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  1. I think that they patch it, didn’t worked
  2. Destiny 2, because of the raid on hard difficulty...
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2, I’m working on it right now 😀
  4. I don't know if it's a random glitch, but when I played a game of Crate Combo with my girlfriend, I unlocked N. Vincible at the same time as Settle the Score. Anyone else had the same glitch or maybe some other?
  5. Cuphead, I played on steam back then and I never got all of the achievements. Maybe one day I’ll try on PlayStation.
  6. Super meat boy... but I’m not good enough
  7. GTA:Vice City Godfather trophy was so boring to farm... But the game was awesome. One of the best with GTA: San Andreas.
  8. Yes keep trying with this guide. Some are going to be easy and some harder. Don’t quit and you will succeed.
  9. All previous NHL and GTA V on PS3
  10. I absolutely love the game despite the criticism. You don’t even need a guide for collectible since you only need to collect 75% of them and they are show on the map when your near one.
  11. Dishonored
  12. Vanquish.... because of the last challenge (Only trophy missing for my platinum).
  13. They never fix it?
  14. Keep in mind to open free HUT pack each 24h. You need to open 100 packs (100 days).