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  1. Not sure if I should join this event after what I did in the Let's Play Persona 5 (didn't start the game at all). Unlike Persona 5, I already have Mugen Souls. I want to clear my PS3 backlog someday, but don't know when. Mugen Souls is not on my to do list (Lost Sphear, Dark Souls Remaster, DS2 on PS3, Tera, maybe FF XIV, some other games) right now. It's possible I'll change my mind and play it or that I don't touch it at all. Decide for yourself if you want to add me to the event or want me to start the game first, then post here again, @Dragon-Archon I'm fine with it either way.
  2. Weeblympics #5: Monster Hunter World Considering what MH is about (farming), I still think this game would be better without trophies. Took me about 400 hours to get the plat. Getting all crowns were the most annoying trophies. Sorry, don't feel like writing more right now.
  3. Is the game still glitched? I've seen the founder's packs on PSN, are they necessary for a smooth experience? Or can I farm everything in the game?
  4. Will let you know once I start to play the game. Is it better to have a team of 4 or 8 people for coop (to reduce waiting time for others or to develop better strategies or so) or will skilled random players show up all the time to help with bosses?
  5. I'm not, at least not as my primary game. I play it on the train on my way to work, on the way home, and during breaks. I chose SS because all other games on my Vita require a guide. SS doesn't, I can just play it and know I won't miss a trophy by doing so. I'm doing Lost Sphear, Setsuna is already at 100%. Understandable, a break after grinding your way through MHW is important. I'm still taking a break to catch up on everything I neglected for MHW (primarily anime). Thanks
  6. Thanks. It feels like I understand so much more about the game now than I did when I actively played it back in October 2017. The crafting systems seems to make sense now, it didn't back then. I noticed I can already craft arrows, but not get them from quests yet (second pact, the one after Sortiara). Guess I'll farm a while before I move on. Will one stack of each arrow suffice, is it better to upgrade it or take multiple unupgraded stacks of the same arrows? Or should I bring different arrows to exploit the hells? Thanks! Congrats to your accomplishments in Eorzea! Will you continue your journey through Eorzea or are you already done? If the former, we might meet in Eorzea sooner or later. I've heard about Illecebra, that one seems to be fought infinity + 2 times over the course of the game. I don't know that yet, never used throwing offerings so far.
  7. You weren't around when I got the plat, so no, you didn't. Thanks! And good luck, don't think anyone will take that away from you. Will do that, then. How do I get arrows? Are they available early in the game?
  8. We had to delete the previous invite links to the Discord due to a bunch of spammers, here's the new one:
  9. Thanks. Yeah, no one can take being the first one to plat MHW in this PP away from me xD. Anyone got any tips for Soul Sacrifice? What skills are recommended to play through the game?
  10. Time for an update. By the power bestowed on me by the Mighty Kulu, strongest of all monsters, Lord and Savior to us all, I present to you the latest plat for this PP: Monster Hunter: World Conqueror of the New World Unlock all trophies for Monster Hunter: World. So... If you think I've lost it after that Kulu part, then rest assured, I probably have. Still, you should check the MHW Crown Hunting Discord to figure out what this is about. The most tedious part of the game is getting all crowns, the spawn rate is abysmal right now. Took me about 400 hours to get them all & had to farm for days to get some of the crowns. Better get most of the crowns now if you want the plat, you can play through event quests with a higher chance for crowns as part of the spring event in MHW. The game as a whole was an enjoyable experience with some flaws. It started out strong with many new monsters and failed after the final boss. There was not a single new monster afterwards, only more of the same with higher attack and the same HP/defense as regular high rank monsters. Many weapon types are not that great. I was a longsword/hammer/duals/lance user in the past and became a 99% longsword user in MHW thanks to what they did to some of the mentioned weapons. Augmenting weapons (further upgrading them after they're on ultimate level) is stupid. Weapons can be augmented between one to three times based on their rarity. R6 can be augmented thrice, R7 twice, and R8 once. Problem: Most R8 weapons are garbage compared to R6 or R7 weapons. R6 weapons are already better and get even stronger while most R8s are not worth it. There are even more useless armor sets than in previous games. That's partially because there are no longer armor sets for melee weapons and ranged weapons. Melee/ranged weapon share armor sets now because we need bow users with sharpness +1! I'm glad I didn't see one of them, but they have to be out there somewhere. The game tries to tell a story and it's alright for an MH game. With the exception of one character, there's not much to say about them. None of them stands out too much, interactions with them are limited. About that one character, The Handler... WTF WERE YOU THINKING, CAPCOM? ENFORCING FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THIS ANNOYING CHARACTER AND MY OWN CHARACTER!? YEAH, NO, NOT HAPPENING, MY CHARACTER HATES THE HANDLER!! TOO BAD THE HANDLER WASN'T EATEN BY SOME MONSTER! The Handler is an annoying character that only gets others in trouble and doesn't do much to solve any problems. More often than not, it's because The Handler that things go wrong & others need to put their lives on the line to save her pathetic ass. Now, all of that wouldn't be that bad fi the game didn't let me create my own character. Had it been a pre-made character instead of my own, I wouldn't care all that much and it'd be alright for them to be friends, but my character's personality & The Handler would not work out at all. She'd abandon The Handler asap. Still, it's not a key part of the game, the gameplay is what makes or breaks the game. It doesn't change that The Handler is one of the most annoying/useless characters I've seen in games in a while. With 6 plats in this PP, I'm now a God Slayer. Hello Satoshi and ab4h4r4k1.
  11. What are your thoughts on the game and the platinum? I've heard conflicting opinions on the game. What I saw looked good, but I'm still on the fence (buy now vs. buy later). How bad is the grinding for the platinum in DW9?
  12. Most monster hunting games have this problem. That and the lack of a really well made story (with some exceptions) is what I criticize most about these types of games. Likewise, if anyone expects an interesting story and deep characters in Monster Hunter World, then play something else or you'll be disappointed. They didn't even name the characters properly, what you see qualifies as titles at best, and their personality/character development is not interesting. Their relevance for the story will be close to zero. Monster Hunter World is 80% to 90% gameplay/farming right from the start. The remaining time is spent in menus or at the shops to get the best tools for slaying monsters. That's the mindset you need to enjoy the game (and most other monster hunting games). If that's not your cup of tea, stay away from the game.
  13. Basically, yeah. I'd say this can take anywhere from 200 hours to 1000+ depending on your luck and your playstyle (based on previous MH games) with an average completion time of 300 to 500 hours.
  14. You can play MHW or about 10 other games if you decide to go for the plat (rough estimate, don't know the exact time for the plat & depends on the other games as well, but the point is it takes a long time). Do keep in mind that you won't have to buy other games once you start playing MHW.
  15. How have you been with Monster Hunter: World? I've been doing some SOS quests for the trophy, then I guess I'll continue with the story.

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