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  1. Then maybe the problem is the bugs on the co-op mode, such a shame, I'm playing it with my gf and we are one away from get them all
  2. The mechanism doesn't give you a golden brick, gives you a green envelope with a character inside, do you play or plat the game?
  3. I came here because I read like 3 guides, and watch and re-watch 5 videos, I was hoping to find someone who had the same problem and got through it
  4. That sucks is the only brick I'm missing and they're 220, I have 219, I can't believe I have to start it all over
  5. I'm Playing co-op then it's impossible to get it co-op, I will be able to get it solo? or the bug will remain?
  6. Is the free game mode, when you use master Wu it opens up a gong that gives you a green envelope, I already got it, I already tried every guide but it won't work... Under me there's nothing and I already noticed that it was under me, I tried it all as I said before but nothing works
  7. I can't get this golden block, we tried it all, did someone know how to get it?
  8. Damn, it was the only place I didn't check. Thanks!
  9. I tried the game yesterday, and... How exactly do you gain gold? Or quest? Without those, I can't get the thropies for perks, or, well, goals