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  1. Yea i forgot about the skills you could use to make your attacks do more damage before but after i equiped them i managed to beat the challenge.
  2. I got the skills master trophy when i maxed out the trolls abilitys too. I read here that the names for the skills and abilitys trophies are exchanged in the European versions of the game so i hope that means we will get the abilitys trophy when we max out Ottos skills. I beat the game today but i missed 2 Otto idols so now i must beat the game from the beginning and looks for all the collectibles again if i want to 100% it. I really wish there was a guide for the collectibles on this game but i cant find any.
  3. Yea same here i have owned the game since it came out but i have not started it yet because i was hoping somebody would make a trophy guide for the game soon. I like to have information on how to get all the trophies before i start a new game and i would like to get all of them in my first playtrough if its possible except for the trophy for catching a 1000 fish maybe.
  4. I hope somebody is planning to use this information to make a Shenmue 3 trophy guide soon.
  5. No sorry im not the choosen one sadly. I have never done a guide on a game before and i prefer to let the professionals do that. But yea i really hope somebody will create a trophy guide for Shenmue 3 soon so we will know how to get all the trophies and find all the sidequests and other important and cool stuff in the game.
  6. I hope the trophies for getting 1000 fish and cutting 1000 logs is cumulative over playthroughs. That all the fish and logs and other similar stuff you have done is still saved when you beat the game from the beginning again. I have beaten Shenmue 1 and 2 hundreds of times and i never get tired of them and it will probably be the same with Shenmue 3.
  7. Thank you for making this video. Looking for collectibles and trying to avoid scary ghosts at the same time would have been a frustrating nightmare. I hope there are no new collectibles you must find or other trophies on episode 2.
  8. When he tries to sign up and put his e-mail and password it says error try again and when he clicks one more time it loads forever like that. It says error code 404 error.
  9. I personally loved the main game and think it was very fun to play and had a very good story and characters but yea the two DLCs so far has not been that great or interesting yet. I liked the Zoro DLC way more than the Sabo DLC atlest. Its also annoying to me that you finish the story in the DLCs way before you can use most of the skills so the only reason to keep upgrading Zoro and Sabo is to get the trophies. They should have made it so you could do the storys from the very beginning again with all your upgrades instead of only doing the last chapter over and over.
  10. I forgot about those accessories. I equiped some so i got stronger attack power and now the enemies died in one hit and i finally managed to get the top rank on the challenge mission. Thank you for the help i really appreciate it. The Sabo DLC felt way harder than the main game and the Zoro DLC to me and i guess its because i forgot to make Sabo stronger with accessories
  11. Thank you for the video i dont know why i could not find it before. But i have problem. When i try to do that running and square button attack the enemies dont die and i fail the mission. I have upggraded all my skills and im playing on beginner difficulty so i dont understand why the enemies die for you and not for me.
  12. Im trying the get the trophy for getting the top top rank on the 4 challenge missions in the new Sabo DLC but i have tried to do it it hundreds of times now on the mission called Thrillseeker where you must get a takedown on 9 enemies without them seeing you and i always fail. My top time was 1 minute and 38 seconds. There is a spot where one guard walk down the stairs toward another guard and its very difficult to get takedowns on them fast without them being alerted to you. Anybody got some advice on how to get passed that part faster or how to beat this challenge mission easier and faster in general? I cant find any info or videos about these challenge missions.
  13. Ok thank you i will tell him that and see if it helps but he tried to sign up on both his computer and his PS4 but it was the same problem on both.
  14. When my friend tries to sign up to the site and become a member it loads forever and never gets finished. He tried waiting for it to load for over an hour and nothing happened. Anybody knows why and how to fix it?
  15. Steins Gate.