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  1. Yes it's that hard. You should definitely try it because no one has the plat yet.
  2. How about the game "I hate running backwards"
  3. But..But..Hardcore mode though
  4. Resident Evil 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite so far ugh
  5. It appears that the word "KITCHEN" is included with the other titles for the likes of RE7, Biohazard, RE7:Biohazard, etc. Anybody else notice that and why is it on there?
  6. To me the list looks pretty much open-worldish which is pretty fun. Thinking about this one.
  7. Hmm, interesting indeed.
  8. One of the trophies says something about "Collectibles challenges". Anyone have any idea what that could mean? I'm quite intrigued by this.
  9. I want PSI-OPS: The Mindgate Conspiracy
  10. Does the S+ rank have to be completed on hardcore mode in order to attain the infinite rocket launcher and minigun?
  11. Other. Meaning Difficulty trophies. Most of the time they prevent me from getting the platinum trophy
  12. Doesn't matter if I'm wanted on this site, my reasons still apply that you guys still make such a big deal over pixelated awards 😂😂😂 Exactly!
  13. Agreed! All of us have admitted to a little bit of cheating by using exploits, boosting, and have not been purists at all. So why keep the leaderboards "pure" when it really isn't? It's just only gaming and nobody will get any rewards for being the fastest or even the first to plat in a game ever so what's the big deal? All this hypocrisy about cheating in a very little way is getting out of hand and people need to look at the fact that everyone cheats one way or another no matter who they are unless there is an obvious cheater who tries to overtake Hakoom for the guinness book of records for the most plats and some other record I can't remember what it was on here. Anyways, I think only the obvious cheaters should be deleted and not the minor cheaters should be deleted because not only it makes more gamers happy but it makes Sly's life more easier by giving him less work and implement more updates to the site. Have a good day
  14. I've heard rumors that if I make more than make more than five saves per playthrough, then the S rank will be void. Is that true?
  15. Of course trophies can be glitched on the very first day of game release until a day one patch arrives