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  1. Thank you but i decided to finish the story and after the credits the secret training mission and the last mission for Fujitora appeared on the map so now i got 100% karma with everybody. i usually want to do the side stuff first before i finish the story in games like this so i spent lots of time trying to figure out how to finish Kuzans karma.
  2. To get 100% on Kuzans karma i must complete the mission Secret Training and use a Gum Gum Red hawk and a Gum Gum Eagle storm on him.Im on chapter 14 and i have finished every single side mission on the map and that Secret Training mission never seems like its going to appear and i heard that you can find and fight him again near the graveyard but i have visited that place hundreds of times now and hes never there.Is my game glitched or how do you activate that Secret training side mission?And why does he never show up in the graveyard for me like hes supposed to?Please help i hope i dont have to start the whole game from the beginning again to finish the karma for all the characters.
  3. Thanks for the information it was easy to get the trophy when playing the game without the patches. Dont understand why the game developers did not fix this so you could still get the trophy with the game patched.
  4. My last trophy before i get the platinum is Without a Grudge and im starting to get really worried that the trophy is glitched for me because i have been grinding it for a couple days now and i never freaking get it. Maybe must start a new save file and start grinding it from the beginning again.
  5. I heard that on the Xbox One version of the game there is a glitch that can get you stuck on 99% for the achievement:Does anybody know if it can happen on the PS4 version too?I have been grinding this trophy for a couple days now and it seems im never going to get it.
  6. Im starting to get worried that the trophy is glitched for me because i have been grinding this for around 3 hours now and i broke plenty of stuff in the city before i started to grind like this and i still dont have the trophy. Really wish there was a way to see how many objects i have destroyed,
  7. There are some of the tutorials and the combo challenges that i cant finish no matter how many times i try and i really want the trophies for those.Can somebody please help me with this using share play?My PSN is CyberLance
  8. This game has been out for a long time now so is nobody ever gonna find out the best way to get the Win At Life trophy? Even with unpopular games like this people usually find out how to get all the trophies and creates trophy guides for them not that long after the games get released. I heard that you can quit to the PS4 menu and restart the chapter your on if you think that you have been hit so i have been playing the game from start to finish doing that trying to get the trophy 2 times now but im often not sure if i have been hit or not and pressing x to avoid attacks sometimes does not seem to work. Would be very nice if there could be information and help on the internet about how to get the trophy the best and easiest way.
  9. Ok thank you. I loved this game on the PS2 so i dont have a problem with beating the game a couple times as long as its not too hard, frustrating or stressful but it sounds like Ultimate mode will make most of the stuff im worried about way easier.
  10. Thank you i hope that means i dont have to worry about getting an S rank and the speedrun because thats what im worried about the most. Does it give you unlimited health and make your attacks stronger or what exactly does Ultimate mode do? And can you use it after you beat the game the first time?
  11. I hate it in games when you must worry about a time limit and getting a high ranking so im not looking forward to the speedrun trophy and the trophy for beating the game with an S rank at all. I have not played this game in years so is that "ultimate mode" something you can unlock that makes beating the game again way easier and faster? Does it make beating the game on higher difficulties easier too?
  12. Thanks for the information. Yea it seems like almost nobody that plays this game can unclock this trophy so i hope the developers will patch the game and make it easier to get soon. Its annoying when i cant get a 100% on a game so i will wait and see if they patch it before i buy the game. Even the extremely difficult Mein Lieben trophy on Wolfenstein 2 had a couple people that unlocked it fast after the game came out but not for this trophy.
  13. I only found one of the logs with no text on the bridge on deck 8. Can you please tell me where the other no text log is? I got all the logs in that youtube video and i did not get the trophy. EDIT. Nevermind i found out about it being on deck 1 room 7 and now i got the platinum.
  14. Yea im interested in buying this but it feels very frustrating to me if i can never get 100% of the trophies in a game so i want to know why nobody seems to have the Win at Life trophy yet. Is it because its extremely difficult or is it because its buggy or maybe its because few people care about this game?
  15. I got all the achievements on the Xbox 360 version a long time ago and from what i remember it was easy to get all the achievments on Oblivion and this was the kind of game where all you need to do is to play and enjoy the game the regular way to get them all and you dont need to do anything complicated, tedious or frustrating.