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  1. Sorry, still haven't made up my mind. But there's a small update: After using the Ys VIII Dual Destinies PS4 theme and listening to the music on PS4, I really wanted to play Ys VIII again. Got my hands on the US PS4 version and the EU PSV version of Ys VIII, so there'll be some more Ys VIII emblems for me in the future. Not sure when, some other games need to be completed first.
  2. Will do that, thanks. Who do I ask for the pics? All of them are gone, I don't have a backup & I'm not an artist, so I can't do it myself. edit: Pics are back now, maybe the host was down. Do I need to create new ones or use the ones from the previous MH PP?
  3. Work takes up most of my time these days, that's why I ignored the JP anniversary. Don't know if I can get anything done for the Western anniversary.
  4. I noticed that the Monster Hunter PP got closed & would like to see it re-opened due to the release of God Eater 3. Is this something I'd be allowed to do & who do I need to talk to to get it done (not sure how many of the original creators of the PP phenomenon are still around)? Satoshi hasn't visited the site in months, can't ask them.
  5. Nice, was waiting for this. Definitely sign me up for this event. I have Lacrimosa of Dana (PS4) and Memories of Celceta. Not sure which emblems I want just yet, will tell you once I know. Also started Origin on PS4 a while ago, might be what I need to get back into it. Could also be enough to make me get Lacrimosa on the Vita and plat it again. If only I had some space left on my Vita. Have to clear some other games first.
  6. Thanks, that's good to hear. Will it have trophies?
  7. Any news on that? Can we continue being the Glaive from vanilla Comrades? Would very much like to do that and not do everything again from square one.
  8. Never got MSZ from PS+, maybe just didn't know it or didn't have PS+ at the time. I still kinda want to get MSZ done, but not this year. There should be some activity next year, but overall you're right, those who really wanted to get things done have the plats by now.
  9. Thanks :). Don't have All Stars/Troy, but thanks for telling me, will keep this in mind. It would be nice to clear one sub-series and maybe be the first to do so for this Let's Play. I'd be working on an UR game (Ys: Origin) if not for Final Fantasy XV's Comrades expansion becoming a standalone game next month. No one really knows what'll happen to the trophies and if they'll still be obtainable, so many people want to get it done before that happens.
  10. Thanks, much appreciated. Hi guys, I'm back from this chaotic battlefield with more spoils of war. It's an overall good Warriors game that dares to try new things that are not implemented into the main series for whatever reason. The magic system gives us new ways of fighting enemies and can be used for some way too strong strategies. One of them is playing as Kyubi, having the Sacred Treasure DLC, equipping her DLC Sacred Treasure, then using the charged magic attack. This will suck all nearby enemies into a black hole and damage them. While they are in the black hole, you start your combo of mass destruction that will kill all who survive the black hole. This literally works on any enemy regardless of them being speed, power, or technique type and makes otherwise decently challenging power types (hard to interrupt due to hyper armor) a joke. My only complaint is that it is too short compared to other WO games. Would've liked to play a lot more WO4. Too bad there's no such thing as Gauntlet Mode (from WO3U). Anyway, this was my last Warriors game of 2018, need to get some other games done before going for another Warriors game.
  11. Cleared the entire story on Chaotic difficulty, no stages was worth mentioning. Everything was easy. Now that that's done, I'm 20 battles away from the plat. It will happen today. @Leon Castle Can you list all games in text form in the starting post? Don't recognize all the pics, so have no idea about some of the games.
  12. After clearing 80% of the story battles on Chaotic, I can say that it's not worth mentioning so far. No enemy was challenging at all. The game has a stage or two that might give me some trouble, but overall nothing too bad. I still haven't decided on a third character. I should get the plat tomorrow or early in the morning on Sunday. I have one complaint about WO4: There's hardly any reason to use all characters. That was different in previous games, you at least had to use everything for their unique weapons.
  13. Cleared all stages on S rank, completed all battle objectives, fully upgraded my camp. I'm actually a bit sad that I only need to clear all stages on the chaotic difficulty. WO games are more fun than most other Warriors games imo, don't mind them being longer. Here's my current setup for chaotic (read if you know every character in WO4 is playable, don't if you don't know anything about the game/don't want spoilers): These are endgame builds, you need to beat many Pandemonium stages to get all weapon attributes.
  14. I do like some good strategy games every now and then. Plus, it could be nice to see a different battle system in the Warriors franchise just once. So, progress. Cleared about 2/3 of all battles on S rank and cleared all battle objectives in these stages as well. Might be able to get all S ranks and battle objectives today. That would leave only the trophy for beating everything on the chaotic difficulty.
  15. Dynasty Warriors Godseekers is on sale in my region's PSN. Do you have any experience with the game, would you recommend it?