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  1. Umm wasn't Spiderman a PS4 exclusive though
  2. "Might be too soon for that, seeing as they just announced it was in development." Must be the reason why Volition won't appear there after all after reading about that in Reddit.
  3. I'm hoping also that the new game will appear at gamescom for more info and stuff
  4. So happy for this but I would like for that new Saints Row game to continue from GooH rather than Agents of Mayhem. Also, hopefully they should bring back default boss 1 who is voiced by Troy Baker
  5. What about the US version?
  6. Not sure if I have said this to you before but you have an impressive and appealing collection of games platinum trophies and 100% status. Boy do I wish my profile was as good as yours :p. Anyways, are you going to go close for 100% completion on your profile because the Burn Zombies Burn game's 100% is unattainable?

    1. TheYuriG


      The idea is 99.9% because of BZB; I've already bought its DLC and did the only online trophy there is. Was intending to do it this month, but then the True Trophies challenge showed up and my plans were ruined.

    2. XLordXNightmareX


      What exactly is the True Trophies challenge if I may ask?

    3. TheYuriG
  7. Appears to be pretty useful for people like me that are looking to boost their IT hardware skills to find a decent job
  8. True
  9. This has to be the most comical idea of a VR game I've ever heard of. It's basically a driving simulator. What's next, relationship simulator? What a joke hahahahaha!
  10. It's not that longevity connection I have with a character connection although Lara Croft being at the top of my list that is but rather the character I want to talk to the most is Adam Jensen from Deus Ex because he has excellent persuasive skills that are uncontested that can put anyone in their place and inspire anyone to their fullest. I have too many problems in my mind right now and I could definitely use a guy like him. If only he actually existed
  11. Would be nice but I kinda doubt it imho
  12. Anyone willing to tell me which progression mechanics New Game Plus will carry over like girlfriend events, friend events, KamuroGo city, and KamuroGo shopping after I've beaten the game?
  13. Hey mate, when are you going to post a voting thread on whether the trophy hunters either want the 75% or 50% trophy ribbon and also whether the idea should be implemented or not?

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    2. Silently


      Hey I have a suggestion b4 at the end of this year ends a vote for best games of 2019?? (Any games pc, ps4, Xbox etc) 

    3. BlindMango


      I dunno if I'd be able to manage that since I'll be busy with the Guide of the Year awards around that time, however maybe there would be another staff member or a non-staff member of the site that would like to manage some kind of event for that, it would be really cool I think! =D

    4. Silently


      Yes maybe I should put it up by December I might need some help setting it up hehe.. 

  14. How do you guys unlock drone paint?
  15. Plenty from my old account tbqh especially the hard ones like The Evil Within, Mortal Kombat, Dead Rising 4, etc.