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  1. Final Fantasy IX - Platinum 115 The game is good and fun, but the trophy Bloodlust (Defeat 10000 enemies) was boring.
  2. Borderlands 3. I’m working on it 🙂
  3. Yes, I did at least 4 perfect runs and still get the silver medal. Every time they release a new DLC, there’s always any kind of problems…
  4. Same thing happened to me twice…
  5. I finally found that I missed the ghost somehow. I found the ghost through a comment that I read in a YouTube video : “the ghost moves to the plains outside South Gate after you get the invisible. Western side”.
  6. I wanted to know if anyone has ever had the same problem I have now? I followed a guide to find all the friendly monsters. However, when I get in front of Yan (last encounter), he runs away every time. As I followed a guide on YouTube, I thought that maybe I forgot to save after one of the encounters. I decided to go back to each location to validate if I had indeed met them all. After about 20 minutes at each location, still nothing and this is why I think the quest glitch on me or maybe I’m missing something.
  7. That was fast 😃 Is there any missable?
  8. Dark Souls: Remastered, I think i'ill buy it before the end of the discount
  9. Borderlands 3, I’ll buy the game one day
  10. Grand Theft Auto V, but I have the PS3 version which is impossible to Platinum anymore
  11. Yakuza Kiwami I stopped playing in 2018, but I want to go back anytime soon
  12. I tried several strategies to fix the problem, like shutting down my PS4, going back to each treasure site just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. What worked in the end is that I replayed a random mission. When I finished the mission, everything was back to normal.
  13. Anyone have any issues with the explorer challenge? I’m stuck at 7/10 and every time I found a new tresor, it’s still say 7/10...
  14. I think that they patch it, didn’t worked
  15. Destiny 2, because of the raid on hard difficulty...