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  1. Why all the negativity? I think it looks absolutely brilliant with all the multiple character selections and game mechanics. I would give it a chance
  2. You know, there is already a poll that exists currently
  3. Ok thanks. Btw, If that new ribbon system would be implemented (which I think will be), I wonder who the next Hakoom of worthy plats will be in terms of that? lol
  4. My exact thoughts on changing it to 50% because 75% is a tad too much imho.
  5. Thanks mate
  6. I stand for this! I think it is a great idea tbh
  7. Not just that but both of his accounts are identical when it comes to the games played and the completion percentages as well hmm
  8. I don't even know how this is possible from two different accounts at the exact same time but look at this screenshot I pasted from the Platinum Club. 11 Wonga1996 24th Mar 2019 5:20:41 AM 12 Wonga1963 24th Mar 2019 5:20:41 AM
  9. You're probably right. I just looked up Joe Magarac because of Magarac island and his origin is from Pittsburgh and Steelport is named after Joe Steel so it's more than likely the case that Pitt is the city of Steelport.
  10. Just out of curiosity, what state did Steelport reportedly take place at? I know that Stilwater took place in Michigan but there weren't any sources that say what state Steelport is located at and that's why I'm asking.
  11. Hmm, I'm not sure anymore tbh. Do you have any screenshots? Unfortunately I don't, otherwise I would've dug through them and shown you if that were the case then yeah.
  12. It would be on this subject thread and also because gamers have been using save editors to skyrocket the rarity percentage as far as I can remember since the game came out.
  13. Great idea! Sly implement this now!