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  1. Thanks. The walktrhough of my choice lists all Mystic Artes, I'll be fine as long as I read the strategy for the bosses.
  2. I'm currently playing Tales of Berseria. Is there anything to keep in mind while playing the game? I'm keeping track of the Katz treasure chests and side quests, is that enough or will I have to go back to earlier areas because there's more related to trophies? While I'm at it, I might as well ask about two of the ToX2 trophies. I don't remember which titles I'm missing, but do you have a good guide for these trophies? I'm also missing Codependence, but know what to do and just never felt like doing it.
  3. What happened to the Atelier Rorona We Play? Did I miss it or was it never started?
  4. That's generous, thank you. Time to throw that name in the hat, then.
  5. Didn't get an email, but it's true that there's free multiplayer on PS4 during said timeframe. No idea how the MH World demo fits in there, I didn't hear anything about them releasing it earlier. The release date is still December 2017.
  6. I started my first real Weeblympics game (aka one that will remain UR): Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Well, what can I say? It's in a way amazing how KT and Omegaforce manage to sell the same game over and over again with minor changes. They more or less literally sell the same game since Dynasty Warriors 7 (2011 release date). Granted, the Musou series isn't known for its innovative gameplay and the story is always the same (based on Chinese history, I'm not complaining about that), but they at least had some changes to justify buying the next installment. I'm really hoping they learned their lesson for DW9. Anyway, progress... - Cleared Challenge Mode - Cleared the speedrun trophies & beating a stage at the highest difficulty without taking damage - Conquered 4 of the 5 areas of the land in the enhanced Ambition Mode - Played the first few stages of Lu Bu's story - Some misc stuff A piece of advice: If you want the plat for this game, complete Dynasty Warriors 8 first, then transfer your savegame to DW8 Xtreme Legends. You need to complete most of DW8 in Xtreme Legends anyway, doing this will get you two UR plats instead of one. It also makes Xtreme Legends faster as you get access to all the progress you've made in DW8.
  7. Thanks . That's my mistake, I meant Critical, not Proud. My main save is on Critical. I don't remember them all. One of the missing ones is Zebra Man (Xemnas). No idea who else needs a beating. Thanks, I'll bookmark the site.
  8. I'd like to join, please add me to the list of participants. I have the platinum in BbS and the 100% in Days and Re:coded (all on PS3). The first Kingdom Hearts is at 98%, I'm still missing the gumi ship blueprints. If anyone can link me a video guide (that also tells me where to get the ship parts), explain how to complete the missions, or answer my question once I get back to playing the game, I'd be grateful. KH2 is at 79%, it'd all be relatively easy once I beat the remaining Organization XIII Replica Data (around 5 or so). I lost several times against the Replicas due to bugs (enemies didn't die to a combo finisher, their attacks dealt way more damage than they should have according to damage calculations, and others) and stopped. My current 100% playthrough is on Proud, would you recommend to start over on the lowest difficulty to make it easier (and do everything again) or get it done on Proud? These bugs might not be that much of a problem on a lower difficulty, but it could take longer to do everything again, so pushing through on Proud might not be so bad. Feel free to tell me what you'd do.
  9. You're right, the main point of this crossover is to get the player base from HZD interested in MH World. HZD players wouldn't care about my points. Anyway, I think we'll get one event quest for this armor, which is a good thing.
  10. Agreed. I'm not overly interested in Aloy's armor either. If I want to play as Aloy, it's always an option to get Horizon Zero Dawn and play that. Also, armors from other characters tend to be not as good as the regular armor sets in the game.
  11. We got a new MH World trailer at the Paris Game Week. There'll also be a demo coming to PS+ in December. I'm primarily looking forward to the demo to test the game.
  12. Congratulations. What would you say was the most troublesome trophy? The 1000 jumps?
  13. I can't find anything official right now, but have read that Star Wars might be in KH3 a while ago.
  14. That's good. I'd like to make Ys VIII my third Weeblympics plat. @Hertz @Ratchet2425 I got the platinum yesterday, please add the PS4 version to my list.
  15. Sounds good to me. What's the general opinion on completing a game vs. beating a game in a We Play? Personally, I'd like to complete Atelier Rorona.