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  1. Got one trophy in Mugen Souls so far, it's Fantastic Combo!, the one for performing a combo with at least 999 hits. There's one more trophy I could earn in Mugen Souls today, the others would take too much time (100+ hours).
  2. I see, then those won't be any help. Then good luck, hope the RNG's not too bad. Not really, no, wanted to get the trophy for a PSNP event tomorrow. There's another easy trophy in the game that I can use, but it still messed up my plans.
  3. Did you download the shadow oni DLC? The game pretty much begs you to take them in these quests. You can't get all of them there, though. Thanks. The Mugen Field is still as annoying as before. The RNG is not terrible, but all these ship battle/multiplier/shop floors can go straight to hell. No one needs them, a ship battle triggered a trophy I didn't want just yet by giving me a Shampuru I didn't have. So now I have all types of Shampurus.
  4. I stopped at episode 10. And Persona 5 actually has more than 24 episodes. That's what they intented at first, now they realized it's not enough, so there'll be more. Not sure what's worse: Bad luck with the RNG or a game that's just time consuming at this point (MS no longer has troublesome RNG, that part is out of the way, it only takes long). So, minor update: Got another 40k Shampurus since my last update and made some progress torwards the 999 hit trophy by giving Chou-Chou the skills she needs. Don't want to be done with everything else just to realize I still need this. Also almost completed another playthrough, just need the true ending and the doppelgangers. Will farm one more master point in the next playthrough to max out the last tier 5 Shampuru (Iron Plate) that I can get from master points. Since I have to go to floor 60 of any Mugen Field to get the true ending anyway, I'm currently preparing an I ranked Mugen Field to do some Shampuru farming there before moving on to the next playthrough. The interesting floors are 61 - 69 (tier 5 CPU Big Sis, tier 8 Work Drill) and 81 - 89 (tier 7 Bigguns). All floors are on the tough route. The more important ones are Work Drill and Bigguns, I'll move on once those are at 9999.
  5. Thanks for the headsup, @Beyondthegrave07 Yeah, I'm ready. Considering that I'm still working on a 300+ hours game, I don't think I'll earn many trophies, but that's alright. Mugen Souls still has an easy trophy or two that I can get for the event.
  6. So do I, but we can't at this point, the anime's not over yet. There are some others on PS2 and PSP, we could get those as well. Don't know if all of them are in English. Could be challenging, good luck. The RNG needs to be your friend for it to work. I'm looking at 100 hours if everything goes perfectly, but this might as well take 200 hours. I'd have to give up on my plans in that case. Probably. 150 hours seems like a good estimate.
  7. Figured they'd do something like that. 24 episodes are just not enough for everything P5 has to offer. Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, Ys I & II Chronicles+, and Ys: The Oath in Felghana are the Ys games on Steam that are not available on PS4. Since they already have an English version, porting them wouldn't be that much work. I hope we'll see those someday. Need to do that if I want the plat in September. I have 11 days for the remaining Shampurus, that's not much for 272k Shampurus. It'd be fine if no Mugen Field and playthroughs were involved, but I need to grind quite a few in the Mugen Field and need to do at least 5 playthroughs for Dust Bunny and Sham-meow. Not sure I can do all of that. Have to make use of my time while I can still afford to spend that much time on the game.
  8. Meaning I might actually get it done someday. Or not. After watching some episodes of the Persona 5 anime, I realized I don't like it all that much. I know I shouldn't judge a lengthy game based on a 24 episodes anime, so maybe I'll still give it a chance, but it's somewhat unlikely at this point. Would join both events. Also would like to see more Ys games on PS4/PSV (PS4 being more likely with Sony discontinuing physical games on the Vita soon). What do you think are the odds of seeing PS4 ports with trophy support for some of the other Ys games? Update time: Charm: Ego: 87% Sadist: 88% Bipolar: 88% Ditz: 87% Terse: 88% Hyper: 87% Graceful: 87% Masochist: 87% Shampurus: 721,854 Tier 01: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 5151 Tier 02: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 4049 Tier 03: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 04: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 05: 2002 / 3153 / 2099 / 3541 / 0950 / 1092 / 0633 Tier 06: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 1667 / 3531 Tier 07: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 5027 / 0000 / 1592 / 0320 Tier 08: 9999 / 3094 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 09: 0008 / 9999 / 9999 / 6556 / 4180 / 0820 / 9999 Tier 10: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 6246 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 11: 0000 / 1750 / 9999 / 9999 / 5571 / 9999 / 5745 Tier 12: 0036 / 0150 / 0050 / 0006 / 0100 / 0130 Tier 13: 9999 / 7786 / 9999 / 9601 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 14: 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 / 9999 Tier 15: 3180 / 2255 / 3440 / 2860 / 1635 / 1850 Playthroughs: 6 Play Time: 228:44:44 Trophies: 45/51 The F rank Mugen Field no longer has anything I need. Played through parts of the story afterwards to unlock farming spots in Metal World, got my tier 4s to 9999. Next is unlocking farming spots in Fire World (tier 5s) or doing an I rank Mugen Field (tier 5/7/8, one of each). It's funny how the Dimensional God still manages to sink G-Castle in Metal World. That thing has only 600k HP and literally deals no damage in the actual fight while G-Castle has close to 660m HP and deals around 270m damage to Dimensional God.
  9. So there's this weird glitch that when I pay a money master point nothing or one cash, it refuses to fight me sometimes. The dialogue doesn't change, it still tells me it'll fight, but the fight won't start. Anyone knows why? It's really easy to fix, just change the amount given to the master point and it'll fight.
  10. Right, sure... Reminder to myself: Include some bombs in the recipes for this sadistic dragon
  11. Don't know, maybe a few months? It's a Mugen Souls break, I won't stop playing games, just need something else that's not like MS.
  12. Then I might actually get both MS games done. My current plan is to be done with MS by the end of September (~320k shampurus), don't intend to play MSZ right after that, need to recharge my batteries first. That break would've lasted longer than the remaining event. And... Well, you still need to taste my recipes (whenever I get around to sharing them), that might be dangerous even for a dragon
  13. Been a while since I cared enough about skills to try that, but there's Defense Coordinator, it grants immunity to skill seal.
  14. @Dragon-Archon Here's another piece of information that might be interesting for the guide part of this Let's Play: Players will sometimes find their peon ball locked (can't use it) when they need it to break through the health regen from certain enemies, to speed things up, or to make sure the enemies can't use their special skills. There's an easy way around it. Due to a glitch, the peon ball gets unlocked for a few seconds after switching to another one of Chou-Chou's personas. That's enough time to use the peon ball and end the fight. Works in Mugen Souls, don't know about MSZ. But damn, it was satisfying to glitch a peon ball straight into the face of the enemies in Boss Returns when the crystal was about to fremzy them
  15. Got the 10 billion damage trophy and the fully powered Triple Counter Stop one (30 billion damage) at around 662k Shampuru. It was kinda annoying that the enemies used my PP, but they got it to 999 after about 20 minutes. Also got some more Shampurus, but not enough to justify another full update.