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  1. It's been over a month and a half now, it must have updated itself by now? I tried playing a tournament, some exhib games, some challenges, and I reloaded my old franchise and played a week, but nothing seems to work to get it unstuck. I might try writing the dev again. I know that likely won't fix anything but I don't know what else to do.
  2. When I was trying for the trophy, I played a few extra tournaments and enough games to get me well over the 100. I'm stuck at 62. When I was checking in getting to that number, I noticed like you did that games were going up in increments every now and then, but it's been over a month now, and the leaderboard still hasn't updated.
  3. Thanks for the tip. By soft reset, do you mean just restarting the game? I tried opening the game again with no luck. Then, just in case, I deleted the game, deleted my saved games (backup up before), reinstalled the game, and played a few exhibition games with a fresh start. Sadly, my games won and my goals for did not budge. I tried checking the leaderboard again a few hours later with no luck. So because the leaderboard seems to be on a server somewhere, even starting all over won't work, and I might really be screwed. I tried writing the developer a few weeks ago, but never got a response...
  4. Anyone having any issue getting to 100 games? I've gotten to 62 on the leaderboard, but it doesn't go up past that. I've played exhibition matches, challenges, and franchise games, no cheats or mods activated. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Go to a place that has large boxes on the ends (Salt Lake City has them), go up to them slowly until they stop you. Then move forward just fast enough that it flips you onto your back end. You'll stay that way. Then just maneuver yourself backwards and then forwards, and you'll be able to wheelie long enough to get it. Stoppies on the other hand, haven't figured that one out just yet...
  6. Finally got it. If anyone needs help learning combos, I highly recommend this video...
  7. I don't think I'm total crap at fighting games, but I seem to suck really badly at combos in Blazblue. I can't seem to get the Tactics missions down using any character. And the feedback on this game isn't very helpful. I even tried setting up macros for remote play with no luck. Can someone point me to any help (tutorials, videos, etc...) that might help me out with combos in general? I wouldn't bother, but it's the only trophy I am missing! Thanks a lot.
  8. It has to be Friday the 13th. So many crazy grindy trophies!! It took me just over a year to get it.
  9. I don't know what karma gods I pissed off, but I had no less than 8 glitched trophies when I finished the game. They were legit glitches too, not just something I missed. Like, I unlocked Balance in all Things, which requires I have 60 Demon Artifacts, before I unlocked Demon Keeper for having 50. I also followed guides for saving humans and inventory upgrades, and I got them all without popping trophies. Luckily, I figured out that your profile holds your counts. I had backed up a save after 3/4 of the way through, so I backed up my current save, and overwrote the save (but NOT the profile), and went back on the old save and got the humans, artifacts, attribute points, etc... and the trophies popped. I was especially worried about inventory upgrades, because I didn't think they would show up in a NG+, and thought I might have to start a whole new save, but it popped as well. Anyhow, just sharing in case it happens to others, so they don't have to do almost a whole second runthrough.
  10. Thanks. I lent my copy out to a buddy (I needed the break), but I will give it a go when I get it back. I may have passed on this plat if I knew it was going to be this long. I think I have a lot of podcasts in my future... Thanks again, I'm sure this will help!
  11. I'm working on getting the last 10 recipes, so I'm trying to be in the cafe as much as possible. But I'm going through 50 or so customers per day, and I'm always running out of ingredients. There's not much time to collect ingredients afterwards, I can't usually get too much of one ingredient in one night, and the garden doesn't usually give me much that I can use. I'm even running low on salt and sugar! Anyone have any suggestions for recipes that I can use that I can keep this place going while I try and get those recipes? I thought this was going to be a quick and easy platinum...Oops. Thanks!
  12. Awesome. Thank you. I went through the map and somehow missed it. It popped as soon as I crossed a small creek. What a relief. Cheers.
  13. I wrote Garage 227 about it, and they wrote me back this afternoon. They said they are working on a patch right now, and "Soon they'll all be fixed." So I'll keep my fingers crossed for a little longer...
  14. My HD crashed a few months ago, and for some stupid reason, I turned off auto uploads to the PSN cloud. I logged back in thinking I lost at least a hundred hours, and all my level and stats (and tapes!) were all there. So your saved game on your PS4 is just your settings and preferences, everything else is on a server somewhere.