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  1. Don't judge me bruh 💩🤡
  2. While I thought I was about to work on that gig, I looked at the gigs list at the Journals section, somehow the system would not let me track that gig despite pressing square multiple times and highlighting that gig it says "Track the objective". What's the deal with this and how can this be fixed?
  3. Nice! Great to hear 😁😁😁
  4. Don't hate the player, hate the game
  5. Not a problem. Have you gotten the chippin in quest yet?
  6. Actually I just got the trophy a couple nights ago. Did you complete Search and Destroy? If so, did you talk to Johnny Silverhand about the tapeworm quest? After you complete that quest, there then should be Chippin In appearing
  7. Ok guys I am so confused if I missed out on this trophy already but does tapeworm > chipping in > Bushido and rogue come after beating the game or do I have to complete a specific objective in one of the very first missions? Kinda seems like a stupid question but I have no idea to unlock this
  8. What a dumb opinion. I bet you would be satisfied if you lost out on that precious milestone of yours by an autopop lmao
  9. Amazing how y'all are still sucking r*'s dick when they only cash grab outta shark cards obviously and yet you all still have faith over GTA6 lmao
  10. No, GTA 6 will never happen. Dream on lmao
  11. This could possibly be the death knell of a giant ass corporation who is obviously all about the money and possibly go bankrupt
  12. It did say they earned them earlier this morning 🤔
  13. I saw a few people have still managed to earn this trophy. They must be cheaters or hackers right?
  14. How the mighty have fallen
  15. Grand Theft Auto, The Last of Us, Souls games, Halo, Fortnite, COD, Skyrim, and FIFA