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  1. what are you talking about?
  2. About mission mode, I'm having trouble performing the lvl 2 power hyper combo in one of the missions with Hulk and Nemesis. I already got lvl 1 down but can anybody tell me how to pull that off. I have no idea how to do so and that does seem like a stupid question tbh :/
  3. Really?
  4. I had an I.T. class that is Project Manager and I passed it although I don't have the certification for it yet and I have a huge idea for a AAA game so I think it would possibly be a great combination and an opportunity to rise up in the world.
  5. I think I have more of an interest at an at home job working with a developer but right now I'm taking some I.T. Network classes and I do have quite a bit of experience with glitches in gaming and the closest thing job-wise that comes to game testing is Problem Solve at an Amazon Fulfillment Center around my area.
  6. I'm just curious if any of you guys work as a video game tester as a living or just for extra money. I myself am contemplating becoming one sometime in the near future.
  7. Sure, you can ask here but in the future reference I think that you should only put it as a status update. Anyways, I think you should finish up Crash Bandicoot 2 imo
  8. Does it matter whether it would affect my chances of getting that trophy? If so, what are the perks I can't spend my points on? Edit: Nvm, I managed to get the trophy just like that
  9. I attempted SMB before on my previous account and it was quite a rage fest for me. For infamous, I played it before and actually plated it on my previous account as well. It was an ok plat I didn't really enjoy getting tbh I'll have to check that out then. If I ever get that plat and possibly a 100%, then it will be one of the proudest plats I have ever earned and puts a feather in my cap since Twisted Metal on my previous account.
  10. Which are harder then, the DLC, Decorator trophy, or the other trophies? I'm really thinking about going for this one after Fallout 4.
  11. Well technically I'm probably not good enough to plat that "bad boy" lol but Black Ops 3 can be manageable as I'm fair at shooters and co-op is an option for realistic difficulty. I think the rest of the trophies can be manageable as well if I try hard enough like hell and never give up.
  12. That's what I was thinking. Any other plats that aren't mentioned in my OP that you can suggest?
  13. Hence the title topic, what are your guys' opinions on which plat/100% I should go for based on difficulty, fun, and amount of time required to make my PSN profile look decent and the games worth going for? Ex: Should I go for COD Black Ops III, Super Meat Boy, The Witcher 3, Jak 3 (Debug Mode lol), Ether One, God of War (PS4) [Will most likely get this one anyways because I heard it's pretty good], Infamous Second Son, Orc Slayer, etc. Btw, I'm a completionist because the more I can plat/complete my games, the harder I can push myself to do so to a certain game so it helps a lot tbh :).
  14. Anyone have any idea which of those factions endings are canonical? FYI, I've played this game before on my old account and beat it.