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  1. I can confirm that the Eiffel Tower is not needed for this trophy.
  2. Some trophies glitched for me too. Didn't get the worm boss trophy even though I finished the game. Replayed the chapter and killed him again and still no trophy. The "Nice To Poo You" and "Plumber Remains" also didn't work although I met the requirements. On the other hand I got "All Faces Of Death" before even finishing the game (which requires grandpa to choke) so the trophies are very finicky in this game. The loading times are way too long for a game this small. Especially the ones for when you die in the last chapter. It literally takes 20 seconds for the game to reset the game-state to the last checkpoint. A few times the visuals froze while the music kept playing and I had to wait 5-10 seconds for it to unfreeze. Also it crashed once right after defeating the final boss so I had to redo all of that. Glitchy unoptimized game. I'm disappointed because the atmosphere and art design/style were super cool.
  3. Why are most of the songs anime related? *Voted*