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  1. Update #2 Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart: 0% A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV: 0% Final Fantasy VIII: 0% Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call: 0% Final Fantasy XIV: 0% -> 7% -> 22% Final Fantasy XIV: Cleared the ARR main story (the only story-related trophy in the game) and synthesized 1000 items as an alchemist. That's all for now. Really like the game, but that's just how progress is with this game. It takes a long time. I'm making good progress towards clearing 100 instanced raids and the 1000 levequest trophy (that takes almost six months). Maybe I should play PvP once for the trophy.
  2. @pelagia14 I wish more games would opt for weekly grinds instead of daily ones. I'd rather play a few hours a week than 20 minutes a day. To clarify, what made me keep going right after the base game were the events from the base game. You just can't leave things as they are. At least I couldn't and I'm glad I didn't have to wait for the devs to release HW for more story. HW is great, true, but it's not why I didn't want to pause FFXIV. Don't click that spoiler, it'll reveal the end of ARR.
  3. *looks at Genshin Impact* Yeah, I can relate to that pretty well. This game will get new content for at least some more years, possibly upwards of 5 years at the current pace. Assuming it stays profitable, that is. I chose to ignore Genshin Impact for a while. It's just not as fun as it used to be after not missing a single day since I started the game in 2021 and I don't even like the new content all that much. So easiest decision in the world for me and I can always come back later to catch up on the story. I get that it's not that easy if you have friends playing the game alongside you and possibly daily grinds or something. That's still a good way of playing the game, but after the ending of the main game (A Realm Reborn, ARR), I couldn't just put down the controller and not play Heavensward right away. I wanted to know more of the story. There's just too much going on to stop after ARR. So it didn't work for me so far, I just put everything else on hold in favor of FFXIV and will most likely keep doing that. And I'm alright with it, I'm having a great time Let's go into a bit more details on what you need for the platinum trophy, then. PS4 version: No DLC. The base game is enough PS5 version: Base game, Heavensward, Stormblood, Shadowbringer FFXIV released in 2013, Heavensward in 2015, Stormblood in 2017, Shadowbringer in 2019, and Endwalker in 2021. So far, there's no news on a new expansion that I'm aware of, so it'll most likely be at least early 2024 until we get another one. There are patches that add new content every now and then, though.
  4. Play the PS4 version, then you don't have to do all DLCs as there are no DLC trophies on PS4. It is possible to get the platinum for both the PS4 and the PS5 version without all DLCs. But the DLCs are important to the story, so it is recommended to play them. The PS4 version takes at least 1000 / 6 days (a bit less than six months) to complete, so just do the story and other content while you do the levequest trophy. Should you then decide that you do want to commit to the PS5 version, you can auto pop anything you already did on PS4 by doing one more of [insert activity required for a trophy].
  5. Update #1 Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart: 0% A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV: 0% Final Fantasy VIII: 0% Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call: 0% Final Fantasy XIV: 0% -> 7% Got my first few Final Fantasy XIV trophies for doing one of some of the more basic parts of the game such as beating one enemy, clearing a quest, and so on. There's one more easy trophy, that's doing my first instanced raid. Everything else will be a grind. Well, not everything, but I won't touch the other jobs that give me more trophies for doing one of [insert activity] for a while. I'll do the main story first.
  6. Not sure. I'm definitely not the right person to speak about this (still in ARR MSQ), but all trophies I've seen so far seems doable. It might be challenging or take forever, but I'm willing to give it a go. Maybe I'm wrong, no idea, I don't know enough about it yet. What would be asking too much for me would be PvP, and not just one battle for that one trophy on PS4. That's no problem, I don't even need to win. But if I need to do countless PvP battles, then I won't do it, I think.
  7. Good luck with your backlog to all who joined I started Final Fantasy XIV, but there won't be any real updates from me this month, I guess. FF XIV will take up most of my time and not give me many trophies to post about. Which is alright. I'm having a good time with the main story and will focus on that before going for any specific trophies other than the time-gated ones such as 1000 levequests. I'll work on those at least once a week. I'll try to do all other games as soon as I have some time off of work and then go back to FF XIV and get as much done as I can.
  8. I played the game and got the plat back in 2014. If you like exploring a huge world, then it might be good for you. Story-wise, it's a conclusion to the XIII saga. That might be stating the obvious, but that's what it was for me. I didn't hate it and also didn't really like it, so it was just that: a conclusion. The game looks alright for a PS3 game, the music is good. The somewhat more action-oriented battle system didn't really work for me. This is more on me than on the game, you can do insane things with it, it's me who couldn't do that.
  9. Thank you Yes, that's precisely why I'm considering what to do next. If I start XIV, then it'll be a while until I hit Gold tier. There's nothing past Gold tier that I can reach easily as Platinum tier requires completing the entire series, so after that it no longer matters until more games are released and there are more tiers, as discussed a while ago. That's why I'm considering just getting Gold first before fully committing myself to XIV. Well, maybe. Nothing's stopping me from going through the ARR MSQ, then finishing another FF, then doing the HW MSQ, then another FF, and so on. So it's not like XIV will halt progress entirely unless that's how I choose to play it.
  10. Thanks That's primarily why I'm not sure, though. I can just play XIV for months on end, there's no need for a second game. But I started XIV. I guess I can do the ARR MSQ and then play another game or something, then do the next MSQ, and so on, we'll see. So see you in 29 years when I created my character. I did some basic research on what being a race means to kind of create a lore accurate character, but not really sure what I want to be yet. I'll have to look at the races as well and not just know of their lore. I used a recruitment code for some early game bonuses.
  11. Completed or platinum Final Fantasy VII HD Final Fantasy VII Remake Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade INTERmission DLC Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Final Fantasy IX HD Final Fantasy X Remastered Final Fantasy X-2 Remastered Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIV [PS4] Final Fantasy XIV [PS5] Heavensward DLC Stormblood DLC Shadowbringers DLC Shadowbrings: Death Unto Dawn DLC Endwalker DLC Endwalker: Newfound Adventure DLC Endwalker: Buried Memory DLC Endwalker: Gods Revel, Lands Tremble DLC Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus DLC Episode Prompto DLC July 2017 Update DLC Comrades DLC Episode Ignis DLC Royal Pack DLC Comrades March 2018 Update DLC Episode Ardyn DLC A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades December 2018 Update DLC March 2019 Update DLC Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin [PS4] Trials of the Dragon King DLC Wanderer of the Rift DLC Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin [PS5] Trials of the Dragon King DLC Wanderer of the Rift DLC Final Fantasy Type-0 HD World of Final Fantasy Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion [PS5] Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion [PS4] Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: Every Buddy Crystal Defenders Adventures of Mana Completed both Crisis Core stacks. That's 18 games done and the VII Enthusiast badge. Well, unless auto pops don't count, but it doesn't say that, so... Crisis Core is among my favorite FF games. I broke the game for the first time on this playthrough. Before that, I always stopped before being completely OP and never did all missions or hard difficulty. It was still perfectly doable and fun to be that OP. I'm on the fence on what to do next. I could start XIV right now or play two more short FFs and get to gold tier before starting XIV. Thoughts?
  12. Yes, I'm missing one of Cloud's as well and also at the first save point in the final chapter. How complaining here helps as well. So far, I didn't get it while writing this. It's the last one I need, so maybe... Or not, got summons twice instead of Cloud's limit break/scene and a few Clouds without a scene at all.
  13. Thank you :). I'm inclined to say it's an Artifex game, how hard can it be? Hope I won't eat those words later.
  14. I'm somewhat confident I can complete Crisis Core in February, so it will count for the Winter Backlog Challenge. The game isn't that long, it might work out just fine. It's good that there's less work next week due to an unofficial holiday. Meaning the company I work at gives us half a day off on Tuesday and I will work from home, so no driving to/from work and more free time. WoFF takes a bit longer, wouldn't attempt it this month. Good luck, as you said, only nine more days.☺️ I have PS+ until 2027 or something, IDK, I bought a few more years when it was on sale last year. I never played Mahjong, this trophy can only go well on first try . No, probably not. Time to learn the Mahjong basics, then.
  15. Have to make another change to my list, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Reunion will no longer be eligible for my list as by the time this event starts, it will be way above 50%, possibly at 100%, and the PS5 version is just an autopop afterwards and therefore not eligible either. So I replaced it with Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren's Call. I'm sensing a pattern here, I replace more time-consuming games with less time-consuming ones. But it's alright, Final Fantasy XIV will still take way more than 1000 hours to complete. So I don't mind having more short games on the list. List: