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  1. Whoa! I never knew about this at all. It actually looks pretty neat IMO
  2. Exactly!
  3. After the last of the dlc's what will be next for this franchise or Tomb Raider in general?
  4. Why do you even care about how people spend their money on things they like? It's absolutely none of your beezwax LOL
  5. It's pretty obvious mate. They are straight out cheaters!!!
  6. Why do you assume that lol?
  7. Then why do people create guides here anymore then?
  8. For some reason, this part of what you said reminds me of the segment of "Ready Player One" where people forget about solving all the worlds problems and settled in to the ultimate VR world instead
  9. Sounds like a really neat concept
  10. Hey there, long time no talk lol. How has gaming been for you these days? :D

    1. FireFoxie


      Pretty good. Been playing my Xbox right now though. How about you? What have you been playing lately? 

    2. XLordXNightmareX


      GTA IV and Anthem right now

  11. Does this mean MW3 will eventually be remastered on PS4 as well?
  12. I would like Crackdown to convert to Sony. Otherwise, there aren't too many Xbox exclusives that I would rather play on my PS4 tbh
  13. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Fun 7/10 Difficulty 7/10 Sorry but I had to
  14. Yes it's that hard. You should definitely try it because no one has the plat yet.