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  1. Agreed. The fastest times should be implemented with plated times imo as well
  2. Maybe I'm wrong then :/
  3. Apparently someone said this is what made the plat unobtainable: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/6250639-post69.html It's EA so I doubt that they'll patch that back in for the plat to be obtainable.
  4. I assume it is because it led me straight to their website after I submitted my email for the prizes.
  5. I answered the survey all the way. I requested for a Tomb Raider 2 and 3 remake if possible
  6. I don't think so IIRC. As for the last location, try searching one of the hidden apartment buildings where you climb the outside steps to. Hope this helps
  7. The MP blueprints are also a requirement to get one of the trophies and also an addition for a set amount of unique combo weapons (58 needed for the trophy)
  8. Level 100 is the max just so you know
  9. To me, I've kinda had the same situation that you did. Gaming got stale for me unless a game was worth playing for like story, fun factor, and the trophies mixed together at once unless there was a plat I wanted bad enough, then I tried going for it. If I got it, then I was happy with it and was added to my collection.
  10. My first PS4 game was Resident Evil HD. It was a free download for PS Plus during that time
  11. If there were a Revelations 3, then Raymond and Jessica would probably appear at that game. Just a theory though
  12. But be aware if you pick up multiplayer upgrade skill books over single players, it'll glitch out the 100% journalism score because it happened to me that one time. Solution: if that happens, say you're at like 99% spend a multiplayer upgrade skill point and the journalism score trophy will unlock. I can confirm that.
  13. IIRC I don't think that there is nothing missable because after you complete the story, you get a new game plus and the collectibles and trials carry over. Also, there is no time limit in the game unlike DR1 and DR2. I've played this game on my other account before that's why it appears that I haven't played it on this one.
  14. I didn't even see the entries being closed
  15. Yeah it does, don't get me wrong though lol