(EU) . In case someone is curious, here is some game play: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/423475204
  7. Hey Guys, What are your thoughts on the trophies from the upcoming game from @RatalaikaGames "Super Weekend Mode" ?
  8. I'm against that game too. It's horrible lol. I would have never done it, if it wasn't for the views. I'm not saying you should not play it. I'm just saying that devs should not include a "debug" option to earn trophies. because you won't be playing the game.
  9. The cinema tickets were highly sarcastic. The only things I'm receiving from ratalaika are PR codes for giveaways & trophy guides. Thanks that you want me banned tho. Perhaps you could ask @parker to do so
  10. You should make it more personal, really proves your point.
  11. Im not shilling shit, i'm just using oppertunities to provide the community with free games. If you would follow me on twitter you would see its packed with other games too. Atleast you have to play ratalaika games, which gives some people a challenge. not everyone is as pro as you are in games.
  12. I'm not blaming the players or Baddriver. It's just lame that the devs let the de-bug menu in.
  13. This should be forbidden, can we agree on that? Video is fine and all, the debug mode is just cheap-ass (just like Conan-exile)
  14. it's rather easy. You do need to complete it 3 times, however you could work with saving your file to an usb and reloading it.
  16. Alright here me out: I got my 100th platinum on "Bird game +", which I played on early access. At the time the platinum popped, the trophies weren't online. Syncing with the PSN servers was not possible. I got my 101 platinum trophy a day after, on "Heroes Trials", which did sync. Now the PSNP profile keeps saying that my 100th platinum trophy is "Heroes Trials", but if you look at the time stamps it should have been 'Bird Game +" . What do you guys think, should it have been "Bird game+" or "Heroes Trials" as my 100th platinum in this case?
  17. Today for NA / Tomorrow for EU. No PS Vita, as it lagged too much. Trophy Guide
  18. Someone gifted me lifetime premium 😍 Thanks!

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      Our community is awesome<3




  19. Here is to the first 100: 36 Fragments of Midnight A Way Out Assassin's Creed Odyssey Assassin's Creed Origins Astro Bot Rescue Mission Batman Batman: The Enemy Within Battlefield 4 Battlefield V Bird Game + Blood Waves Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Bravo Team Burly Men At Sea Carnival Games Cat Quest Cave Digger: Riches Conan Exiles Crash Bandicoot: Warped Crossovers by POWGI Daggerhood Darkest Dungeon Dead Effect 2 Deadpool Detroit: Become Human Devious Dungeon Drowning Ether One Far Cry 4 Far Cry 5 Far Cry Primal FIFA 18 Genesis Alpha One Ghost Giant God of War Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Heavy Rain Horizon Chase Turbo Horizon Zero Dawn Iron Snout Jack N' Jill DX Job Simulator Knack Mad Max Mafia III Marvel's Spider-Man Melbits World Metagal Midnight Deluxe Mixups by POWGI Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom Monster Hunter: World Moss My Name is Mayo Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom No Man's Sky Overcooked 2 Peasant Knight Pic-a-Pix Classic Planet RIX-13 Prison Boss VR Ratchet & Clank Rayman Legends Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Riddled Corpses EX Robinson: The Journey Shadow of the Tomb Raider Sigi: A Fart for Melusina South Park: The Fractured But Whole Spyro the Dragon Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon Squishies State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem Strange Brigade Suicide Guy Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply Super Skull Smash Go! 2 Turbo Super Weekend Mode Teslagrad The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim The Evil Within The Evil Within 2 The Inpatient The Order: 1886 The Persistence The Playroom VR The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power Until Dawn Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story Watch Dogs 2 Where the Bees Make Honey Wolfenstein: The New Order Wolfenstein: The Old Blood XING: The Land Beyond Your Toy Zeroptian Invasion Zombie Army Trilogy
  20. @BlindMango The trophy list for Table of Tales: The crooked crown should finally be online :D

  21. Hello Hello, we just completed the Ratalaika challenge, but it's already time for a new one! Sometimes you challenge! The rules are simple: *) Complete any 2 games 100%(trophy-wise) from "Sometimes You" and win either drowning or Awesome Pea. *) You can select an EU or NA code. Max 30 winners, as codes are limited to 30. *) Only games that are completed after 15-April-2019 will be allowed to enter the competition. *) Only 1 code per person. First 30 valid entries win. Please note that this competition also runs on Twitter. I will keep this topic as accurate as possible. Competition runs until 29-April-2019. List of games you can complete: https://www.sometimesyou.com/consoles/porting.html The Mooseman, State of Anarchy: master of Mayhem, Sigi a fart for melusina Skytime, energy cycle edge, Planet RIX-13, Drowning, awesome PEA, Creepy road, Blood Waves. Energy Cycle, Energy Balance, Save the Ninja Clan, It's spring Again, Knock-Knock, NeverEnd, Alteric, Spiral Splatter, Energy Invasion, North, One eyed Kuth, Where are my friends, Metropolis: Lux Obscura, Deep ones, Grab the bottle My personal favourites would be Sigi: A Fart for Melusina, State of anarchy, Planet RIX-13 and Drowning! Good Luck out there! Valid entries: #1 Uncharted_Baihh SIGI + Energy Cycle - Request: Drowning EU SpaceCoresDadOne Eyed Kutkh + Drowning - Request: Awesome PEA NA CJUGames Energy Cycle + Energy invasion - Request: Drowning NA Whitewas' North + Planet RIX-13 - Request: Drowning EU Mercenary09 Awesome PEA NA + EU - Request: Drowning EU Pocxki Energy Cycle Edge + The Mooseman - Request: awesome Pea EU Kishnabe Drowning EU + Drowning NA - Request: Drowning NA iAlphaSoldierX Energy Cycle EU and NA - Request: Drowning EU X_Lupton_X NeverEnd EU and awesome PEA EU - Request: drowning EU VITA #10 Willreaper41 Energy Invasion and Drowning - Request: Awesome Pea NA den-evt Energy Cycle and energy Cycle - Request: Awesome Pea EU VITA duboiszack - Request: Awesome PEA NA diskdocx Request: Awesome Pea NA Vita omaryltll - Request: Awesome PEA NA midgetstrawdog - awesome Pea NA Lordzeze - Awesome Pea EU stugunn5 - Awesome Pea NA Titanspop - Awesome Pea NA SirvanJojo - Awesome Pea EU Vita #20 Leewor - Awesome PEA EU Inflict54 Awesome Pea NA Malachen Awesome Pea EU Marc_dura Awesome Pea NA readytofuky - Awesome Pea NA #25 NastyaZental - Awesome PEA EU WaddysWDS - Awesome PEA EU Nitro - Awesome Pea NA mayomka - Awesome PEA EU sXe_SiC_ Awesome pea EU DancingCloud - Awesome PEA NA CLOSED FOR NEW ENTRIES. PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE FOR YOUR CODE!
  22. ~~ CLOSED FOR NEW ENTRIES. WE REACHED THE LIMIT OF 30 ~~ @BlindMango @Parker Could you pull off some magic
  23. Competition is closed. Please DM me to claim your code. @Parker @BlindMango Could you do the honour in closing it.
  24. @RatalaikaGames Challenge! Game: Iron Snout - End time: 00:00 +1 GMT 23-APRIL CLOSED Send me a Private Message FOR A CODE if you participated * Complete IRON SNOUT under 45:00 minutes. (All trophies) * Win a Ratalaika 2019 game * Max 1 per person * Max 100 winners (EU and NA total 100) * Runs until 22-April-2019 The game will release tomorrow on EU, today on NA. Games you can choose from as a prize: Super Weekend Mode Metagal Daggerhood Access Denied Heroes Trials Shadow of Loot Box Iron Snout NA or EU Leave a reply here, with your time and preferenced game. HellScythe (Hellscythe4) Shadow of loot Box - EU inflict54 - Access Denied EU Willreaper41 - Shadow of the Loot box NA Atoya_ - Access Denied NA The_Snooze - Daggerhood NA Nauticus87 - Metagal EU manuel-yahoo_it - Iron Snout EU Leewor - Shadow of the loot box EU Ico2807 - Shadow of the loot box NA 10 ) DancingCloud - Iron Snout NA den-evt Hero Trials EU Smashero - Shadow of the loot box EU LordZEZE - Metagal EU MatrikPS metagal eu Fnee2000 Super Weekend Mode EU DrHambone Heroes Trials EU Kishnabe Access Denied EU DrHambone - Heroes trials eu RS_Julian metagal NA 20 ) xLukk - Shadow of the loot box EU SirvanJojo - Shadow of the loot box EU sXe_SiC_ Metagal EU Marc_dura Iron Snout NA penija - shadow loot box NA NastyaZental- Shadow loot box EU Zikenec - Heroes Trial EU WaddysWDS - Shadow loot eu