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  1. When did that 18 game week happen? I don't quite remember :/
  2. AWP

  3. AWP

    Thanks! I will keep that in mind
  4. I had the same problem with that as well. As far as I can remember, what I did was to not let any of the guards see you assassinate him by waiting for all of the nearby guards to look away. As soon as all the nearby guards look away from Pitcairn, assassinate him immediately and I don't think there should be any "ding if you get spotted" sound right after the assassination. I wish you the best of luck with this.
  5. Nice! RE3 and hopefully RE8 will be on the horizon soon
  6. So apparently, I figured out the issues with most missions I cleared including mission 9 with Haggar which is viewing the combo demonstration and learning how to pull that off. Anyways, to me in mission 10 of each character I'm nearly finished with, these active switch combos are very herculean to me because 1. There's a lot to remember 2. You have to hit the buttons just at the right time and 3. Positioning of the character can be a pain in the ass especially having to dash forward just in time to miss the combo. Any good advice on how I can overcome these daunting constraints
  7. Somehow, I can't for the life of me connect on certain hits because of timing issues and how in the hell do people think this is "easy" >:<
  8. Where in the blue hell did this game come from?
  9. Just so you guys know, I've achieved the Inksplosion plat thankfully and yeah that game is a total deception when it comes to the plat rarity. That's because the mechanics are dull and the game lags in arena mode but I still managed to snag that sucker
  10. I guess I could watch it if I need further help on it. Besides, I'm sure you will do an excellent job on making that video guide 👍
  11. AWP

    I've actually been using a printed checklist and made decent progress Thanks for the heads up though
  12. AWP

    Nice! Great to hear man 👍
  13. Nice! I will definitely try that!
  14. I see. Good to hear!
  15. So, when me and my boosting buddy got done with the standard and GTA car races, I then decided to move on to the cannonball runs to knock those out. However, I didn't actually know that the game puts me on free mode roaming during that race so I have to find me a suitable vehicle to drive with. Not only that but the checkpoints in those races are scattered in certain areas meaning they are non-linear which to me makes it that much harder to complete the race in a short amount of time. What exactly should I do to make that easier? Btw, sorry if I seem stupid or ignorant about this but I'm kinda trying to rush through this so I can at least try to knock off all the MP trophies on this "dead" game.