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  1. Thanks boss
  2. Does anyone want to boost for these two trophies? (Bragging Rights and Head-to-Head) I read a guide on TrueAchievements and it seems pretty straightforward.
  3. I added you, my PSN is the same as on here as well. Send me a message on PSN when you're on and you want to do it.
  4. Anyone still interested in doing this?
  5. Hey did you ever end up finishing the guide for this?
  6. The Forza Horizon series, that's all I care about coming to Playstation.
  7. For those that have earned this or are attempting, I read you could possibly SuperSim all 32 games and either enter in the 4th to win them or SuperSim all with a win on pro difficulty. After which, you would need to play one more game against any team on pro difficulty and the trophy would pop. This seems pretty far fetched to me but I did read about it on TrueAchievements for Xbox and on Reddit I believe. This is pretty grindy and would love if I could avoid having to play these games even if it's just 1 min quarters.
  8. Yeah I just meant the UI and the overall feel I got from checking the game out...nothing related to cost or content at all. Thanks for the description though!
  9. I'm still salty about missing 1 trophy from the 2K17 prelude because they shut the servers down for it... Anyway, this prelude list seems extremely easy and pretty short. I will buy the actual game though so this should be a good look at how much they've improved over last year's game.
  10. Is there a minimum activity level needed before I can update my signature? I go to account settings as described in this post and it doesn't let me click on Signature. Edit: NVM I figured it out!
  11. I'm going to have to buy the premium later, this site is amazing! Awesome work!
  12. Good to know, I'll probably wait for this to go on sale and then grab it. Parts of it kinda remind a bit of Stardew Valley
  13. New here, looking to make new friends!

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    2. Beyondthegrave07


      Welcome, your profile pic caught my eye as well. Gotta love those velvet room attendants! :)

    3. KingTocco


      Thank you! Happy to be here and I agree, love me some velvet room attendants! 😎

    4. ee28max


      I play sports games as well, like football (FIFA & PES, but FIFA mostly since it's my favorite). I might try in NBA when I get a PS4. Would start with The Prelude 2K17, 2K18 and the new 2K19 and see how they are.