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  1. Cleared all stages on S rank, completed all battle objectives, fully upgraded my camp. I'm actually a bit sad that I only need to clear all stages on the chaotic difficulty. WO games are more fun than most other Warriors games imo, don't mind them being longer. Here's my current setup for chaotic (read if you know every character in WO4 is playable, don't if you don't know anything about the game/don't want spoilers): These are endgame builds, you need to beat many Pandemonium stages to get all weapon attributes.
  2. I do like some good strategy games every now and then. Plus, it could be nice to see a different battle system in the Warriors franchise just once. So, progress. Cleared about 2/3 of all battles on S rank and cleared all battle objectives in these stages as well. Might be able to get all S ranks and battle objectives today. That would leave only the trophy for beating everything on the chaotic difficulty.
  3. Dynasty Warriors Godseekers is on sale in my region's PSN. Do you have any experience with the game, would you recommend it?
  4. Well, kinda. I liked what they did in WO3U with the Gauntlet Mode and would've liked to see something similar. At least we got Kyubi back, she's one of my favorite characters since I unlocked her in WO3U. I wouldn't mind a longer, more time consuming plat in WO4. Maybe we'll get that in WO4U if this ever sees the light of day. Cleared all battle objectives in chapter 1 & 2, also got all S ranks in these chapters.
  5. True, it's not even close to the likes of WO3U or WO3. It has way less content (or at least feels that way, didn't count the stages & compared that to previous WOs). Can't say anything about the difficulty just yet, haven't played on chaotic yet, but it feels like crafting some good weapons will pretty much instantly break the game. Some enemies have hyper armor, i. e. it's not that easy to interrupt them, but once you do and land some good hits, they're dead. There is not much grinding to do other than clearing all stages on S rank/on chaos and completing all battle objectives on any difficulty. None of the objectives are overly difficult.
  6. Congratulations @starcrunch061 @Avatar_Of_Battle Made some good progress in Warriors Orochi 4. The main story is out of the way, cleared a stage in less than four minutes and without taking damage, then started working on all battle objectives and S ranks. Will probably finish that next weekend. All that's left afterwards are all stages on the chaotic difficulty. Fully upgrading my camp will come naturally while going for the other trophies. The plat should be mine next week.
  7. I wouldn't mind helping, but the thing is I found a job a few weeks ago, so now I don't have as much free time as I used to & don't want to spend 100% of my time on a guide. I'm willing to answer questions and/or be a co-author if you want me, but I can't do it on my own as well.
  8. Are you working on a guide on PSNP?
  9. For Prize Pick, keep in mind that a promotion to prefect is enough, no need to get marshal or strategist. I think you can also befriend another kingdom's marshal/strategist, they can offer you a promotion to prefect of their kingdom (happened to me iirc). One thing that helps is getting their attention during battle. If the comment on your deeds, chances are high they'll offer you something after the battle. Not sure about escort quests or any other quest, don't think it's necessary. Other than that, it is RNG & I can't really offer any advice. This was a title that I got without actually aiming on it. Kinda. Got promoted to marshal when forming alliances, building facilities, inviting officers, and fighting. Also got the promotion to strategist while doing all of this. It is somewhat random. Fighting seems to increase the odds of you being promoted to marshal. Glad it helped.
  10. Does this work for the other online trophies as well? Or only A+++?
  11. Time for an update. Got the plat in Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada and Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires earlier this year (, raising my completed games from 9 to 11 and a promotion to Ultimate Warrior.
  12. @Avatar_Of_Battle Congratulations on clearing DW9. Can all characters still use almost all weapon types or not? Made a lot of progress in Warriors Orochi 4 today, earning the first 26 trophies (or 44%) doesn't even take one day. I quite like what they did with the game, the battle system is enjoyable, there are some differences to standard Warriors, which is good. Kyubi is still among the easiest ways of breaking the game, enemies can't do anything, even their deified forms can't hold a candle against a non-optimized Kyubi (i. e. not level 99 and without a perfect weapon). The story could use some improvements, everyone lost their memory, yet they act like they're allies right from the start. Well, some of them. At least the alliance from previous Orochi games returns as if nothing happened. Considering everyone's background, it makes no sense for them to change from enemies to allies on the fly. Is anyone interested in WO4 coop? I'll solo the story, but we can help each other out on Chaos difficulty.
  13. Start the Alliance against Dong Zhuo, join his kingdom, wait for people to leave, then become ruler yourself. Done. An alternative way of doing this is recruiting people with high or low virtue and acting like a good guy or a jerk. This should get the ones to leave that don't like what you do. I. e. the bad guys don't like you being a good guy and vice versa, that should get it done too. Being a bad guy makes it easier. Don't know why it doesn't work for you. Maybe do some battles and execute people? You'll be everyone's best enemy in no time. You can also recruit people and then do nothing at all. Literally. Don't even specifiy a policy for your kingdom. Just rest all the time. That makes them leave your kingdom frequently.
  14. Nope, don't plan to do MSZ anytime soon. Finally got a job (web developer, my first site probably goes live next week), meaning I don't have as much free time as I had when playing MS & I don't think I want to spend time on MSZ when I don't have much time to spend on gaming in the first place. At least not this year. That, and there are some other games I want to do first (Ys Origin, Dark Souls 2, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls, Warriors Orochi 4, ...). It looks like the event will be dead for a while. .
  15. Too bad the game doesn't have a trophy like that. The rarity of the plat suggests it's a fairly easy one compared to previous WO games, though. I'd have liked another ultra rare plat in WO4.