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  1. Yeah you guys are right, it refreshed now. I wasn't too worried about it but just wasn't sure if I did it wrong, thanks for the help!
  2. Hmm, still not for me but thanks for the feedback, I'll wait longer and see what happens.
  3. Rather new to this, just wondering how long it takes for trophy cards to update? I'm not a premium member but I updated my profile earlier and now have 12 platinums instead of 11. My trophy card still says 11. I re-pasted the code to my signature but it still hasn't updated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Makes sense, I understand what you're saying, it would be nice if it would match you based on your team rating, the only problem is they'd have to fix the bronze benching people do because it's easy to lower your rating with some low 48 rated players. Good luck, if you have any other questions let me know.
  5. Looks pretty easy, I'll definitely be picking this up to help tide me over before FIFA 21. I used to love the old EA PGA games, hopefully this one is solid or even better. Glad 2K didn't go the route of the NBA trophy lists which are extremely long and tough.
  6. So...I don't want to sound rude but if you just started a few days ago, why do you expect to have top level players? Most of the people you are playing are hardcore players at this point, a lot of the casuals have dropped off and are waiting for the new game. It is totally common for almost every single person to have a stacked team at this stage of the game. I'd say keep going and try to get some of the objective players that are available right now and do some of the advanced SBCs, you'll get good packs from those to build your team. Player prices are really low right now and you should be able to have a great team with only 1-2 weeks of grinding. Rivals is a bit of a mess this year with people relegating themselves from higher divisions in order to get objectives done easier.
  7. Disregard my above post, I just wanted to say thanks to all for the guides and tips. I followed the defender method and got my trophy. For newcomers that are looking to get this done, once you complete the Volta Story, it will probably take you an additional 5-7 hours doing the own goal method to finish maxing your character. If you are ever curious what else you need to max or how far you are from leveling up a certain stat, go to the skill tree. Any stats that are greyed out in the skill tree are maxed out, if it still has a little progress bar, that means you need to keep going. If the stats don't look like they are moving post match, check your skill tree every couple matches and you will see progress. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know, this trophy really sucks.
  8. Hey, just curious are those stats with or without skill point boosts?
  9. Thanks boss
  10. Hey did you ever end up finishing the guide for this?
  11. The Forza Horizon series, that's all I care about coming to Playstation.
  12. For those that have earned this or are attempting, I read you could possibly SuperSim all 32 games and either enter in the 4th to win them or SuperSim all with a win on pro difficulty. After which, you would need to play one more game against any team on pro difficulty and the trophy would pop. This seems pretty far fetched to me but I did read about it on TrueAchievements for Xbox and on Reddit I believe. This is pretty grindy and would love if I could avoid having to play these games even if it's just 1 min quarters.
  13. Yeah I just meant the UI and the overall feel I got from checking the game out...nothing related to cost or content at all. Thanks for the description though!
  14. I'm still salty about missing 1 trophy from the 2K17 prelude because they shut the servers down for it... Anyway, this prelude list seems extremely easy and pretty short. I will buy the actual game though so this should be a good look at how much they've improved over last year's game.
  15. Is there a minimum activity level needed before I can update my signature? I go to account settings as described in this post and it doesn't let me click on Signature. Edit: NVM I figured it out!