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  1. I meant my save files from the separate Walking Dead season 1, season 2, season 3, season 4 and Michonne that you can buy and not that i had multiple copies and save files of The Walking Dead Collection. But yea im happy i got it to work so i did not buy a new copy that i did not even need.
  2. Thank you for trying to help but i found out that i needed to delete my save data from the other Walking Dead Telltale games and now the game works fine. Apparently if you have save data from the other versions of the Walking Dead games then most of the Walking Dead Collection will not start. Good thing that after you beat these Telltale games you dont really need the save data anymore because you will start them from the beginning again next time you play them anyway.
  3. I meant that all 5 episodes of season 1 i could play fine without any problems but when i click on season 2, season 3 and Michonne the game just gets stuck in the main menu where you get to see that destroyed city and nothing happens so i cant play any other episodes in the game. Everything you can click on goes away but it stays in that menu forever. I guess if nobody else has had any problems like this it means that the disc must be broken because of the scratches it got and the only way to play the other seasons and platinum the game is to buy a new copy of The Walking Dead Collection. The discs are lose when i buy games pretty often so i wish they could make sure this kind of stuff does not happen.
  4. I could play season 1 fine but when i try to play the other seasons the game gets stuck on the main menu and i cant do anything except close the game in the ps4 menu. Like everything you can select on the screen disappears like if its about to load the game but then nothing happens and it just stays like that forever. I own the disc version and the disc was lose in the box so it got scratches on it so i dont know if the game is broken or whats going on. Like has something like this happened to anybody else or know how to fix it? It worked fine when i played season 1 so i did not think the scratches on the disc affected the game much but now i cant play anything else. Its very frustrating for me if i cant get the trophies for the other episodes so i can never 100% the game and it will be stuck where it is in the trophy list forever. I maybe will be forced to buy a new copy of the game if its the scratches on the disc that is the problem. Please can somebody help me?
  5. I found one achievement guide but it did not seem very good or really give that much information from what i saw. Maybe there are better achievement guides out there i can find but the one i found did not seem as useful as tropy guides usually are. So except for not dying and the endings do you get most of the trophies by just playing the game? Im happy that they made that helicopter trophy easier. I saw that you needed to collect 500 of something so i hope they are not hard to find or collect and that you can go back to earlier areas if you miss them. I hope its something that you find everywhere and dont really need to look for.
  6. So do you mean that after your save file goes over around 20 or 24 hours the timer resets? If thats true i will do that right before i fight the final boss so i can get the Runner trophy on my first playthrough. Im trying to beat Daymare difficulty right now and i was planning to get the trophies for beating the game under 4 hours and never dying on my second playthrough on easy but i hope if i do this i will only need to worry about getting the never dying trophy on my second playthrough. And i get very frustrated and stressed by time limits and its hard to figure out where im supposed to go in this game often so i will be very happy if i dont need to get that trophy the regular way.
  7. Can anybody tell me exactly what trophies in the game are missable so that i can try to make sure i wont miss them? There is no trophy guide for the game and i cant find much informormation about this. Is it only the ending trophies and the trophy for never dying i need to worry about or are there more i can miss? Do you get most of the trophies by just beating the game? Really wish there was a trophy guide.
  8. What?
  9. Does not seem like there is a trophy guide for this game yet so can anybody tell me what trophies are missable so that i can try to make sure i wont miss them? I saw somebody say that the ending trophies and the trophy for not dying are the only ones but i want to make sure before i start the game. Do you get most of the trophies by just playing and beating the game? I really wish there was a trophy guide.
  10. I hope Shadow Man 2 will be released on the new consoles in the future too.
  11. Im having an extremely hard time beating the quick time event levels on hard so im wondering is it possible to replay a chapter with an extra life over and over to get more lifes so i can make the quick time events easier? In some games with chapter select if you go back to a previous chapter everything goes back to the way it was when you played it so if its like that on this game it wont save the lifes for me when i go back to the level im stuck on. Also the trophy for beating the game on hard is apparantly buggy so im worried that if i use chapter select i wont be able to get the trophy when i beat the game so im not sure if i should use it or not.
  12. I really wish there was a text guide for the qtes because they move so fast if you tryt to follow a video so it feels like it would be way easier if you could use a text guide showing all the qtes instead.
  13. So did it make the Hidden Challenges easier to do? Is there any information on how exactly the online trophies have changed? Except that you can do those modes with 2 players now instead of 3.
  14. I could not find anything about doing it in co-op so i assume you cant do it that way sadly. I have nobody to LAN with. I got two fast easy trophies in another game im planning to do in the future so i got Red Faction Guerrila on my profile and created a boosting session for it now so i hope people will join it and help me get the online troohies.
  15. Ok thank you for the information about how to get the game on my profile. I will check if i can find any information about using a second controller or alternative accounts to do the stuff that requires 4 players.