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  1. So I farmed the tier 8 shampurus in Renegades - Prologue. Rear Admiral, Riot Squad, and Laser are at 9999, Work Drill is at 2149, Life Counselor is at 5893, Spatula is at 2735. The three I need don't spawn that frequently, is there a better way to farm them? Especially Work Drill and Spatula don't spawn frequently in this battle. If this is the best way, I might just ignore the 225k shampurus for today and just get it done. Need to do it anyway, so might as well get Renegades - Prologue out of the way for good.
  2. Charm: Ego: 53% Sadist: 49% Bipolar: 49% Ditz: 48% Terse: 49% Hyper: 53% Graceful: 48% Masochist: 48% Shampurus: 171,220 Playthroughs: 6 Play Time: 86:54:30 Trophies: 39/51 Cleared two more playthroughs, then figured out how to make use of Seven World Redux. Peoning the crystals is harder than peoning the enemies, so I'll farm 7WR for a while and ignore the crystals. With the summer event in Monster Hunter World starting on Friday (2am German time), progress will be slow for a while, so let's see if I can get to 225k Shampuru within the next ~24 hours. edit: Looking good so far, already got to 190k. Now it's time to call it a day and get some sleep.
  3. Yes, well, a friend wanted to give me a username he thought I dislike. Turned out I didn't care and still use it to this day. I can kind of imagine the results. Want to share a screenshot? And... I was thinking of using something related to games I like combined with my username and trophy/trophies. Doesn't have to be obvious, not everyone needs to understand the origin (could probably explain it somewhere in the checklist).
  4. Thanks. A trophy checklist would be needed as I get more of these trophies. Can't fit them all into my signature. Have to think fo a name first...
  5. As far as time requirements are concerned, I should be fine. I want to get MS done by the end of August, that's plenty of time to get MSZ done even if I don't do it right away. But sure, others might need more time.
  6. Which I'd very much like to have, but not sure if I feel like getting MSZ done after MS.
  7. Yeah, that works to kill some time while grinding. No scratched disc, the game was in shrink wrap before I played it for the event, it was alright back then. It never left my PS3 since then. Maybe dirty lens. I think I have a disc (I think, also still in shrink wrap) to clean the lens somewhere in this room.
  8. Do you understand Japanese or watch them in English/your native language? I don't & I watch anime in Japanese, so watching them while playing is not possible. The videos I watch are in English or German. "A reading error occured" I got scared for a second, thinking my savedata might be corrupted. I'd have lost about a day of playing, but it worked when loading the game again.
  9. Always equip them on a character before selling your stuff, then you can't accidentally sell your good equipment. But at least you're doing something while grinding. This will give me the time to catch up on the VoD versions of the streams of a fulltime streamer. Can't watch that, don't have the time to watch 40+ hours of live streams a week, but can watch some while working on Mugen Souls.
  10. That's because I raised the grade for all of my relevant equipment in one go. Save/reload would've meant raising the grade for everything again, so I didn't. Yes, I have the G Up DLC and still have enough grade to get all matters to their max level. Also, not just 100k. By the time I found out about this, I had about 230k left from the 500k I got from the DLC. At least I caught on as soon as I saw it on my save, didn't waste a single G Up afterwards. The grind for G Up could've screwed up my playthrough.
  11. I wish I had known that earlier before wasting some 100k G Up. I only found out by accident when I browsed through my equipment & I haven't seen that in any guide. @Dragon-Archon Maybe you want to add that to the first post to make sure others don't waste their G Up like I did?
  12. Thanks. Yes, everything's going well so far. Did you all know you can see the results of increasing the grade of an item before doing it & that it changes when you move the cursor to a different item, then back to the item you want to level? There's no longer any need to waste G Up on items without knowing what you get.
  13. Another NG cleared & defeated all doppelgangers again, got more charm boosts and almost 30k Shampurus. Chou-Chou's peon ball is now the size of a sun. I think I'll farm 7 World Redux now instead of doing another NG+ run. Charm: Ego: 47% Sadist: 44% Bipolar: 44% Ditz: 42% Terse: 44% Hyper: 47% Graceful: 42% Masochist: 42% Shampurus: 106,860 Playthroughs: 4 Play Time: 66:42:46 Trophies: 38/51
  14. Meaning I won't bother with max stats. How far should I go? I'll do items and matters, those can be done while grinding Shampurus. Is it even helpful to get the base stats to 600%?
  15. Charm: Ego: 42% Sadist: 39% Bipolar: 39% Ditz: 38% Terse: 39% Hyper: 42% Graceful: 38% Masochist: 38% Shampurus: 78,461 Playthroughs: 3 Play Time: 55:24:30 Trophies: 38/51 Cleared the game again and defeated all doppelgangers a second time, then grinded some money against the first banana. It's easier to Moe kill things now, but I might go for another NG+ before starting the grind for real. The doppelgangers still increase the charm levels quite a bit.