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  1. Well damn I was hoping to have helped you guys finally breathe a sigh of relief that update 6.00 wasn't just an update at all :/
  2. I wonder where all that money goes to though. The CEO/Founder?
  3. Don't even jinx that please!
  4. Looks pretty easy to me
  5. Well, I read the news that that is the only Capcom studio that makes Dead Rising games and I would think that the studio shutdown would probably affect the servers of DR4 so I'm just spreading word just incase unless Capcom itself are running the servers though which I'm not quite certain. However, I do think it's good to let people know that so they wouldn't be affected by the shutdown
  6. Anyone experience server difficulties with logging in to DR4 MP to obtain trophies? If not, I'd better hurry to obtain those MP trophies if I were you
  7. Thanks! What a relief to hear someone that knows way more about the game than anyone else that tries to discourage other trophy hunters like me from getting the plat myself lol
  8. Aren't you so full of so much optimism
  9. What kind do you guys think they will be like since it won't have an SP campaign but will have battle royale
  10. Marvel is just overrated in general so Batman FTW! Change My Mind!
  11. Destiny 2 although I'm not really a fan of the series because I'm not into FPS games. However, The RPG element of the game is keeping me interested in it and I also want to plat this bad boy really bad for some reason.
  12. Agreed. The fastest times should be implemented with plated times imo as well
  13. Maybe I'm wrong then :/
  14. Apparently someone said this is what made the plat unobtainable: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/6250639-post69.html It's EA so I doubt that they'll patch that back in for the plat to be obtainable.
  15. I assume it is because it led me straight to their website after I submitted my email for the prizes.