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  1. maybe a dumb question but does your team count as kills as well? let's say that I get a couple of friends to be killed on purpose, would that work? Because I have been at this bloody trophy for a couple of weeks and still nothing
  2. So just that I get this right, the higher the difficulty, the more exp (logic so far) but regarding weapons xp, the more kills you get with them, the more weapon exp also? Because I got all the weapons but the trophy didnt’ pop :’(
  3. Ps4 SaveWizard can help with that :-)
  4. I have the same issue with the LMG trophy and also with the freelancer trophy I tried creating a new pilot and see that maybe it but all the challenges back to 0 but that’s not the case, so I’m f**ked :’( I’ll put a post on the EA link given above and hope that they will patch it but honneslty they need to patch a lot of stuff in the game
  5. Hey all, I'm getting inimageably frustrated at 2 trophies that are not popping. Collector (all weapons) and Foodie (eat all food variations) Now, I know you're gonna say "are you sure that you have everything?" yes, I'm 200% sure, I have used the 2 lists that are available via the forum but still they don't pop. Are any trophies known to be glitched? are are the lists incomplete? Thanks for any help.
  6. nice list and I did everything on it but the trophy still didn't pop :'( I guess you are sure that the list is 100% complete right?