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  1. I didn't even think to try this. I watched a video of someone doing it after they'd somehow led her around all of the objectives and assumed I'd need to do the same...it was much, MUCH easier just bashing on her hardened neck with Levi. Thank you for pointing this out!
  2. So for this, you need to subjugate the female Titan within 5 minutes after leading her around the side mission points. Anyone got any advice for how to get her to follow you? The AI is absolutely awful - she runs in circles, ignores me when I taunt her or even throw things at her, and the fastest I've managed to get her to the end point is 5 minutes 7 seconds...and I'd still need to subjugate her after that as well.
  3. Yeaaaaah...it's going to be a while before I tackle this game. I'm not even half done with the first game yet and the grind is going to be a long one. Maybe I'll be up for doing it all again come October or something.
  4. All I want is for none of this stuff to have trophies. xD; Although I would love to see the Fated Four from Generations make an appearance. A little more variety with some additional areas would be nice too - why don't we have a snowy locale, or something by the sea? It'd be pretty cool if they reintroduced underwater combat from Tri/3U with some new weapon types for underwater, like harpoons, or pressurised oxygen cannons or something.