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  1. Compliments on your high trophy level There you go! You got a compliment!
  2. I have an Assassins Creed tattoo on my forearm, inspired by Ezio. So I think we know which ones I like the best I can't rank them, will have to Tier them: GOD Tier - Brotherhood GREAT Tier - ACII, Origins, Odyssey GOOD Tier - Valhalla (so far - I'm only 20% through), Syndicate, Black Flag UNDERRATED Tier - AC (original) SATISFACTORY Tier - Revelations, Unity, Rogue POOR Tier - ACIII I'll point out that I completed AC the original three times back in the PS3 days. The very first game gets too much flak. Yes, it was repetitive. But the story hooked me and the randomness of the assassinations were more pure. No stabbing in the neck and they survive because they are Level 82. And the beginning and end of that game, were amazing, especially at the time. The era was also great and it would be an ideal era to return to now with PS5 technology. On the levelling thing, Valhalla is good because you can switch on Guaranteed Assassination - which is more realistic, even if it makes the game easier. Origins and Odyssey I loved but for different reasons to traditional AC games.
  3. It is not a glitch and the trophy guide is fine. You have to get to the end of the chapter for the trophy. You obviously expected it to pop immediately, not all trophies work like that. The game is awesome and you really should just play it through first time without worrying about trophies. It is much better experience. And then once complete, do what is needed for the platinum.
  4. I'm not even gonna bother with Insane mode! Just going to get through the story on Medium which will give me plenty of trophies for progression, and hopefully a few cumulative side trophies along the way which will be enough for a C minimum. Then delete and never play again I only tried it because of PS Plus and just after I'd played, and loved, Until Dawn, hoping it would be something similar but it really isn't!
  5. Russian Revolution or Rasputin era sounds like it would work well. I'm not interested in Japan/Far East - too many other games cover that. Although Vikings are covered in many games too, and Valhalla is excellent. Eventually they will run out of time periods. One of the best was the very first. Jerusalem, Damascus, Acre have so much potential. It would get to see a reworking of AC for modern tech. Altair was a great protagonist and the era was amazing for Knights Templar, all sorts of stuff going on. The holy grail and the ark of the covenant could be included in there. Definitely it deserves another go. After all it was that very first game that got me hooked, despite its flaws.
  6. Wishes it was the early 90's again
  7. Obsessive racer-gamer Kudos on getting the GT Trophy. I'm traditionally a very good racing gamer driver but the quality on GT is just outrageous. And your name is familiar, I think I've been in some races with you at some point. I was likely in the middle of the pack at best
  8. Cheers Retronplay. I'm not focussed on 100% I just don't have the time sadly, two kids don't help with that! National Lockdown at least means more gaming though. I want to mop up a few games. Personally I focus on game rank (S, A, B, C, D, E, F) on here and I don't like that I have two many E's and F's. Appreciate a lot of shutdown servers which is annoying as I would go back and play F1 2015 and 2017 if I could finish the online trophies off. But if I can cut off a lot of a chaff and then improve ratings up to minimum C then I'll be happy. I'm going to have to commit to completing the story on Outlast 2 as I have 1 trophy for it....not a fan of that game.
  9. Fair play maybe I'll give that one a chance Removed the 0% games from my PS4 trophy list, however they still show on PSNProfiles… Have I done this right? Or do I need to hide them also?
  10. Cheers all. Will give this a go for now. I have 7 0% games I can remove. Was going to complete Erica but not sure whether to bother now, might just remove it. Have about 15 or so games with 1-3 trophies, shame I can't get rid completely, but better than nothing! Might hide a couple of the worst ones like Sniper Elite 4 which my nephew annoyingly played and got 1 trophy for me when I wasn't looking!
  11. First of all apologies if this answer is within another thread, I tried searching and couldn't find a conclusive answer. Basically I'm a long time PS user since the PS1 era! Trophies came in PS3 of course but I only started focussing on trophies in around 2018 or so. Previously I'd focus on completing a game I loved, or trying plenty of different ones. As a result I have a lot of games at between 0% and 20% completion! Especially so with a PS Plus membership. Is there a way to remove games from your trophy lists? And therefore have them disappear from my profile on here too? My stats are skewed badly by brief attempts at games, most recently Hollow Knight which I simply don't have the time to attempt after a quick go I had before Xmas! I'm also sick of seeing gaming ranks of F, E etc mixed into my A's I don't have time to get them up to A. My OCD though wants a gamer list with C as a minimum. I would hope that 0% games should be doable but don't know how. Anybody know? Cheers Craig
  12. 5 wins now, 2 on Hex-a-Gone, 2 on Fall Mountain and 1 on Jump Showdown (final version). About 11 race wins I think (lost count) Just aiming to get level 40 and then I'm done. Currently level 33.
  13. 4 wins, I'm happy. 2 on Hex-a-Gone, 2 on Fall Mountain. On a bad run currently where I'm not getting to the final. I keep losing team games, usually Fall Ball and the last two times the score has been 10-0. WTF! I always lose when I'm on the Blue team. Doing my head in!
  14. 1 glorious win only for me. It was on the Fall Mountain where you grab the crown. I wasn't the first to it, I was third out of six - but the first two mistimed their jumps. Literally cheered on my sofa when I won. No other victories, a few close calls with Tail Tag and the Hexagon one. But I still get knocked out far too often by the stupid See-Saw level. No races won either! A few seconds and top 5's but no first yet.
  15. I seem to be not getting the 10 Stages in Argentina trophy. Feel like I've done about 25 stages there! Any reason why I'm not getting this one?